SimCity 4 Cheats & Cheat Codes

SimCity 4 Cheats & Cheat Codes

SimCity 4 is a city-building simulation game developed by Maxis. Released in 2003 for Windows and Mac OS X, it is the fourth major installment of the SimCity series. The game eventually had a single expansion pack called Rush Hour which added features to the game. SimCity 4 currently has generally favorable reviews on Metacritic from critics and fans alike. The game was praised for its new features and refined interface from the previous installment.

The Premise Of SimCity 4

In The SimCity series, players are placed in the role of a mayor, tasked with populating cities. Players have to fulfill the needs of the Sims that live in the city. Gameplay is divided into game modes: God Mode, Mayor Mode, and MySim Mode. Mayor and MySim modes become available after establishing a city. God mode is available before establishing a city and afterward, albeit with fewer functions. By obliterating the city, which resets the map, all functions in God mode are reactivated.

The Main Characters Of SimCity 4

Due to the nature of city-builders, there really aren’t any “main characters” in the game.

Other Titles In The Series

  • SimCity (1989 PC/Mac)
  • SimCity (SNES) (1991, port of SimCity)
  • SimCity (2006 Virtual Console (Wii))
  • SimCity Classic (1993 PC, enhanced version with 16-bit graphics)
  • SimCity: Deluxe Edition (1996 PC, or SimCity for Windows 95, not the original DOS version)
  • SimCity 2000 (1993 PC, 1995 SNES, PS1, SegaSaturn, 1997 N64, 2003 GBA)
  • SimCity 2000: Special Edition (1995 PC)
  • SimCity 2000: Network Edition (1996 PC)
  • SimCity 64 (2000 N64DD, only released in Japan, port of SimCity 2000 with 3D graphics)
  • SimFarm (1993 PC)
  • SimTown (1994 PC; known as SimCity Jr. for the Super Famicom release in Japan)
  • SimCopter (1996 PC)
  • Streets of SimCity (1997 PC)
  • SimCity 3000 (1999 PC)
  • SimCity 3000: Unlimited (2000 PC, known as SimCity 3000: World Edition in Europe)
  • SimCity DS (2007 DS, port of SimCity 3000)
  • SimCity (iOS) (2008 iOS, port of SimCity 3000)
  • SimCity Deluxe (2011 iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, port of SimCity 3000 with SimCity 4-based graphics)
  • SimCity 4 (2003 PC/Mac)
  • SimCity 4: Rush Hour (2003 PC/Mac, expansion pack)
  • SimCity Societies (2007 PC)
  • SimCity Societies: Destinations (2008 PC, expansion pack)
  • SimCity Creator (2008 Wii)
  • SimCity Creator (DS) (2008 DS, called SimCity DS 2 in Japan)
  • SimCity Social (2012 PC/Facebook)
  • SimCity (2013 PC/Mac)
  • SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow (2013 PC/Mac, expansion pack)
  • SimCity BuildIt (2014, iOS/Android)

SimCity 4 Cheat Codes

In order to enter cheat codes you first must bring up the Cheat Entry Box. If you are using Windows you would need to press: CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + X. If you are using MAC you need to press: Control + X. Once you bring up the cheat entry box, you type in one of the following codes, and press Enter.

Cheat CodeEffect
weaknesspaysAdds 1,000 to your treasury.
you don’t deserve itAll Rewards
whererufrom [name]Change City Name. Enter city name where [name] is.
hellomynameis [name]Change the mayor’s name. Enter your mayor Name where [name] is.
fpsDisplays Frame Rate
golGreen Tinge on map
zoneriaHides empty zone color.
sizeof [number]Increase Magnification. (1-100)
recorderOpens up the Animation Recorder Menu.
stopwatchPause/Resume 24-hour clock.
fightthepowerRemoves power requirement for all buildings.
howdryjamRemoves water requirement for all buildings.
whattimeizit [time]Set the Time of Day. Enter time where [time] is.
TerrainQuery [on/off]Show coordinates when hovering over an item.
DollyLlamaToggles your advisors between people/Llamas.
tastyzotsToggles Zots.

SimCity 4 Cheat Code FAQ

How to do cheats in SimCity 4? During the game, hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X to bring up the Cheat Entry Box if you’re on Windows or Control + X if you’re on Mac.

What is the cheat code for God mode in SimCity 4? In order to unlock the Terraforming and Terrain Effects toolbars during city play, hold down CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and click the God Mode button.

What is ID in SimCity 4? Dirty Industry (ID) is a traditional heavy smokestack industry and represents the lowest rung on the Industry scale. They tend to be demanded by low EQ/low-wealth Residential Sims and provide most of their jobs in return.

How hard is SimCity 4? SimCity 4, by itself, is fairly difficult and not very intuitive about how to make great cities. It’s possible, but it’s more complicated and harder than it should be. Rush Hour is pretty much required to get the game to a fully playable state.

How long to beat SimCity 4? When focusing on the main objectives, SimCity 4 is about 9 and a half hours in length. If you’re a gamer who strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 115 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

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