Xenoblade 3 DLC: Dive Deeper into Alrest with This Comprehensive Guide

Xenoblade 3 cover art.

Xenoblade 3 DLC: Dive Deeper into Alrest with This Comprehensive Guide

Xenoblade 3 is a captivating masterpiece bringing players back into the realm of role-playing on the back of colossal living beings called Titans. Developed by Monolith Soft and released for the Nintendo Switch, this enchanting title weaves a tapestry of adventure, exploration, and emotional storytelling. And the DLC continues the longevity of the game, giving fans of the series even more content to consume.

Xenoblade 3 Premise

Set in the world of Alrest, humanity clings to survival amidst the clouds. Two warring nations are at each other throats vying for limited resources. The world is divided into Colonies, each with its giant mecha called a Ferronis, fueled by fallen enemy soldiers’ life force. It’s a world of beautiful scenery and captivating gameplay. You’re introduced to dozens of characters who can join or hinder your party. Here is how Nintendo describes the latest installment, “Join Noah and Mio, members of the two opposing nations of Keves and Agnus, on a heartfelt journey through a warring world with a dark secret. Traverse massive, fantastical landscapes and master seamless real-time RPG combat as you expose the true enemy pulling the strings.”

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Xenoblade 3 Characters

The game has a vast list of playable and recruitable characters, meaning some you’ll play as some while others will join your party. Here is a list of the more popular ones. While some have specific classes, you can alter or change them to suit your party better. The gameplay is addictive and fun, blending a perfect amount of creativity and strategy. As you unlock more and more characters, the possible combinations and powers will increase. 

Playable Characters

CharactersDefault Class
LanzHeavy Guard
EunieMedic Gunner

Recruitable Characters

NameStarting ClassRecruit Condition
EthelFlash FencerClear “No Want of Courage” Quest to receive orders as the story progresses
When Cammuravi accompany the party, go to the Colony Omega Camp building and rejoin to grow Ethel.
Riku and MananaYumsmithComplete the Hero Quest “A Nopon’s Counsel”
ValdiWar MedicComplete the Hero Quest “The Kind Right Hand”
ZeonGuardian CommanderComplete the Hero Quest “Where The Heart Is”
GrayFull Metal JaguarComplete the Hero Quest “A Gray Matter”
IsurdStrategosComplete the Hero Quest “Unwavering Resolve”
TeachThaumaturgeComplete the Hero Quest “Going Beyond Power”
AlexandriaIncursorComplete the Hero Quest “Her Reasons”
JuniperStalkerComplete the Hero Quest “Natural Selection”
AsheraLone ExileComplete the Hero Quest “The Wrath of Ashera”
MonicaLost VanguardComplete the Hero Quest Vandham’s Heir
FionaSigniferComplete the Hero Quest “Transparent Dreams”
TritonSoulhackerComplete the Hero Quest “Doing It My Way”
GhondorMartial ArtistAutomatically unlocks as you progress through the story
MiyabiTroubadourComplete the Hero Quest “Side Story: Mio”
CammuraviSeraphComplete the Hero Quest “A Twist of Fate”
SegiriMachine AssassinComplete the Hero Quest “Inhumanity”
NiaLifesageAfter clearing the game, head to the Hall of the Serene in the Aetia Region, Upper. It will automatically be unlocked there
MeliaRoyal SummonerAfter clearing the gate, head to the location in the Main Castle Gate on the 1st Floor, Castle. It will automatically be unlocked there

Xenoblade 3 DLC

Based on the sheer size of the game itself, Xenoblade 3 doesn’t have an overwhelming number of DLCs. There are really four main DLCs that introduce new content to enjoy.

Xenoblade 3 DLC: Vol. 1: Adventure Support Pack

Release Date: 7/29/22

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  • Consumable items
    • 30 Silver Nopon Coin
    • 10 Gold Nopon Coin
  • Accessories
    • Iron Temple Guard
    • Circlet of Wisdom
    • Silver Belt
    • Auto-Balancer
    • Glass Memory
    • Nopon Strap
  • Outfit colour variants
    • Noah – Color #02
    • Mio – Color #02
    • Eunie – Color #02
    • Taion – Color #02
    • Lanz – Color #02
    • Sena – Color #02

Xenoblade 3 DLC: Vol. 2: New Hero & Intense Enemy Battles

Release Date: 10/13/22


  • Challenge Battle Mode
  • New Hero character Ino and quests

Vol 3: New Hero & More Tough Challenges

Release Date: 02/15/23


  • New Challenge Mode: Archsage’s Gauntlet, unlocked via the quest More Challenge Battles!
  • New Hero character Masha and quests
  • Cosmetic “Throwback” outfits based on previous characters from the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise
    • Noah gets an outfit based on Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles
    • Mio gets an outfit based on Catalyst from Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    • Eunie gets an outfit based on Melia’s appearance in Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected
    • Taion gets an outfit based on Jin’s true form in Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    • Lanz gets an outfit based on Reyn from Xenoblade Chronicles
    • Sena gets an outfit based on Brighid from Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Vol 4: Future Redeemed

Release Date: 04/25/23


Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed, a brand-new story scenario.

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