The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockable’s for Switch

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockable’s for Switch

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Review

Infinite Amiibo loot

Normally Amiibos can only be scanned once per day to get a free items. However, this can be exploited by moving the console’s clock a day forward after scanning the Amiibo(s) to complete the 24 hour waiting period, and then scan the Amiibo(s) again. Repeat this as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of loot from Amiibo toys.

Infinite climbing

Normally Link loses stamina while climbing. He must then rest to recover stamina to keep climbing. Use the following glitch to keep climbing without having to rest to refill your stamina. Start climbing up any mountain, even in the rain. Press B to drop, then immediately press B again while holding the Left Analog-stick Forward. Link should run on his feet for a short burst, recovering stamina before climbing again. Keep repeating this process to recover stamina and climb endlessly. Simply press B and Forward after falling, but make sure you do this before completely running out of stamina or else you will fall until your stamina fully recovers.

Infinte sprinting

To keep sprinting without depleting stamina, hold Whistle and repeatedly press B. Link will sprint forever and never tire. This is slightly slower than regular sprinting — so alternating between the two in a way that balances the stamina circle is the best method.

Infinite arrows

Note: This exploit was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It has been patched. To avoid not being able to use this exploit, either do not install new patches before using it or delete the patches. You can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the internet until you are ready for the game to install new patches. Travel to any of the large fields in the game such as Hyrule Ridge, Hebra Snowfields, or Faron Grasslands and search for Bokoblins on horseback. For example, travel to the plains east of the Wasteland Region mountain, and west from the Lake Tower. In Faron, between Grinnden Plains and Zokassa Ridge, is a good place to search —- just do not drop down into the Oseira Plains since a Lynel stalks that area. There are three Bokoblins that can be found on horseback in the following location around Grinnden Plains.

Note: If you have already killed the Bokoblins in this area, either find more in a different area or wait for the next Blood Moon to revive them. After locating Bokoblins on horseback, approach them and the moment they are alerted, pan the camera up so you are looking at Link from an overhead view. As long as the camera is positioned this way, all the arrows the Bokoblins fire will not hit Link and simply land on the ground around him. You can also use Revali’s Gale to fly up and change positions. Fly to a slightly different spot and land. Then, do not move Link or the camera. Stay completely still and do not press a button as you land. If you remain completely still, the Bokoblins will never hit Link with an arrow. Just wait for the arrows to accumulate around Link’s feet. Only 10 arrows can accumulate on the ground at a time. Make sure to collect the arrows regularly so more will accumulate on the ground. You can collect arrows from this position, but do not move too much, or Link will take a combat stance and the Bokoblins will start hitting him with arrows. You can only collect one arrow at a time — so a good method is to do something else while you occasionally look at the game and collect the arrows. You can also farm arrows by just running around in circles. The Bokoblins will rarely hit Link as long as he is running in a circle. This is a more dangerous method, but it will get arrows faster. It is possible to get 3 arrows ever 2-3 seconds. You can use this exploit to collect up to 999 arrows, which is the inventory limit in the game.

Note: To get the Revali’s Gale ability, defeat the Vah Medoh Divine Beast above Rito Village, in the Tabantha Tower region.

Easy arrows

To the west of Eventide Island is a small island with a pool in the middle. Use Magnesis to pull up a chest with 10 arrows, then save the game and reload the save. The chest will respawn, allowing you to get more arrows. Repeat this as many times as desired.

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Infinite money

This exploit requires access to Lurelin Village. Talk to the NPC named Cloyne to play a mini-game for 100 rupees. If you find the correct chest, you will get 200 rupees. Keep loading previous saves to exploit this and get an unlimited amount of rupees.

Easy money

Travel to Pondo’s Lodge, northeast of Hebra Tower. Talk to Pondo to start the Snowball Bowling mini-game. The entry fee for the mini-game is 20 rupees, but you get 300 rupees for knocking over all the pins. Once the game begins, Pondo will move to a different position and you will need to align yourself with his position. After successfully positioning yourself, start bowling to earn a lot of rupees.

Infinite Master Sword recharges

When using the Master Sword and the “Low On Energy” warning appears, fast travel to Korok Forest, and start the Master Sword trials. Once the trials begin, quit and back out to Korok Forest for the Master Sword to be fully recharged.

Updraft anywhere

Take a Spicy Pepper (some mushroom types also work) and light it on fire (with a torch, fire arrow, Flameblade, etc.). As it cooks, it will create an updraft that Link can use to get to higher areas that were previously inaccessible, whether due to stamina or other limitations. This can also be done with four or five wood clumped together, but it is more resource intensive.

World reset

Note: This exploit was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It has been patched. To avoid not being able to use this exploit, either do not install new patches before using it or delete the patches. You can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the internet until you are ready for the game to install new patches. This exploit requires access to one uncompleted Divine Beast and Trial Of The Sword in at least one of the two modes. Enter Trial Of The Sword, warp to a Divine Beast (do not activate the last terminal after the Blight battle), go to the exterior, and warp to any shrine/medallion. Dog chests, Labyrinth chests, DLC chests, unique weapons chests (champions and Hylian Shield), and mini-Bosses will respawn every time you warp. This exploit also makes Korok Seeds obtainable again after every warp. This also affects the other file (normal or master) as long as you do not completely close the game.

Unlockables (“The Master Trials” DLC)

After downloading “The Master Trials” DLC and loading a file, several new quests will be added to the side quest log, each labeled “EX.” These quests will take you to find journals that detail the locations of new items and armor. Search the indicated locations to find the corresponding item or armor:

  • Korok Mask: It is found in a chest in the Lost Woods.
  • Majora’s Mask: It is found in a chest in the Kolomo Garrison Ruins.
  • Midna’s Helmet: It is found in a chest in the Sage Temple Ruins.
  • Phantom Armor: It is found in a chest in the Sacred Grounds Ruins.
  • Phantom Greaves: It is found in a chest in the Hyrule Garrison Ruins.
  • Phantom Helmet: It is found in a chest on the lowest level of the Colosseum.
  • Tingle’s Hood: It is found in a chest in the Exchange Ruins.
  • Tingle’s Shirt: It is found in a chest in the Castle Town Prison Ruins.
  • Tingle’s Trousers: It is found in a chest in the Mabe Village Ruins.
  • Travel Medallion: It is found in a chest beneath Lomei Labyrinth Island, accessed through the grate outside of the shrine.
  • True Master Sword: Successfully complete the Trial Of The Sword in Korok Forest.

    Getting the unbreakable Master Sword

    The unbreakable Master Sword is one of the best weapons in the game. It cannot be damaged and does not have a durability meter. However, it does have a cool down period before it can be used again in combat after it has been depleted of its charges. The Master Sword can be found in a grove inside the Great Hyrule Forest, northeast of Central Hyrule. To reach the area, go through the Woodland Stable and continue on the path until you reach the Lost Woods. Then, travel towards the Korok Forest. While at the entrance to the forest, light a torch at the nearby brazier. The torch flame will tilt in certain directions; follow the directions of the flame. However, the forest is filled with fog that can teleport you back to the start. Whenever it seems to be thickening around you, retrace your steps back a bit to avoid the fog. The flame will eventually guide you to where the sword is stuck inside a stone. To collect the Master Sword, you will need 13 heart containers. A secret feature of the Master Sword is when you attempt to throw the blade while at full health, you will instead throw a beam. This is especially helpful against Keese and Guardians since the beam is not affected by gravity.

    Getting the Hylian Shield

    The Hylian Shield is located inside Hyrule Castle, which is one of the most difficult areas in the game and the final dungeon. However, you do not actually have to complete the rest of the game to get the shield and can go to the castle as soon as you complete the tutorial and enter the open world. Once you reach Hyrule Castle, go towards its back by looping around the castle until you are on the hills behind it. There is a broken bridge near the castle’s back; go to the west side of the bridge. At the broken bridge, jump down and glide until you reach the luminous stones in the distance. Just before those stones is an easy to reach platform that spirals towards the water. At the top of the spiral platform is a Guardian that can be quite difficult to defeat unless you are a higher level. Once you are at the top of the ramp and facing the Guardian, run past it through the door and enter the castle, avoiding damage from the Guardian. As soon as you enter the door, hug the nearest wall to avoid the Guardian and reset it. Once the Guardian goes back to its place, proceed further towards the gate in front of you. Use the Cryonis rune to lift up the gate and get through it. You will enter a prison area with lots of enemies locked in cells after passing through the gate. At the end of this area is a side room that you can enter to wake up a skeletal boss, Stalnox. Defeat Stalnox to get the Hylian Shield. The best way to defeat it is by targeting its eye with ranged attacks until it falls, then hit it with the sword. An upgraded Stasis rune also helps by freezing it in one location and making it easier to hit the eye. If you already have obtained the Master Sword, it will be easier to defeat Stalnox since the weapon gets double attack power inside Hyrule Castle. Once Stalnox has been defeated, a loot chest that contains the Hylian Shield will appear. The Hylian Shield is the most iconic shield in The Legend Of Zelda series and has been shown in the artwork for pretty much every game.

    Getting the Dark Link costume

    Successfully complete the “A Shady Customer” quest. The quest can be acquired from East Akkala Stable, and is given by an NPC named Kilton who appears in the Skull Lake. After completing the “A Shady Customer” quest, Kilton will begin appearing outside major towns at night time. He only accepts monster parts. Killing monsters will reward you with monster part items (tails, eyes, bones, guts, fangs, horns, etc.) that can be traded to Kilton. Trade the indicated number of monster parts to get the corresponding piece of Dark Link gear:

    • Dark Hood (3 defense): 1,999 mon
    • Dark Trousers (3 defense): 999 mon
    • Dark Tunic (3 defense): 999 mon

    To quickly get monster parts (and lots of good gear), fight Hinox and Lynel. Hinox are giant cyclops creatures that are tough, but worth fighting. Even early in the game, they drop 4-5 Hinox Toenails that sell for 18 mon per drop. They are found throughout the game. Lynel are centaurs that are end-game enemies that drop Guts (100 mon), Horns (20 mon), and Hoofs (30 mon). They appear in the Akkala region, and taking Kilton side quests is a good way to find and fight Lynels. Once you obtain all three pieces of the Dark Link costume, you will get the “Night Speed Up” set bonus that allows Link to move faster at night, thereby increasing stealth. Dark Link first appeared in The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening as the final Boss. Dark Link also appeared as a mini-Boss in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time .

    Special Amiibo Unlockable’s

    The game is not setup by default to detect Amiibos. To setup the Amiibos functionality, open the inventory menu, select the “System” tab, and choose the “Options” selection to enable the Amiibo functionality by switching it from the default “Do Not Use”. Once this setting has been activated, you can start using Amiibos. To do that, open the Rune menu and change the rune in the Sheikah Slate to the Amiibo. Then, place the Amiibo rune on a flat area of ground. Once the rune is in place, put the Amiibo toy over the Right Analog-stick on the Joy-Con to scan it. If scanned successfully, a chest will appear. You can only scan each Amiibo once per day. Most of the Amiibos give common unlockable items, but can also give food and materials. Some Amiibos can give rare items. Each time they are scanned, you have a random chance of the Amiibo dropping its rare item. The following is a list of possible common and rare drops from the Amiibos. All of the Tunics are three piece armor sets (cap, tunic, and leggings). Note: The Epona horse is guaranteed to drop the first time you scan Super Smash Bros. Link, but it only happens once per save game. You should only summon Epona if you have access to a stable to keep her permanently.


    • Bows or Special Arrows: Breath Of The Wild Archer Link
    • Broadswords, Boomerangs, or Special Arrows: 30th Anniversary Wind Waker Link
    • Claymores or Special Arrows: 30th Anniversary Ocarina Of Time Link
    • Claymores, Gems, or Monster Parts: Super Smash Bros. Ganondorf
    • Dragonbone, Spiked, or Boko Weapons: Breath Of The Wild Bokoblin
    • Guardian, Ancient, or Rusty Equipment: Breath Of The Wild Guardian
    • Random Items (no chests): Any non-Zelda Amiibo
    • Shields or Gems: Breath Of The Wild Zelda or 30th Anniversary Wind Waker Zelda
    • Shields or Gems: Super Smash Bros. Zelda or Super Smash Bros. Sheik
    • Swords or Special Arrows: Breath Of The Wild Horse Rider Link
    • Swords, Shields, or Special Arrows: 30th Anniversary 8-bit Link
    • Swords, Shields, or Special Arrows: Super Smash Bros. Link
    • Wolf Link Ally: Twilight Princess Wolf Link


    • Biggorron’s Sword: 30th Anniversary Ocarina Of Time Link
    • Epona: Super Smash Bros. Link (always first time, randomly if she is lost)
    • Hero’s Shield: 30th Anniversary Wind Waker Zelda
    • Sea-Breeze Boomerang: 30th Anniversary Wind Waker Link or Super Smash Bros. Toon Link
    • Sheik’s Mask: Super Smash Bros. Sheik
    • Sword: 30th Anniversary 8-bit Link
    • Sword Of The Six Sages: Super Smash Bros. Ganondorf
    • Traveler’s Saddle and Bridle: Breath Of The Wild Rider Link
    • Tunic Of The Hero (armor set): 30th Anniversary 8-bit Link
    • Tunic Of The Wind (armor set): 30th Anniversary Wind Waker Link or Super Smash Bros. Toon Link
    • Tunic Of Time (armor set): 30th Anniversary Ocarina Of Time Link
    • Tunic Of Twilight (armor set): Super Smash Bros. Link (second time and beyond)
    • Twilight Bow: Super Smash Bros. Zelda


    Getting the Warm Doublet

    The Warm Doublet is a special piece of clothing that provides unlimited protection from cold weather status effects. Go to the Old Man’s house south of the Temple Of Time in the Great Plateau. At the southern edge, read the diary inside the house with the cook pot outside. The diary describes a special recipe for “Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry”. Cook this recipe, then talk to the Old Man, saying “I cooked something” to get the Warm Doublet. The diary does not reveal the Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry recipe. To cook it, you need the following ingredients: Spicy Pepper, Raw Meat, and Hyrule Bass. Spicy Peppers are found in the southern region of the Great Plateau. Look near the Old Man’s house, or growing on the path up to the River Of The Dead. Raw Meat drops from wild boars in the Forest Of Spirits. Crouch and sneak close, then carefully aim an arrow to kill them with one shot. They will run away if they detect you. Hyrule Bass are found in the waters between the Great Plateau Tower and Oman Au Shrine. Swim toward them from the deep and herd them toward the beach to trap them. After collecting the items, select the ingredients from your inventory and place them into a cooking pot. There is one located outside the Old Man’s house. After creating the recipe, speak with the Old Man to get the Warm Doublet. Equip the flimsy armor to explore the Mount Hylia region without taking damage from the cold weather.

    Getting the Shard Of Farosh’s Horn

    Upgrading the Champion Tunic requires two Shard Of Farosh’s Horn. This can easily be missed if you do not know what and where Farosh is. Farosh is one of the dragon spirits that roam the land of Hyrule. You can find Farosh near Lake Hylia around midnight; she will come out of the lake if you are close enough to have her spawn. Go to the Lake Tower near Lake Hylia, and jump off to the north and land on the south exit pillar off the bridge above Hylia. You will need a decent bow. It is recommended to use a triple shot bow, like the Great Eagle Bow. Set up a fire and wait until around midnight to see the dragon spirit appear from water in the northwest of the lake. It will be far away at first, but it will come towards you. Wait for the dragon to get close enough for the wind to pick up so when you jump you can use it to get even higher. Glide up and towards the dragon and avoid any of the electric balls coming from the dragon. When you are close enough to hit the dragon, aim your bow at her horn and hit it a few times with the slow shot. When it glows that means the horn will fall into the lake. It should fall in the water on the east side of the bridge. Repeat this process again to get the two horns required to upgrade the Champion Tunic.

    Upgrading the Sheikah Slate

    Successfully complete the “Locked Mementos” quest to upgrade the Sheikah Slate and unlock the camera, Hyrule Compendium, and an album. The “Locked Mementos” quest is given by Impa in Kakariko Village. Once you accept the quest, travel east where the road splits. Continue following this road until you reach Fort Hateno. To quickly get there, travel by horse to ride past the enemies. However, keep an eye on the stamina of your horse. From Fort Hateno, keep following the path until you see a fork in the road. Take the left path to reach Hateno Village. It is a long journey filled with enemies. Just keep moving along the path to reach the village. Once you are inside the village, go up and around to see the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, which is high up on the cliff. Enter the lab and talk to Purah and Symin. You will eventually have a conversation with Purah where she will offer to repair the Sheikah Slate once you bring the blue flame from the ancient furnace located in the town. This blue flame is required to light up the furnace in the lab. Simply find the blue flame and carry it using the torch from lamp to lamp. It is likely that the torch will break during your journey back to the lab — so keep an eye out for the bushes that will give you sticks when struck. The lamp will take you back to the lab. Once you have reached the lab, light the furnace outside with your torch to activate a travel gate. Enter the lab and talk to Purah about repairing the Sheikah Slate. She will repair the Sheikah Slate and you will get a camera, Hyrule Compendium, and an album.

    Gerudo Secret Club password and armor sets

    To reach the Gerudo Secret Club, travel to the Noble Canteen in the northern part of Gerudo Town. You can hear some women discussing the password to join the secret club inside the Noble Canteen. However, the women will stop talking when they see Link trying to listen. In order to hear the password, leave the Noble Canteen. Once outside, go upstairs, enter the room, and proceed to the right side. If you stand near the wall, you can listen to their conversation without alerting them. The password to join the Gerudo Secret Club is: ” G, S, C, Diamond “. Once you have the password, go to the club. Travel to the southeast corner of town to find a door in an alleyway which leads to a shop. You will need the password to enter through the door. You will now have access to the Gerudo Secret Club and the shop inside it that contains the Radiant and Desert Voe armor sets. The Radiant armor set draws skeletal enemies to Link but also allows him to deal more damage. The Desert Voe armor increases shock resistance and heat resistance.

    Turning rusty items into better items

    Drop a rusty weapon or shield on the ground in front of a Rock Octorok (enemy that inhales then spits an exploding rock at you). It will inhale the item and glitter for a bit before suddenly spitting a better item out at a high speed. Note: Pay attention to your surroundings (extreme heat, cliffs) so you do not lose your new weapon/shield.

    Preventing Star Fragments from disappearing

    Star Fragments disappear when it is morning. Sit by a campfire until night to skip morning/daytime to make it night again, and the Star Fragment will not disappear. This allows you more time to track down and collect the Star Fragment.

    Enhanced weapons, bows, and shields

    Successfully complete the game and a star will appear next to your save file. Any weapons, bows, and shields that you obtain after that point will have a random enhancement such as Durability Up or Attack Up.

    Respec hearts and stamina

    During the “Locked Mementos” quest, you will arrive in Hateno Village. While in Hateno Village, look on the path below the “modern” houses, next to Firly Pond, to find a black smoking statue. Talk to the Horned Statue to start a side quest. The statue will initially steal one heart container, but talk to it again to get the heart container back. Once you get the heart container/stamina vessel back, the statue will reveal all of its functions. Pray at the statue to get the option to “sell” your heart containers and/or stamina vessels for 100 rupees. You can then buy back a heart container or stamina vessel for 120 rupees.

    Easy horse taming

    Shoot a horse with an ice arrow and approach it from behind. Quickly and repeatedly press A when it comes out, mount it immediately, then quickly and repeatedly press L to tame the horse.

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    Reviving your horse

    If your horse dies and you want to revive it, travel to the following location in the far south of Hyrule. Continue south past Lake Hylia and southeast of Faron Grasslands. It is southeast of the Highland Stable. Cross the Horse God Bridge to see something that looks like the fairy fountains. Interact with it and pay 1,000 rupees to summon the Horse God to revive your horse. Whenever one of your horses die, return to this place to have them revived.

    Great Fairy armor upgrade locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all four Great Fairies to fully upgrade your armor. The first Great Fairy asks for 100 rupees, the second Great Fairy asks for 500 rupees, the third Great Fairy asks for 1,000 rupees, and the final Great Fairy asks for 10,000 rupees to upgrade your armor. These are one-time payments, and the Great Fairies will not ask you for money each time you visit them. However, each attire in the game requires specialized materials to get upgraded. If you wish to upgrade an attire, you must provide the Great Fairies with all the required materials.

    • Great Fairy Cotera: Go to the Ta’loh Naeg Shrine from Kakariko Village, and proceed towards the woods. Travel left from the intersection to find her near the large flower.
    • Great Fairy Mija: She is located next to the Dah Hesho Shrine. Travel there from the Akkala Citadel Ruins. Once you are at the ruins, proceed towards the Akkala Lake to find the fairy on a clearing in the center of the lake.
    • Great Fairy Kaysa: She is located near the Tabantha Great Bridge and Nero Hill. Climb to the top of Tabantha Tower, then paraglide directly to the fairy.
    • Great Fairy Tera: Travel towards the Dragon’s Exile from Gerudo City –- just continue southeast from the city to get there. Then, proceed towards the Gerudo Great Skeleton to find the fairy in the area.

    Hidden treasure chest locations

    Search the indicated locations to find secret treasure chests:

    Great Plateau

    • There are two treasure chests in the water near the door to the Oman Au Shrine. Since you cannot dive into the water, use the Magnesis rune to pull the treasure chests out of the water.
    • There is a treasure chest in the water near Keh Namut. Use the Cryonis rune to build an icy pillar to reach the treasure chest and build another one directly underneath the chest to get it.
    • There is a treasure chest under a large boulder near Owa Daim Shrine. To move the boulder, use Statis on the boulder and repeatedly hit it to build up its momentum. Then, deactivate Stasis to get the chest.
    • There are two treasure chests on a small clearing in a mud lake. Use the Cryonis rune to build an icy pillar and jump on it to reach the clearing to get the treasure chests.
    • There is a treasure chest in the water near Ja Baij Shrine. Use the Magnesis rune to pull the treasure chest out of the water.

    Hidden outfit locations (“Champions’ Ballad” DLC)

    First, go to Riverside Stable and Deya Village Ruins to find books that will get you started with rumors for these outfits. You can also select the various EX quests in your log book. These quests display updated information, so you do not have to re-read the rumor books after looking at them once if you need to view the clues again. The rumor books do not show you the exact locations of the treasure chests. Use Magnesis to sometimes see the metal EX chest glow. This is especially useful underwater.

    • Island Lobster Shirt (Lake, Cora Lake): From the Lake Tower, drop down to Cora Lake and use Magnesis at the source of the Menoat River. You will need to use Cryonis to get close enough to grab the chest with Magnesis.
    • Phantom Gannon Armor (Faron, Sarjon Woods): Just north of the “Sarjon Woods” marker on your map, look for the chest in the water underneath a small bridge. You will find the bridge/marker if you travel west from Faron Tower.
    • Phantom Gannon Greaves (Faron, Ebara Forest): It is found near one of the large bird statues following the road east from Floria Bridge. Look in the dirt behind the statue. Use Magnesis Teleport to Qukah Nata Shrine, then glide down to Ebara Forest.
    • Phantom Gannon Skull (Faron, Corta Lake): Use Magnesis at the bottom of the waterfall near the Corta Lake marker, the west-most waterfall in the Floria Falls area.
    • Ravio Hood (Faron, Spring Of Courage): Teleport to the Shae Katha Shrine, or travel up Dracozu Lake found northwest of Faron Tower. It is found in a cave to the left of the main ruin entrance to the Spring Of Courage.
    • Royal Guard Boots (Hyrule Castle, Guards’ Chamber): Find the Guards’ Chamber west of the central entrance into the castle interior. It is the large two-story room. Once you reach it, the chest can be found surrounded by Lizalfos on the main floor.
    • Royal Guard Cap (Hyrule Castle, 2nd Floor): Climb up to the Sanctum located above Ganon’s boss chamber in the keep of Hyrule Castle. The chest is found near the strange patterned corruption, near a knight statue.
    • Royal Guard Uniform (Hyrule Castle, Dining Hall): Go down the hallway north of the Dining Hall. In the stone hall, there is a secret wall with a hidden EX chest inside in the back-left corner. You will also find a Royal Guard Sword.
    • Zant’s Helmet (Necluda, Tobio’s Hollow): Travel south of the Dueling Peaks to find the sunken Tobio’s Hollow. The chest is stuck in a small island in a pond full of boiling tar. Glide onto the small island with two dead trees.

    Rare armor and weapon locations

    Search the listed location or complete the indicted task to get the corresponding rare armor or weapon:

    Rare armor

    • Warm Doublet: Meet the Old Man in the Great Plateau and complete his special recipe to get the Warm Doublet. The Warm Doublet is chest armor that gives Link 7 base defense and resistance to cold.
    • Stealth Armor: The entire set can be purchased in Kakariko Village. The armor has very low defense, but the set bonus adds “Stealth Up” to all pieces. It is very helpful for gathering gathering insects and lizards quickly.
    • Climber’s Bandanna: It is found in a treasure chest inside Ree Dahee Shrine in Dueling Peaks. The Climber’s Bandanna is head armor that gives Link 7 base defense and boosts climbing speed.
    • Climbing Boots: Successfully complete the “Secret Of The Cedars” shrine quest to get the Climbing Boots. Speak with Clavia in Hateno Village to get the “Secret Of The Cedars” shrine quest. She is slightly northeast of the shrine in town, standing at the end of a dock. She will give you the following riddle to solve: “When the three summit trees become one turn your back to them and head towards the sea. A trial encased in stone awaits you there.” The solution is to zoom in close on your map to see trees pictured on the map; follow them in a direct line to the east to see a rocky outcrop on the map. That is the location of the Tahno O’ah Shrine. You need to destroy some rocks for it to appear. The boots give Link 3 base defense and boost climbing speed.
    • Climbing Gear: It can be found in the Chaas Qeta Shrine in the Major Test Of Strength. This is a challenging combat test — so it is not available as early as the other items in the set. It is recommended to bring some good food the Hylian Shield to more easily complete it. The Climbing Gear armor gives Link 3 base defense and improves climbing speed. The Climbers armor set bonus is not too strong for defensive capabilities, but the “Climbing Jump Stamina Up” bonus for the complete set allows Link to scale cliffs twice as high as he could previously, drastically increasing the amount of times he can jump without losing all his stamina.
    • Zora Armor: Reach Zora’s domain to get the Zora Armor; it is a part of the main story. The armor gives Link 3 base defense and increases swimming speed.
    • Zora Helm: Travel to Toto Lake and locate the ruins under water. Use the Magnesis rune to raise the chest. The Zora Helm increases your swimming speed and gives Link 3 base defense. You can also use the Spin attack under water.
    • Zora Greaves: Successfully complete the “Lynel Safari” side quest in Zora’s Domain to get the Zora Greaves. The armor gives Link 3 base defense and increases swim speed. The Zora armor set bonus is “Swim Dash Stamina Up”, which greatly reduces the amount of stamina it takes to dash while swimming. It previously could take up 20-25% of the original stamina bar, but the upgrade reduces that number closer to 5%.
    • Champions Tunic: After finding Link’s first memory, speak to Impa in Kakariko Village to get the Champions Tunic. The armor gives Link 5 base defense and reveals an enemy’s life gauge when equipped.
    • Flamebreaker Armor: The first part of this set can be obtained approximately halfway up the trail towards Goron City. Talk to the human at the Goron Mine, and he will ask for 10 Fireproof Lizards that can be found in the area. The rest can be bought in Goron City. The armor prevents Link from taking fire damage in the Edin area. The Flamebreaker armor set bonus makes Link fire proof, preventing him from being set on fire by enemies from arrows or hits, like flaming Kleese.

    Rare weapons

    • Flameblade: Travel to Hicklay Wood and proceed south. Follow the stream to reach a small waterfall, then start climbing up at that location. Climb up to the area with the breakable rocks, and destroy them with a bomb to enter a small cave with lots of chests containing gems. There is also another breakable rock. Destroy the other breakable rock with a bomb to find the sword underneath. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game with 24 attack damage, and it deals fire damage.
    • Great Flamebalde: Successfully complete the “Master Of The Wind” shrine quest, then find it inside the Shai Yota Shrine. The Great Flameblade has 34 attack damage and deals fire damage.
    • Thunderblade: Successfully complete “The Crowned Beast” shrine quest, then find it inside the Mezza Lo Shrine. Speak with Kass (he will be playing an accordion) at the following location to get “The Crowned Beast” shrine quest. He will give you the following riddle to solve: “A beast that wears a crown of bone. Prancing through the lush green. Mount the beast upon its thrown. For only then the Shrine can be seen.” The solution is to search the nearby area for a stag (deer with antlers) and try to mount it. They do not take much stamina to mount, but it can be frustrating chasing them down; bring stealth food if possible. Mount the stag and bring it to the platform near Kass to open the Mezza Lo Shrine. The Thunderblade has 22 attack damage and deals elemental damage.
    • Knight’s Bow: It can be found inside the Soh Kofi Shrine, along the Zora River just north of Lanayru Tower. The Knight’s Bow has 26 attack damage.
    • Ceremonial Trident: It can be found in Zora’s Domain. Look under the northwest bridge at the following location to find it under the water. Use Magnesis to inspect the water directly below the bridge to see the outline of the Ceremonial Trident. You can create an ice block closer to the Trident if you are unable to reach it. The Ceremonial Trident has 14 attack damage.
    • Royal Broadsword: Successfully complete “Guardian Slideshow” shrines quest, then complete the nearby Shoqa Tatone Shrine to get the Broadsword. Speak with Loone on Puffer Beach to get the “Guardian Slideshow” shrines quest. It is far to the south of Hyrule. She will ask you to get a picture of three different types of Guardians: small Guardians, flying Guardians, and walking Guardians. There are multiple places to find each Guardian. Small Guardians (Guardian Scouts) are often found in combat trial shrines. The easiest one can be found in Soh Kofi Shrine at this location. If you have already complete it, check south and southwest of Hateno Village. There is one on the very edge of the large cliff overlooking the sea and another in the water below. Flying Guardians (Guardian Skywatchers) can be found hovering around the top of Akkala Tower, north of Zora’s Domain. A walking Guardian (Guardian Stalker) can be found on the beach at the following location. Once you have a picture of each type of Guardian, return to Loone and show her the pictures to use the ball on the nearby platform to reveal the hidden Shoqa Tatone Shrine. The Royal Broadsword is highly durable and has 36 attack damage.
    • Great Frostblade: It can be found at the shrine next to East Akkala Stable, in the far northeast corner of the map. The Great Frostblade is a 2H version of the normal Frostblade. It has 30 attack damage and deals frost elemental damage.
    • Royal Claymore: It can be found at the top of Woodland Tower, which is the tower northeast of Hyrule Castle, directly west of Eldin Tower. Once you reach the top, climb onto the skull and proceed to the very top to get the Royal Claymore. It is a very powerful weapon with 52 attack damage.
    • Sword Of The Six Sages: It can be obtained from the Ganon Amiibo. The Sword Of The Six Sages has 48 attack damage.

    Normal weapons and attire locations

    Search the indicated location or defeat the listed enemy type to get the corresponding weapon or attire. Most of these weapons can either be enhanced or strengthened by crafting. The attire boost your defense and resistance against specific environments. Additionally, Link can only carry eight weapons at any given time.


    • Rusty Broadsword: It is found near a lake in the Great Plateau.
    • Rusty Claymore: Unknown.
    • Soldier’s Broadsword: It is found inside a desolate cavern in the Great Plateau.
    • Soldier’s Claymore: It is found inside a treasure chest in the Bosh Kala Shrine.
    • Traveler’s Claymore: It is found inside the Bokoblins Camp in the Great Plateau.
    • Traveler’s Sword: It is found inside a treasure chest in the Great Plateau. It is also dropped by the Bokoblins.
    • Silver Longsword: Unknown.


    • Boko Spear: It is dropped by the Bokoblins near campfires in the Great Plateau.
    • Lizal Spear: It is dropped by the Lizalfos in the Zonai Ruins.
    • Soldier’s Spear: It is dropped by the Bokoblins.
    • Spiked Boko Spear: It is obtained by upgrading the Boko Spear.
    • Throwing Spear: It is dropped by the Bokoblins.
    • Traveler’s Spear: It is dropped by the Stal Bokoblins in the Great Plateau.


    • Boko Club: It is dropped by the Bokoblins.
    • Moblin Club: It is dropped by the Blue Moblins in the Great Plateau.
    • Spiked Boko Club: It is obtained by upgrading the Boko Club. It is also dropped by the Blue Bokoblins in the Great Plateau.
    • Spiked Moblin Club: It is obtained by upgrading the Moblin Club. It is also dropped by the Blue Moblins near the Zonai Ruins.
    • Boko Bat: It is dropped by the Moblins.


    • Iron Sledgehammer: It is found in the Owa Daim Shrine.


    • Boko Bow: It is dropped by the Bokoblins.
    • Lizal Bow: It is dropped by the Lizalfos near the Zonai Ruins.
    • Soldier’s Bow: It is found inside a treasure chest in the Ja Baij Shrine.
    • Spiked Boko Bow: It is found inside a treasure chest in a cavern in the Great Plateau’s Cavern. It can also be upgraded from the Boko Bow.
    • Traveler’s Bow: It is found inside a treasure chest in the Oman Au Shrine and Temple Of Time. It is also dropped by the Stal Bokoblins.


    • Arrows: Bundles of ten arrows can be found throughout the game.
    • Bomb Arrows: Unknown.
    • Fire Arrows: Bundles of five arrows can be found throughout the game.
    • Ice Arrows: Unknown.


    • Lizal Boomerang: It is dropped by the Lizalfos.
    • Lizal Forked Boomerang: Unknown.


    • Fire Rod: Unknown.
    • Lightning Rod: Unknown.


    • Boko Shield: It is dropped by the Bokoblins in the Great Plateau.
    • Pot Lid: It is dropped by the Bokoblins near campfires in the Great Plateau.
    • Soldier’s Shield: The location is currently unknown, but it can be used as a snowboard.
    • Spiked Boko Shield: It is dropped by the Bokoblins near the Great Plateau. It can also be upgraded from the Boko Shield.
    • Traveler’s Shield: Unknown.
    • Rusty Shield: Unknown.
    • Shield of the Mind’s Eye: Unknown.
    • Knight’s Shield: Unknown.


    • Flamebreaker Helm: The location is currently unknown, but it does prevent burn damage.
    • Hylian Hood: Unknown.
    • Soldier’s Helm: Unknown.

    Body Shirts

    • Champion Shirt: Unknown.
    • Hylian Tunic: Unknown.
    • Old Shirt: It is found inside a treasure chest in the Shrine Of Resurrection.
    • Quilted Shirt: It is found inside the Bokoblins Camp in the Great Plateau. It increases frost resistance.
    • Soldier’s Armor: Unknown.


    • Flamebreaker Boots: The location is currently unknown, but it does prevent burn damage.
    • Hylian Trousers: It is found inside a treasure chest in the ruins around the Temple Of Time.
    • Soldier’s Greaves: Unknown.
    • Trousers Of Time: Unknown.
    • Well-Worn Trousers: It is found inside the treasure chest near the Shrine Of Resurrection.

    Sheikah Tower locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all 15 Sheikah Towers to completely reveals Hyrule’s map. It is recommended you find and scale all Sheikah Towers as soon as possible. However, finding and scaling the Sheikah Towers is not an easy task. Most of the towers are located in areas with unfavorable conditions, which is why you must be well-equipped to deal with the environmental dangers they present.

    • Great Plateau Tower: This is the first Sheikah Tower you will find in the game. It is an unmissable tower that you cannot progress without finding.
    • Dueling Peaks Tower: While traveling to Kakariko Village from the Great Plateau, you will arrive at the West Necluda, right next to the Dueling Peaks. Once there, the tower will be in plain sight.
    • Hateno Tower: It is located between the East Necluda and Hateno Village. While traveling from the West Necluda to East Necluda, stick to the off-road side towards Hateno Village to find it on top of a mountain.
    • Lanaryu Tower: It is located right next to the Lanaryu Wetlands as you travel towards Zora’s Domain on the opposite end of the Lanaryu Great Spring.
    • Akkala Tower: It is located on the north side of Zora’s Domain. Travel straight from Zora’s Domain to Akkala Highlands to easily find it.
    • Eldin Tower: It is located on the west side of Zora’s Domain and Akkala Tower. Travel from Zora’s Domain to the south side of Eldin Canyon to easily find it.
    • Woodland Tower: It is located on the west side of Eldin Tower, near Korok Forest.
    • Hebra Tower: It is located on the west side of Korok Forest and the east side of Rito Village. Travel from Rito Village to Tabantha Tundra to easily find it.
    • Tabantha Tower: It is located on the south side of Rito Village. Travel from Rito Village to Tabantha Frontier to easily find it.
    • Gerudo Tower: It is located on the north side of Gerudo Town and the west side of Lake Hylia. Go to the entrance to Gerudo Highlands to easily find it.
    • Wastelands Tower: It is located on the east side of Gerudo Tower and the west side of Lake Hylia and Faron Grasslands. You do not need to enter the Gerudo Desert to find it.
    • Ridgeland Tower: It is located on the northeast edge of Hyrule Ridge and the west side of Hyrule Castle. It is not difficult to reach it.
    • Central Tower: It is located on the west side of Hyrule Field. It can be found towards Hyrule Ridge; stay close to Hyrule Field to locate it.
    • Lake Tower: It is located on the northwest side of Faron Grasslands and south of Lake Hylia. Travel from Lake Hylia to Faron Grasslands to easily find it.
    • Faron Tower: This is one of the hardest towers to locate in the game. It is located on the east side of Faron Grasslands and the southwest side of East Necluda. You can also access it from the south side of Dueling Peaks. Look for it near the river.

    Shrine locations and puzzle solutions

    Shrines Of Trials are dungeons with puzzles and obstacles. There are over a hundred Shrines Of Trials in the game. Activate the Sheikah Towers to make finding new shrines easier. Reach the monks inside the shrines to get a Spirit Orb. Shrines also contain other rewards and runes that add new abilities to the Sheikah Slate. The following is a list of the shrine locations, puzzle solutions, and how to complete the trials.

    Great Plateau Shrines

    • Oman Au Shrine: It is located north of the Resurrection Tower. After entering the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal on the left side to get the Magnesis rune. Then, use the Magnesis rune to displace the metal pieces in the room’s center, and proceed up the stairs into another room. Use the Magnesis rune again to remove the metallic stones and find a new path. There is a Mini Guardian in the next section. Once done, cross the metal slab to reach the next platform and use the Magnesis rune to build a new path ahead. There is also a metallic chest on the left side that you can bring to Link using the Magnesis rune. Finally, pull the metallic door open and speak with the monk to get a Spirit Orb.
    • Ja Baij Shrine: It is located south of the Resurrection Tower, in the Easter Abbey Ruins. After entering the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal on the left side to get the Remote Bombs. Spherical Bombs are better for rolling down slopes and Square Bombs are better for more precise hits. Break the wall and proceed to the hallway. There is another breakable wall on the right side with a Traveler’s Sword behind it. Go back and destroy two rocks to reveal a ladder. In the next area, place a Square Bomb at the end of the rotating platform. In the next large area, proceed to the platform near the first funnel and place a Spherical Bomb in the funnel to reveal another ladder. The ladder will take you to the monk to get another Spirit Orb. On the opposite side, look for another couple of blocks that extend and retract. Stand on the farthest one to be launched to a chest containing the Soldier’s Bow.
    • Ke Numut Shrine: It is located at the top of Mount Hylia, south of the Hylia River. After entering the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal on the left side to get the Cryonis rune that allows you to create icy blocks and platforms from the water. Use the rune to create a pillar and get to the next area by grabbing the ledge. In the next area, use the rune directly underneath the gate to force it open. On the other side of the gate is a Mini Guardian. Once you are in the final area, create ice pillars on both sides of the raised platform to access the upper area. Once you are up, do not proceed to the monk yet; look for a treasure chest in an alcove. Then, get the Spirit Orb from the monk.
    • Owa Daim Shrine: It is located on the southeastern side of Mount Hylia, at the southern edge of the Great Plateau. After entering the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal on the left side to get the Stasis rune that allows you to freeze time and build up the momentum of certain objects. When the platform is straight, use the Stasis rune on the large gear on the left side to get into the next area. However, be careful while doing this because of incoming boulders that can kill you. Wait for one to pass, then use the rune on the next one to reach the next section. There is also a treasure chest on a higher platform. From the first platform, grab the Iron Sledgehammer and equip it. Then, use the Stasis rune on the boulder and continue hitting it with the Iron Sledgehammer to build its momentum and reveal a new path. The path will lead you across the bridge to the monk for another Spirit Orb.

    Central Hyrule Shrines

    • Dah Kaso Shrine: It is located below the Digdogg Suspension Bridge in southwestern Central Hyrule. The main objective in this shrine is to destroy the spear wielded by the Guardian Scout. As soon as you see him charging it, dodge to the sides. Try dodging back because of the spear’s range. If the Guardian steps back and extends, quickly move behind a pillar to avoid taking any damage. At about 50% HP, the Guardian will add laser attacks. To avoid this, jump into the air, glide, and aim for the eye in order to stun it. Aim for the eye or you will get hit by the attack. Inflict some more damage and the Guardian will turn blue, indicating its final phase. During the final phase, dodge and sprint while inflicting damage. Once you defeat it, grab the Guardian Spear, Ancient Core, and Spirit Orb.
    • Wahgo Katta Shrine: It is located southeast of Central Hyrule. After entering the shrine, climb the metal crates to find an Amber inside a treasure chest. Stacking the crates does not allow you to reach the monk, which is why you need to stack them against the opposite platform to find a metal slab; use the Magnesis rune. Then, build a bridge to the monk to get the Spirit Orb.
    • Kaya Wan Shrine: It is located on the eastern edge of Central Hyrule, north of Wetland Stable. After entering the shrine, use the Cryonis rune to get past the waterfall. In the next area, there will be a Guardian Scout. Hit it in the eye to quickly kill it. On the right side of the platform, you can see a treasure chest in the water that can be accessed with the Cryonis rune. The treasure chest contains an Ancient rune. In the next area are two Guardian Scouts. Since it can be difficult to kill them simultaneously, try to build a platform and use a powerful bow to snipe at them. Then, use the Cryonis rune underneath the gate on the left side to open it and get the Knight’s Broadsword. Finally, use the wooden shaft in the water to guide it to the end of the waterfall. You can then jump and use the Paraglider to reach the monk and get the Spirit Orb.
    • Rota Ooh Shrine: It is located west of Central Hyrule, directly above the Outskirt Stable. After entering the shrine, use your bow to hit the yellow switch on the right side, over the water to reveal a new path with a sphere. Before proceeding, locate the hall near the spear to find the Small Key. Once you have grabbed the sphere, shoot the blue switch and open the gate. After the structure tilts back, throw the sphere into the metal screen, right next to the orange switch. Then, hit the switch to reveal another path. While flying, paraglide to the ledge that has a treasure chest to get the Feathered Edge Sword. Finally, check the left side to find a blue switch that allows you to reach the monk and get the Spirit Orb.

    Getting the True Ending

    To get the “True Ending”, successfully complete all the main story missions and unlock all of Link’s memories. Free all Divine Beasts and recruit them in the final battle against Ganon. Defeat Ganon to view an extra cutscene after the normal ending cutscene.

    Memory locations

    During one of the main quests, you will travel to Kakariko Village and speak with Impa. If you are finished with Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and Purah, you should be able to get 12 camera pictures on your Sheikah Slate. These 12 pictures basically point to old places and contain memories of Link and Zelda. This will start the “Ancient Memories” quest where you are asked to find all the memories in order to discover your past. Search the indicated locations to find all memories. Note: There are five memories that are unmissable because you automatically receive them as you progress through the game.

    1. Subdued Ceremony: From Central Hyrule, travel inside Hyrule Field and enter the castle from the main gate. Once inside, go towards the Sacred Ground Ruins to find the memory.
    2. Resolve And Grief: From the Great Plateau Tower, travel towards Lake Kolomo in the southern edge of Hyrule Field. From there, travel towards the southwest edge of the lake to see the memory in the distance.
    3. Shelter From The Storm: Travel to the northeast edge of Hylia’s bridge and towards the lake. Once there, travel towards the nearby river and onto a hill with a visible tree. Climb the tree to recover the memory. The memory is basically located on the Hills of Baumer that overlook Lake Hylia.
    4. Zelda’s Resentment: Travel towards the Ancient Columns that are located on the west side of Tabantha Great Bridge or the south side of Piper Ridge. Once there, you can see a Shrine Of Trial with the memory located in front of it.
    5. Blades Of The Yiga: Travel from the Gerudo Desert Gateway to Gerudo Town to find the Kara Kara Bazaar; the memory is located on the right side of the bazaar.
    6. A Premonition: It is located in Eldin Canyon, near Death Mountain. Travel to the east side of Woodland Tower and Minshi Woods to reach the area. Once there, proceed up the hills to find the memory.
    7. Silent Princess: Travel towards the east side of the Monya Toma Shrine and Serenne Stable to be near the Irch Plain. Once there, you should be able to easily locate the memory.
    8. Father And Daughter: It is located inside Hyrule Castle, inside the Western Keep. Go to the second floor and into a walkway that will lead directly to the memory.
    9. Slumbering Power: Travel to North Akkala Valley from Ordorac Quarry to find the Spring Of Power; the memory is located nearby.
    10. To Mount Lanaryu: Travel to Sanidin Park Ruins. Explore the area until you find a large statue with the memory nearby.
    11. Return Of Calamity Ganon: Travel to Naydra Snowfield, then proceed into the Lanaryu Promenade. From there, go towards the east side of the area to see the memory in the distance.
    12. Despair: Travel to the northeast edge of the Bottomless Swamp, near the east side of Hyrule Field. In this area, you will come across a small forested section that contains the memory.
    13. Zelda’s Awakening: Once you have recovered all 12 memories, return to Impa to learn the location of the final memory.

    Cooking recipes

    Cook the indicated ingredients to create the listed item (potions, elixirs, skewers, and more). Cooking recipes provide Link various benefits such as increased HP, increased stamina regeneration, better stealth, and more.

    • Steamed Meat: Raw Meat
    • Enduring Mushroom Skewer (temporarily increases stamina): Raw Meat or Bird Meat + Endura Shroom
    • Meat and Seafood Fry: Raw Meat + Mighty Carp + Spicy Peppers
    • Hearty Steamed Meat (temporarily adds x3 hearts): Raw Meat + Hearty Radish + Hearty Truffle
    • Fried Wild Greens: Raw Meat + Hyrule Herb + Swift Carrot + Spicy Peppers
    • Spicy Pepper Steak (temporarily enhances cold resistance): Meat + Hylian Shroom + Spicy Pepper
    • Energizing Meat and Mushroom Skewer (restores 1/3 of your total stamina): Raw Meat or Bird Meat + Stamella Shroom
    • Honeyed Fruits: Courser Bee Honey + Spicy Pepper
    • Spicy Fruit and Mushroom Mix (temporarily enhances cold resistance): Spicy Pepper + Hylian Shroom
    • Spicy Simmered Fruit and Spicy Sautéed Peppers (temporarily enhances cold resistance): Spicy Peppers
    • Hasty Mushroom Skewer (temporarily enhances movement speed): Meat or Bird Meat + Hylian Shroom
    • Hasty Meat and Mushroom Skewer (temporarily enhances movement speed): Raw Meat or Bird Meat + Mushroom
    • Sneaky Steamed Mushrooms (gives one level stealth boost): Mushrooms
    • Sneaky Mushroom Skewer (gives stealth effect): Mushrooms
    • Meat and Mushroom Skewer: Raw Meat or Bird Meat + Hylian Shroom
    • Spicy Elixir (enhances resistance to cold): Sizzlewing Butterfly + Bokoblin Fang
    • Meat Skewer: Raw Meat + Raw Bird Drumstick
    • Energizing Salt-Grilled Fish (restores a part of the stamina wheel): Rock Salt + Fish
    • Salt-Grilled Meat: Raw Meat + Raw Bird Drumstick + Rock Salt
    • Sneaky Steamed Fish (gives sneaking ability): Hyrule Bass + Blue Nightshade
    • Sneaky Steamed Meat (gives one level stealth boost): Raw Meat + Blue Nightshade
    • Steamed Mushrooms: Stamella Shroom + Blue Nightshade
    • Steak Skewer: Seared Steak
    • Toasty Hylian Shroom: Hylian Shroom
    • Toasty Stamella Shroom: Stamella Shroom
    • Roasted Bass: Hyrule Bass
    • Seared Steak: Raw Meat.
    • Dubious Food: Unknown.
    • Simmered Fruit: Apple + Acorn or Spicy Pepper
    • Baked Apple: Apple
    • Energizing Mushroom Skewer (fully restores stamina wheel): Raw Meat + Hylian Shroom + Stamella Shroom
    • Failed Experiment: Unknown.
    • Hearty Salt-Grilled Fish (temporarily adds x2 hearts): Rock Salt + Fish
    • Hearty Meat and Mushroom Skewer (temporarily adds x3 hearts): Raw Meat or Bird Meat + Hearty Truffle
    • Hearty Fried Wild Greens (temporarily adds x3 hearts): Hearty Radish + Hyrule Herb + Mushrooms + Steamed Meat
    • Hearty Mushroom Skewer (temporarily adds x4 hearts): Raw Meat + Hearty Truffle
    • Hearty Steamed Mushrooms (temporarily adds x4 hearts): Hearty Radish + Hearty Truffle
    • Hearty Wild Greens (temporarily adds x4 hearts): Hearty Radish + Hyrule Herb + Mushroom + Raw Meat or Bird Meat
    • Electro Elixir (gives resistance against electricity): Unknown.
    • Energizing Elixir (fully restores stamina wheel): Bokoblin Horn + Restless Cricket
    • Energizing Glazed Meat (restores a portion of the stamina wheel): Acorn + Apple + Courser Bee Honey + Hylian Shroom + Raw Bird Drumstick
    • Hasty Elixir (gives haste effect): Hightail Lizard + Monster Parts
    • Sneaky Elixir (gives a level two stealth effect): Keese Eyeball + Sunset Firefly

    Dyeing clothes

    The dye shop is located in Hateno Village, near the central square with the general and armor shops. There are fifteen colors available. The dye will color your entire set of clothing. You can dye individual clothing by simply removing what you do not want to dye. Dying clothes costs 20 rupees and the required materials for the dye color. Each color has a different set of ingredient requirements. You can also remove dye from clothing, reverting any armor back to its default color.

    Bonding with dogs

    Dogs appear throughout Hyrule, usually near civilization. There are dogs around the Hateno Village farm, and behind the Dueling Peak Stable. You can bond with any dog. After bonding enough with a dog, they will follow you around and lead you to treasure chests. The following are some ways to increase your bond with dogs:

    • Stand near a dog and look at it for a puff of pink to appear. That is the first step for any dog interaction.
    • Give the dog food. It does not seem to matter which type of food, but the quality will increase the bond. To give a dog food, open your inventory and select “Hold”, then drop the food on the ground near the dog. If the dog sees you drop the food in front of its face, it will increase your bond with it.
    • After increasing your bond, the dog will follow you around. Run around with the dog and let it chase you.
    • Play fetch with the dog. Use any wooden branch cut from a tree and throw it while the dog is paying attention. It will run off and retrieve the stick.

    Once you have bonded enough with a dog, he or she will lead you toward a buried treasure chest. Use Magnesis to see the chest and pull it out of the ground.

    Avoiding the Blood Moon

    Use the following trick to avoid the Blood Moon respawning enemies you kill. On a night when you see the Blood Moon rising, travel to any shrine. Enter it just before midnight. You can either wait until you think it is safe to leave again or just run through the shrine’s puzzle and then leave. If enough time has passed, the Blood Moon event will not have been triggered and none of the enemies you killed will have respawned.

    Cooking during the Blood Moon

    After 11:30 p.m., there is a 100% chance that you will get a critical success when cooking something during a Blood Moon. This is the best time to cook a lot of food that can benefit Link in the future by offering special effects including extra hearts and stamina.

    Using weapons to control climate

    Fire swords increase Link’s ambient temperature and Ice swords decrease Link’s ambient temperature. Use this to your advantage when exploring cold and hot areas, like high peaks.

    Powering rafts with Magnesis rune

    Normally a Korof Leaf is required to fill the sails of a raft before you can ride on it. However, you can instead use the Magnesis rune. Find a raft, drop a metal object on the ground, and then use the Magnesis rune to pick up and push the metal object into the raft’s sail. The momentum will result in pushing the raft forward so it can easily move over water.

    Easy Eventide Island

    If you drop items on the raft before stepping off it and onto Eventide Island, they will still be there after the cutscene. Use this trick to make clearing the island much easier.

    Skipping Rin Oyaa Shrine puzzle

    Take the orb and stand in the middle of where the orb is supposed to go. Put the orb down and use the Stasis rune to freeze it. Then, run up to the platform that rises up and wait for the rune effect to wear off. The orb will then roll into place, raising the platform and allowing you to completely skip the puzzle.

    Alternate chuchu jelly types

    You can change the chuchu jelly types by using different elements on them. Fire gives red jelly, ice gives white jelly, and lightning gives yellow jelly. There are several weapons with elemental properties in the game that work well for this.

    Dangerous Cuccos

    Grab a Cucco and throw it at an enemy. The enemy will get startled and attack the Cucco, resulting in both of them, and possibly more Cuccos, fighting each other.

    Normally Cuccos are not harmful and do not attack Link. However, if you keep attacking a Cucco, eventually the camera will focus on the bird as it calls for friends. A swarm of Cuccos will then appear from offscreen and constantly attack Link. Make sure to save the game before doing this since there is no way to defeat a Cucco. There are lots of Cuccos in Kakariko Village. There is also a side quest that tasks Link with finding 10 missing Cuccos. Cuccos appear in 13 of the main The Legend Of Zelda titles, and first appeared in 1992 in The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past .

    Legend Of Zelda references

    The following map names in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild are references to character and location names from previous Legend Of Zelda games in the series:

    [lasso rel="amzn-meta-quest-3-128gb-breakthrough-mixed-reality-powerful-performance-asgards-wrath-2-bundle" id="175390"]
    • Bonooru’s Stand and Pierre Plateau: Named after the two scarecrows from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    • Crenel Hills: Named after a mountain region in The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap
    • Eagus Bridge, Horwell Bridge, and Owlan Bridge: Named after instructors in The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    • Gleeok Bridge: Named after a recurring enemy in past Legend Of Zelda games
    • Horon Lagoon: Named after a town in The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons
    • Kaepora Pass: Named after an owl that guided Link in past Legend Of Zelda games
    • Linebeck Island: Named after Link’s friend in The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
    • Mount Daphnes: Named after the King of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    • The Arbiter’s Grounds: Named after a dungeon in The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    The Divine Beast names are references to character names from previous Legend Of Zelda games in the series.

    • Vah Naboris: Named after a Gerudo hero known as Nobooru
    • Vah Rutta: Named after the Zora princess in The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    • Vah Rudania: Named after Anagram of Durania, the Goron leader in The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    • Vah Medoh: Possibly named after Medli, the Rito girl who helps Link in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
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