What Benefits Do You Get from UI Cheats in The Sims 4?

What Benefits Do You Get from UI Cheats in The Sims 4?

Managing all of your Sims in The Sims 4 can be quite a challenge to balance the entire family at one time, especially for any players who are trying to complete internet challenge runs or tell stories. If you’re an avid Sims player, you are probably already familiar with the cheat console. Maybe you have used it to gain money, change your Sims’ careers, or alter the weather. But did you know there is a way you can use cheats even faster and easier?

With Weerbesu’s UI Cheats Extension, you can affect almost anything you can think of by simply clicking different areas of the UI. And we are here to show you all of the benefits you can have by using this mod.

Easy to Use

Weerbesu’s UI Cheats Extension is not only incredibly helpful, but it is also easy to navigate. Unlike using the console commands, you only need to click a button. No more typing out long cheat commands. No more trying to remember how to open the cheat console. Just click on the UI on the screen and new functions will open up. Compared to the current cheat code system, with the UI Cheats Extension mod you will have almost complete control over your game, your Sims, and your world. And did we mention it is completely free to download?

Cheat Their Needs

Keeping up with all of your Sims’ needs can be overwhelming. With this mod, if your Sims didn’t get enough sleep you can fill their energy bar with just a click. Did your Sims forget to feed one of their children? Just click on the child’s hunger bar. You can even use this to remove any werewolf temperaments or spellcaster curses. Here are all of the different ways you can affect any of your Sims’ needs:

  • Needs Bars: Left-click on any of the needs bars to change it to that position.
  • Needs Bars: Right-click on any of the needs bars to set a specific value from -100 to 100.
  • Occults: Right-click on the progress bar to change the occult’s rank.
  • Spellcaster Curses or Werewolf Temperaments: They can be removed by right-clicking the icon.
  • Instantly Fill All Needs: Right-click on the needs panel icon to fill all needs of a selected sim.

Not only can you affect any werewolf temperaments or spellcaster curses, but you can also affect other aspects of the supernatural. This mod does not affect mermaids and aliens much but it gives more control over vampires and spellcasters. For Spellcaster Sims, unlock spells and potions. And for both Vampires and Spellcasters, you can unlock or lock perks. This allows you to change your Supernatural Sims’ perks at will without having to spend any nonrefundable points on it.

  • Ranks: Right-click on the vampire/spellcaster/werewolf XP progress bar to select a rank.
  • Points: Right-click on the Power point/Talent point counter for vampires/spellcasters/werewolves to set it.
  • Perks: Right-click on a perk to unlock or lock it.
  • Dormant Abilities: Right-click on a werewolf’s dormant ability to unlock or lock it.
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Money, Money, Money

Money makes the world go round, but sometimes your Sims may not have enough of it. Who honestly has 12,000 Simoleons lying around for the Starcruiser X Jungle Gym? But your Sims’ aspiring astronaut children still deserve it.

Instead of having to type in “Rosebud” and “Motherlode” every time your Sims need some extra cash, use this helpful mod. You can add money or set household funds with a click. This includes not only Simoleons but also galactic credits and bits and pieces.

  • Gain Money: Left-click on the money counter to gain $1000.
  • Household Funds: Right-click on the money counter to set household funds (Simoleons, Galactic Credits, bits, and pieces).

Face Your Fears, or Don’t

While some moodlets can impact your Sims positively, sometimes having a negative one can be life or death. A benefit of weerbesu’s mod is that you can easily remove moodlets. So click away that “Ravenous” moodlet before one of your Sims dies from starvation.

This trick also works for their wants and fears. Instead of having to help your Sims conquer their fears or acquire their wants, simply right-click them away. Now your little Sims don’t have to be afraid of the dark. Just click it away and they can have a good night’s rest.

  • Moodlet: Right-click on a moodlet to remove the moodlet.
  • Wants and Fears: Right-click on a want or fear to complete it or re-roll it.

Adjust Skills

Spending hours working on your Sims’ skills to gain new abilities is time-consuming. With this mod, you can just increase their skills in a second. While doing it the intended way might make for an interesting challenge, not everyone has the time or patience. This can all be changed with a simple click of a button. Alter their skills however you want.

  • Skill Level: Right-click on a skill bar to select a level.
  • New Skills: Right-click on the icon that opens the skill panel to add any new skills.

Simology Panel

The Simology panel on the bottom right of the screen shows you almost everything you need to know about your Sims’ lives and personalities. It shows their aspirations, career status, skills, relationships, Simology, needs, and so much more. You can alter anything that appears here.

You can add things your Sims don’t have, like new traits, university degrees, milestones, and quirks. Or remove the ones you don’t like. And for those with the Get Famous expansion pack, you can also alter the reputation and fame meters with a click. The faction reputation ranks and voting panels can also be changed at whim for those who have the Journey to Batuu or Eco Lifestyle.

  • Age: Right-click on the age progress bar to add/subtract the number of days that have passed at the current age stage or the total number of days the Sim has lived.
  • Traits: Right-click on the green Traits title bar to add one or more traits.
  • Lifestyles: Right-click on the green Lifestyles title bar to add one or more lifestyles.
  • Values: Right-click on a character value meter to set the value (from -100 to 100).
  • Reputation: Right-click on the Fame or Reputation meter to select a rank.
  • Fame: Right-click on the Fame point counter to set it.
  • Batuu Faction: Right-click on a Batuu faction reputation bar to select a rank.
  • Neighborhood Action Plan: Right-click on the green NAP title bar to open the NAP voting panel of the current neighborhood (even if your Sim does not live in this neighborhood).
  • Influence: Right-click on the Influence point counter to set it.
  • Add Milestones: Right-click on a milestone category title bar to add milestones from the selected category of the current age.
  • Alter Milestones: Right-click on an existing milestone to remove it, or change the Sim/object/location/career/death type/trait the milestone was unlocked with.
The Sims 4 Greenhouse.

Cheat School and Your Career

Not only can you give your Sims unearned university degrees, but you can also make their school and career experience a breeze. For children and teens in grade school, you can change their grades or complete their homework. For any Sims in university, you can change their GPA, change their grades, or remove any suspensions and probation.

You can also have your Sims promoted, demoted, or make a career change by simply clicking the job icon. This is good for those wanting to make a minor career change since the base game does not let you change career branches.

  • Career Change: Right-click on a job icon or the green career title bar to promote, demote, change their career branch, or select a level of the current branch.
  • Complete Tasks: Right-click on a promotion task, daily task, prep task, or work-from-home assignment to complete it.
  • Performance: Right-click on a work/school performance bar to set the value (from -100 to 100).
  • Reputation: Right-click on a work reputation bar to set value (from -100 to 100).
  • Univeristy GPA: Right-click on the degree icon or the green Course Schedule title bar to change your Sim’s university GPA.
  • University Suspensions/Probations: Right-click on the suspension/probation text to remove your Sim from University suspension/probation.
  • University Grades: Right-click on a university course icon to set their grade (from 0 to 100).

Control the Environment

Tired of the current season your Sims are in or of the major heatwaves? Instead of having to type in the long cheat commands from the Seasons expansion, simply change the environment with a click or two.

  • Change Seasons: Right-click on the season icon to set the current season as either summer, fall, winter, or spring.
  • Change the Weather: Right-click the weather icon to set the current weather.
  • Lunar Phase: Right-click on the lunar phase icon to set the current lunar phase.
  • Eco-Footprint: Right-click on the eco-footprint icon to set the lot footprint or the neighborhood footprint (from -500 to 500).
  • Control Time: Right-click on the in-game clock to set time, and make sure you write your preferred time in military time (for example, 3:00 PM would be “15”.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Autocomplete Your Aspirations

Another benefit is the ability to complete your Sims’ aspirations without having to worry about them. Sims don’t live forever, so why spend 75 hours playing a musical instrument?

  • Fill Aspirations: Right-click on an aspiration goal to fulfill it.

Adjust Your Relationships

The mod also gives you more control over your Sims’ relationships. With a click of your mouse, you can save time in relationship-building or experiment with different relationship types, like going from enemies to lovers.

  • Relationship Progress: Right-click on a Sim’s photo to set friendship/romance values (from -100 to 100), or delete the relationship or romance bar.
  • New Relationships: Right-click on the icon that opens the relationships panel to add any new Sims.
  • Sentiments: Right-click the green sentiments bar to add or remove sentiments or their value.

Instant Collectibles

Across The Sims 4 base game and its expansions, there are dozens of different collections. With 25 frogs, 20 metals, 10 aliens, and so much more to find, it feels fair to spawn in some impossible-to-find items to save you some time.

  • Spawn Items: Right-click on an item to spawn it to your Sim’s inventory.

Own Businesses

Running a business is hard, so why make it harder trying to get perfect ratings?

  • Business Points: Right-click on the Retail Store/Restaurant/Vet Clinic perk point counter to set it.
  • Business Ratings: Right-click on the Restaurant/Vet Clinic star rating to change it.

Social Groups

If your Sims are interested in joining clubs or organizations, here is how the mod can make rising the ranks smoother.

  • Club Perks: Right-click on the Club perk point counter to set it.
  • Univeristy Ranks: Right-click on a University organization exp bar to select a rank.
  • University Organization Tasks: Right-click on a University organization task to complete it.

Autocomplete Holidays & Events

We all love the holidays, but who has time to complete all of the holiday traditions? So instead of having to worry about fighting on Neighborhood Brawl Day or getting the Holiday Gnomes for Harvestfest, try out what the UI Cheats Extension can do:

  • Complete Event Goals: Right-click on an event goal (for parties, dates, and active careers) to complete it.
  • Complete Holiday Traditions: Right-click on a holiday tradition to complete it.

And if all of these benefits have not sold you yet, can we remind you it’s free?

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