Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle Summary

On August 30th, 2023, developer Invader Studios released Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle. This title is a third-person survival horror action game and the second installment in the Daymare series. Initially, the game was revealed on May 2021 and the first playable demos were available on February 2022. The game received middling reviews with critics and players criticizing it for its generic gameplay. The game currently sits at a score of 61, 65, and 69 across its platforms on Metacritic.

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle Premise

After a disaster that involves many civilians, the most advanced experimental research facility on American soil ceases all communication with the outside world. The Secretary of Defense sends in special agent Dalila Reyes to infiltrate the facility on foot and recover precious data. Once inside, Reyes finds herself in a fight for her life within an underground maze, now home to horrible and deadly creatures. The gameplay consists of fighting lethal and terrifying enemies and solving environmental puzzles.

Main Characters

  • Dalila Reyes – Special Agent and communications and electronics expert at H.A.D.E.S. She is a veteran of the Gulf War and struggles with the nightmares of her past.
  • Ivan Radek – The leader of the H.A.D.E.S. unit who reports directly to Commander Foster. He follows orders with no care about consequences and doesn’t let any emotion shine through except when Agent Reyes is by his side.
  • Mark C. Foster – Commander and founder of H.A.D.E.S. acting as a supervisor during Operation Sandcastle who is pursuing his own ulterior motives.
  • Alexander Gora – A soldier of Section 8 and Commander Foster’s former subordinate.
  • Helen Reyes – Dalila Reyes’ sister and the head researcher of the OGRE Project.
  • Aptom – Agent of the secret H.A.D.E.S. unit in charge of the Castle’s security.
  • Hayden Volken – Captain of H.A.F. who pilots the helicopter during the mission.

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle Titles in the Series

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle is the second game of the Daymare trilogy. There is only one other game in its series : Daymare: 1998.

Daymare: 1998 is a third-person survival horror game and the first installment in the Daymare trilogy. It is heavily inspired by Resident Evil and other horror classics and was hoping to return survival horror back to its roots. This game received worse reviews than its sequels mostly for the same reasons. It currently sits at 53 on Metacritic.

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Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle Cheat Codes

This title doesn’t have cheat codes in the traditional sense. However, players are able to implement cheat codes by using third-party software called Trainers on the PC version of the game. If you go the trainer route you gain access to the following cheats.

WeMod Trainer Cheats

  • Unlimited Health – This grants the player unlimited health.
  • No Grab Attack – This makes it so the player cannot be grabbed by enemies.
  • Set Flashlight Intensity – You’re able to adjust flashlight intensity.
  • Game Speed – You can speed up or slow down the game as you wish.
  • Infinite Ammo – Provides infinite ammo
  • Perfect Accuracy – Gives your weapons perfect accuracy.
  • Instant Acceleration – Adjusts the physics of the game so that acceleration is instant.
  • Set Movement Speed Multiplier – Grants the player a multiplier to their movement speed.

CheatHappens Trainer Cheats

  • Unlimited Health – Grants unlimited health.
  • No Reload – Removes the need to reload.
  • Freeze Hacking Timer
  • Unlimited Frostbite
  • Increase Player Speed – Increases movement speed for the player only.
  • Decrease Player Speed – Decreases movement speed for the player only.
  • Set Normal Player Speed – Sets the base movement speed for the player.
  • Decrease Enemy Speed – Decreases enemy movement speed.
  • Increase Enemy Speed – Increases enemy movement speed.
  • Freeze Enemies – Freezes all enemies on screen.
  • Set Normal Enemy Speed – Sets the base movement speed for all enemies.
  • Save Position Slot 1 – The Save Position cheats are used as quick saves and the restore position cheats are used as quickloads.
  • Save Position Slot 2
  • Save Position Slot 3
  • Save Position Slot 4
  • Save Position Slot 5
  • Restore Position Slot 1
  • Restore Position Slot 2
  • Restore Position Slot 3
  • Restore Position Slot 4
  • Restore Position Slot 5
  • Game Speed

Cheat Engine Trainer Cheats

  • Activate Trainer – This activates the trainer.
  • Unlimited Health
  • No Reload – Removes the need to reload.
  • Stealth Mode – Makes it much harder for enemies to detect the player.
  • Easy Kills
  • Super Player Speed – Boosts Player Speed.
  • Slow AI – Slows enemy movement.
  • Super Movement Speed – Does the same thing as Super Player Speed.
  • Save Coordinates – Saves the player’s location.
  • Teleport to Saved Coordinates – Allows you to teleport to a saved location.
  • Toggle Aim Assist
  • Edit: FOV – Edits field of view.
  • Player Speed Multiplier
  • AI Speed Multiplier
  • Movement Speed Multiplier
  • Edit: Player X Coordinate
  • Edit: Player Y Coordinate
  • Edit: Player Z Coordinate

Warning! Trainers are not officially supported by STEAM or the developer of this game. Also, you should keep in mind that Trainers require unlimited access to your machine. Use trainers at your own risk.

Secret Unlockables

While this game doesn’t have traditional cheat codes, it does have unlockable buffs that behave similarly to cheat codes.

Infinite Ammo

  • Infinite MPG 510-K ammo – Complete the Special Agent challenge (Finish the game with an A rank)
  • Infinite JP Peck DC-12 ammo – Complete the Demolition Woman challenge (Finish the game with an S rank)
  • Infinite Frost Grip – Complete the Highlander challenge (Finish the game without dying)

Weapon skins

  • MPG 510-K Hexacore skin – found in the hackable locker in the room with an upgrade station (Underground Levels)
  • JP PECK DC-12 Hexacore skin – found in the hackable locker in the incinerator control room (Stasis and Disposal)
  • MPG 510-K Gold skin – Complete the game
  • JP Peck DC-12 Gold skin – Complete the game on Hardcore difficulty

Flying saucer unlockables

  • Alien coins – Find alien figurine collectibles in the game
  • Dancing alien – Insert all coins into the saucer

Secret Achievements

AchievementHow to Unlock
Pale and ShovelStart Operation Sandcastle
A Cold WelcomeObtain the Frost Grip
Tis But a ScratchSurvive the first encounter with a Sparker
BloodhoundFind Foster
JailbreakEscape the Detention Area
Red Cross NurseSave Gora inside the school
Private InvestigatorFind the truth about Helen
Inside the Castle WallsReach the Castle
Inner SanctumReach the Sarcophagus
Finders KeepersObtain the Ogre DNA
KinslayerDefeat Ogre Helen
Mission AccomplishedFinish the game
H.A.D.E.S. FinestFinish the game in Hardcore Mode
Special AgentFinish the game with A Rank
Demolition WomanFinish the game with S Rank
HighlanderFinish the game without dying
High VoltageKill 200 decoys
Can’t Touch ThisKill 10 sparkers
Mrs. FreezeFreeze 200 enemies
Light-HeadedKill 50 enemies with an headshot
BrawlerKill 50 enemies with a Frost finisher
On the RocksHit 50 enemies with the Frost Mine
IcestormHit at least 3 enemies with a single Frost Surge
LibrarianFind all documents
Radio AmateurFind all audio logs
Forensic SpecialistFind all scanners
Tin Foil Hat EnjoyerFind all alien collectibles
Master of IceObtain all the Frost Grip upgrades
Computer WizardHack a very hard terminal
Ice and ThunderDestroy 10 Chain Lightning with the Frost Grip
Lady of the CastleFind all alien collectibles

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle Cheat Codes FAQs

Is Daymare 1994 worth it? The game seems to resonate specifically with fans of classic survivor horror titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The user reviews of Daymare tend to skew in a more positive direction.

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