Who’s Your Daddy is Weird Beyond Words

Who’s Your Daddy is Weird Beyond Words

Welcome to another edition of WTF Gaming! Here I do my best to find the weirdest, most unsettling games out there, and decide whether or not the quality of the game overcomes the WTF factor.

The Dev – The One Man Show

Today’s game is Who’s Your Daddy , developed by Joe Williams. He is a completely unknown developer and has not made any games since this one. The game, according to Williams, mainly started off as a joke, but after working on it for a few days he saw it had some potential ( Kickstarter ). There is no mention of where Williams got the idea, or why he chose this particularly strange concept. I can’t quite imagine what situation would have inspired this game beyond some kind of twisted tragedy.

The Story – Family Values

Who’s Your Daddy is a casual competitive game based around the difficulties faced in child care. The infant’s life is placed in the hands of the father, who is completely unaware of the dangers found in everyday household items such as forks, batteries and trash. I would say these are some pretty twisted “difficulties” in childcare, as the infant actively seeks out death in a way no child ever would. The very concept of suicide is quite beyond an infant that cannot even walk yet. At such an age, a child is keen on exploration, and will put just about everything in their mouth, as that is most sensitive organ they have so far. It’s the same way we use our hands and fingertips to feel something new, infants will do the same with their mouths instead. Needless to say, a child would not go directly to the bleach bottle with the intention of drinking it simply for the bliss of death.

The Gameplay – Parenting Skills

This game is two-player, using a random matchmaking network to find you a partner. If you happen to be the infant, you are to actively seek out any and all household objects with which to kill yourself. You can interact with nearly every object in the house, from opening and shutting drawers to turning on the oven after you’ve climbed in. The same goes for the father – he can even pick up all the toys and put them away for points to win the game. The objective for the father is to baby-proof the household. There are several tools to do this with, like outlet safety clips, door locks, and even a baby grab. The rooms and objects are randomized per playthrough, as each play lasts about ten minutes at the most.

The Graphics – Glitchville

Who’s Your Daddy ‘s graphics are a flashback from the 90s, featuring all the glitches you remember. When the father crouches, for example, his torso simply drops down to his feet, rather than the knees bending at all. You can still see his legs, too, as they glitch through the torso. One of the best glitches in graphics is when you taser someone. It usually takes a mod to make a character do that these days, which makes it all the more hilarious that this is on purpose. It’s easy to “break” this game, as there are numerous occasions where your controls will suddenly go haywire. My favorite method, however, is discovering the many ways you can mess with the game physics. There is nothing more entertaining than making the infant float high in the ceiling and winning the round by default.

Who’s Your Daddy is Weird Beyond Words

WTF Factor – What Does it Really Mean?

I think despite the developer Joe Williams claiming that the game is based on the difficulties of childcare, I highly doubt that’s truly the case. Who’s Your Daddy is the product of a weird sense of humor, and that’s that. I do not think, this time, that there is any deeper meaning to this game other than to entertain the players.

WTF Factor – Is it Worth Buying?

For under $10 on Steam, I would say it’s debatable. Unlike Push Me Pull You , there are not really new patterns to find in Who’s Your Daddy after you’ve played it for awhile. That said, the game is absolutely hilarious if you play it with the right friends. It’ll give you at least an hour or two of fun. Competing with your friends in a game like this is obnoxious and weird, but the more you push the game, the more fun you have. I admit, the more I made the graphics glitch and tried the weirdest combinations of death traps, the more fun I had. I think being set on fire by a candle was my favorite, but I’m also a pyromaniac. Nonetheless, if you think a couple hours of hilarity is worth the money, go for it! I obviously did!

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