SimCity BuildIt Cheats & Cheat Codes for Android and iOS

The splash screen for SimCity BuildIt.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats & Cheat Codes for Android and iOS

SimCity BuildIt is a city-building simulator and a mobile-only game, where players take on the challenge of planning urban environments and building structures. The massive powerhouse of a gaming publisher, Electronic Arts, and developer TrackTwenty are behind this popular mobile game. The game was initially launched in late 2014. It is available for all popular mobile platforms, including for Android on the Google Play Store, for Amazon’s Android devices on the Amazon Appstore, and for iPhones and iPads on Apple’s App Store. Let’s dive into what types of cheats, tips, and tricks we can provide you for SimCity BuildIt.

SimCity BuildIt Premise

In SimCity BuildIt, players become the all-powerful mayors controlling their own cities. As with the classic from 1989, the original SimCity, this game allows players to manage a busy city with challenges like fire departments, sewage companies, traffic incidents, and even pollution. The core mechanics of the game involve managing the urban environment in a way that allows growth and happy living. 

Initially, players get a fairly modest budget of 25,000 simoleons, which is the in-game currency. They are also given 50 premium currency, SimCash, which can be valuable in special cases. Using this starting cash wisely will get the city running in the right direction, producing more value and money. As mayor, players are responsible for the happiness and living conditions of the inhabitants. Keeping them content and working is of the utmost importance. 

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In addition to single-player functionality, the game also offers connectivity options between the players. With the online experience, players can chat, befriend others, trade, and even join clubs for a communal aspect. It also creates the perfect environment for social challenges and competition. The game is free to play but offers pop-up advertisements and optional in-game purchases. 

Roman architechture in SimCity BuildIt.
Roman Holiday update for the game.

SimCity BuildIt Characters

As the game is a building simulator, it doesn’t revolve around the stories of singular characters. Instead, as the mayor, and perhaps the only significant character, the aim is to create a thriving city for the entire population. Instead of characters, the important asset in the games is the services and utilities. Players have to keep these in order to ensure that the city runs as intended and so that the Sims don’t revolt. 

Here are all the services available in the game:

  • Power: The first service unlocked in SimCity BuildIt is Power. It becomes available at level 1. There are a total of ten buildings in the Power tab. Unlike buildings in some other services, you can place Power buildings anywhere as long as they connect to a residential building by a road.
  • Water: Water comes right after Power as the second service. There are three buildings available to bring water service to the inhabitants. You can place Water buildings anywhere similar to Power buildings, as long as they are connected to residential buildings by a road.
  • Fire: You unlock the Fire service third, at level 5. The four buildings in the fire tab include the likes of the Maxis Manor. You need to place them near residential zones to use them effectively.
  • Sewage: This is the fourth service, available from level 8. The service features four buildings that you can place anywhere, as long as they connect to residential buildings by a road, just like Power and Water.
  • Police: As the fifth service unlocked at level 12 it protects the neighborhoods. The police tab has four buildings. You must place Police buildings near residential zones to be effective.
  • Waste Management: This service takes the sixth spot and unlocks at level 14. You can put Waste Management buildings anywhere. However, you need to place them in connection with residential buildings by roads.
  • Health: Unlocked at the seventh position at level 16, this service has four buildings. They are required to be in close proximity to residential zones, ensuring the well-being of the inhabitants.
  • Regional: An exclusive, region-centered service. Regional has four buildings in its tab. This includes three buildings for area coverage and a unique storage facility. Each region’s service takes on a distinct name, with buildings priced in regional simoleons.
  • ControlNet: ControlNet is accessible from level 30. Home to three buildings, these must be strategically placed near residential zones.
  • Drones: Finally, the Drones come online also at level 30. The three buildings in the drone tab offer flexibility in placement, as long as they align with residential buildings by a road. They are unique to OMEGA Zones and assume the roles of fire, police, and health services, with the cost of each drone building rising progressively.
  • Government: Unlike traditional services, this one is unlocked right from level 1 and is composed of nine essential structures. These government buildings don’t cater to Sims’ home needs but are instead a part of the city’s infrastructure.

Games in the SimCity Series

SimCity BuildIt is part of the massively popular and longstanding SimCity franchise. It started with the initial SimCity, developed and Published by Maxis. Electronic Arts took over the franchise in the late 1990s and has since produced a host of games for various platforms. These include the likes of the remake of the original in the 2013’s SimCity

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The game spawned the perhaps even more popular offshoot of The Sims franchise, which follows the individual lives of the simulated inhabitants of the city. 

Here are all the SimCity games in the order of release:

  • SimCity (1989)
  • SimCity 2000 (1993)
  • SimCity 3000 (1999)
  • SimCity 64 (2000)
  • SimCity 4 (2003)
  • SimCity 4: Rush Hour (2003)
  • SimCity DS (2007)
  • SimCity Societies (2007)
  • SimCity DS 2 (2008)
  • SimCity Creator (2008)
  • SimCity Deluxe (2010)
  • SimCity Social (2012)
  • SimCity (2013)
  • SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow (2013)
  • SimCity: BuildIt (2014)
Las Vegas in SimCity BuildIt.
The Sin City in SimCity BuildIt.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats

As far as we know, the developer of SimCity BuildIt hasn’t included a built-in cheat system in the games. Thus, players are unable to access things like unlimited money, god modes, or anything else by simply adding cheat codes. While using third-party apps might be possible, there are many dangers in using them and we don’t encourage that. Instead, we can give new players some valuable hints, tricks, and tips that can help them achieve better results much faster.

Use Club Wars for Rewards

Club Wars is the PvP mode in SimCity BuildIt. It can provide valuable rewards to all players attending the Club Wars. It is wise to find and join a club and participate in these events, from early on.

Socialize for Gifts

The game allows players to add friends from social networks like Facebook. Not only will this create a more exciting game environment, but it will also allow you to collect gifts from friends by visiting their city.

Place Services Strategically

Optimize your Services, especially when it comes to Police, Health, and Fire. Placing them on the map will create coverage surrounding them. Keep the coverage at maximum by placing them strategically among the residential buildings to avoid problems.

Unlock Achievements

SimCity BuildIt comes with achievements that are unlocked with the construction of the Mayor’s Mansion. By completing various tasks you’ll gain rewards that are accessible from the Mansion.

Challenge Yourself With Disasters

Some of the more challenging tasks as the mayor are the Disasters available at Dr. Vu’s tower. Completing these missions will give you Vu points that can upgrade the tower to access new missions. As you complete the missions, you’ll also gain keys that unlock specialization buildings, like Parks, Landmarks, and Entertainment.

SimCity BuildIt FAQ

Can I play SimCity BuildIt on a PC?

The game is officially available only for Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire. However, emulator applications, like Bluestacks, might allow playing SimCity BuildIt on a PC.

Is SimCity BuildIt free to download?

Yes, the game is free to download and play but includes in-game purchases and pop-up advertisements.

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