Vertigo 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Vertigo 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Vertigo 2 is a single-player adventure/first-person shooter game set in a VR world. The game was developed and published by Zulubo Productions. Vertigo 2 was released on July 17, 2019, and was well-liked by players for its unique art style.

Vertigo 2 takes players through a sci-fi rollercoaster like they’ve never experienced before. Players will face deadly androids, bizarre alien flora and fauna, and travel the multiverse. A vast arsenal of powerful weaponry is available to the player to help them fight through intense boss fights. Nothing matches the high-octane thrill that Vertigo 2 offers its players.

Vertigo 2 Premise

In Vertigo 2, players awake in the mysterious depths of the Quantum Reactor VII. Many different alien entities from multi-different universes leak into the Quantum Reactor. It is the job of a deadly robotic security force to destroy all life that finds its way into the Quantum Reactor. In order to survive and find their way home, players must forge alliances and fight their way through the security forces.

Vertigo 2 Series

The publishers of Vertigo 2, Zulubo Productions, are indie developers that focus on Virtual Reality games. The company’s previous game was Vertigo, which follows a similar story as Vertigo 2. You are an alien from an alternate universe who’s fallen into an underground scientific facility. In order to get back home, you must fight your way through the facility.

The original Vertigo came out all the way back in 2016, but on July 21, 2020, the studio made a remaster of the game called Vertigo Remastered. This remaster is a complete overhaul and reimagining of the original game that improves a lot of the gameplay.

Blueshift is another game developed by Zulubo Productions that was released on December 21, 2016. In this game, players travel around diverse landscapes with rocket boosters. This game is mostly about immersive travel and doing awesome, mind-bending tricks.

Vertigo 2 Cheat Codes

Although Vertigo 2 doesn’t have any in-game cheat codes, there is still a way that players can alter the game. Players can access the console commands by pressing F1 after the game launches. These console commands can be used to make the game easier, unlock weapons, heal yourself, and much more. Here is a list of every console command in the game:

– Lists all commands

– Does the same as the menu command to load the last checkpoint

– Creates a manual save which can be useful if you are having trouble in
a sticky situation and don’t want to wait for the next autosave

– lists all of the available weapons in the game.

– Grants you the specific weapon of your choice (e.g. “giveweapon f AK47”)
– This command is currently broken unless you put a random argument in
between giveweapon and the weapon you are choosing, hence the random “f”
I put in the example command.

– Grants you every weapon in the game except for the Church weapons (use
devmenu command to get access to them and they will replace the Rebel weapons)

Impulse 101
– Same as Impulse

– Same as Impulse

– Fully replenishes the ammo supply in your backpack for all weapons, but
will not load any empty weapons

– Allows you to fly and pass through any solid objects which is useful for
cheesing through parts of the game

– You cannot take damage or die which is useful for the Immortal achievement

– Enemies will no longer target you including bosses

– Enemies not already spawned in will not appear (likely to break scripted
sequences in the game though I can confirm that the Security Stronghold ones
work fine)

– Suicides the player

– Heals you to 100 health

– Sets your health to a specific value (e.g. “sethealth 1” which can be useful
for the Close Call Achievement)

– lists all available levels in the game including custom Sandbox levels. Levels
are any places where you get a loading screen and there can be multiple levels
within a stage.

– Loads a level by name (e.g. “loadlevel core” which you can use to take you to
the final level). Note that you will retain your inventory and weapon loadout,
and will earn any weapons you would have gathered along the way (e.g. skipping
from stage 5 to 7 will grant you the Trident) though you will not earn any of
the faction weapons from Chapter 10. This command may lock up the game if you
haven’t already progressed there once normally, but it’s sometimes worked
properly even then.

– Lists all of the encyclopedia entries but the top section will be cutoff as
the list is too long to fit in the scroll area of the window

– Unlock an encyclopedia entry by name (e.g. “enc_unlock bonehead”)
– This command is currently broken

– Unlocks all encyclopedia entries (you can use this to get the Big Nerd
achievement but I personally recommend doing this the old-fashioned way)

– Adds or removes your BAMM device. When removed, you cannot store items, get
healing up to 50%, gather new encyclopedia entries (even though they may pop
on screen), and you’ll have no flashlight. There may be other restrictions I
haven’t found as well.

– Allows you to adjust the gravity on any vector from the default of 0, -9.8,
0 which is Earth-normal gravity (e.g. “setgravity 0 -1.6 0” which will set it
similar to lunar gravity. Use “setgravity reset” to bring it back to normal.
I am not sure what setting the x and z axes do for this but feel free to
experiment and comment below.)

– Allows you to change the speed of the game which affects all actions such
as firing rate, movement speed, enemy movement speed, dialogue, but not music
playback (e.g. “timescale 2” will set the gamespeed to 2x and all dialogue
will sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks)

– Sets the music volume from 0-100% (e.g. “music .5” will set it at 50%)

– Set the movement speed of the player (e.g. “movespeed 2” will allow you to
walk twice as fast while all enemies and other actions remain at the default
unlike with timescale changes). This is a popular way to speed up your
movements and eliminate the need to teleport in combat situations.

– Allows you to select any stage from the Level Select screen in the main menu.
When using this you will have the weapons you are supposed to have at that
stage of the game and any secret weapons and weapon mods you have already
earned on your save slot, but your BAMM inventory will be empty.

– Lists all of the 18 Stages (AKA Chapters) in the game.

– Use this to load into any stage in the game (e.g. “stage_loadstage Crucible”
to load into Chapter 6). Note that it is case-sensitive unlike loadlevel and
that unlocking the levels is also not required here. I recommend just using
loadlevel unless you run into the crashing issue.

– Use this if you’ve encountered an audio issue of any sort and it should be
corrected without restarting the game

– Add any string to your game progress thus far – This command currently
doesn’t work and has dubious value regardless

– Removes all unlocked progress from your save slot such as stages you have
reached, encyclopedia entries and mod upgrades

– Deletes all of your game progress, encyclopedia entries, weapons/mods, and
checkpoints from the active save slot. Likely better to just create a new
save slot.

– Activates the dev menu which you can access while paused in game. Also allows
you to swap out your faction weapons between Rebel and Church weapons, though
to get the Rebel weapons back you have to select Give All Weapons.

– Brings you back to the main menu

– set the localization language of the game
(e.g. “setlang en” to set it as English)

– Toggles letterbox view on and off during cutscenes

If players are looking for even more cheats, they can download a cheat trainer online. These cheat trainers can mimic many of the console commands or add completely new features to the game. There are a number of different ways that players can add in exploits to Vertigo 2.

Vertigo 2 Achievements

There are a total of 52 different achievements that players can earn while playing Vertigo 2.

Armed and DangerousReceive your first gun
TailgunnerDefend the Iron Chub
Thermal EntropyDefeat the Igneosaur
The HuntDefeat a Centaur
SappedDefeat the Saplord
Art of the DealStrike a bargain with Nani
Anti-AntifaJoin the Church in the Autonican Civil War
Freedom FighterJoin the Automata Collective in the Autonican Civil War
TraditionDefeat General Sintho
RevolutionDefeat Maharishi Ghronto
Fishing With a FriendDefeat the Big Fish
Arch EnemyEscape the Archyosathus
A Nice EggDefeat the Hummingbird
Fading LightDefeat the Seer
Forseen ConsequencesActivate the Vortex Propagator
Wild WestCommune with Kauboi
CyberpunkedDefeat Cyberjoseph
CatalystFulfill your purpose.
SacrificeDefy fate.
The EndFinish the story
Really Armed and DangerousAcquire all eight standard weapons
XenocideKill 100 aliens
ExtinctionKill 500 aliens
Force QuitKill 100 robots
TerminatorKill 500 robots
GravediggerDie 50 times
HellfireGet 25 kills with gas tanks
Demolitions ExpertGet 25 kills with grenades
MarksmanGet 300 headshots
CalculatedGet 150 headshot kills
Close CallSurvive your health reaching 2% or below
SacrilegePour the sacred goblet out on the floor
Big NerdUnlock every entry in the Encyclopedia
Smile!Take a selfie
DocumentartianTake 20 photos
Finite RunnerGet a score of 800 or higher in NaniRun
Thinking with GordlesAcquire the Gordle Pun
Old SchoolAcquire the Nostalgic Pistol
StrongbowAcquire the Aetherian Quad Bow
Super ShotgunAcquire the Annihilator Prototype
Deadly DigitAcquire the Finger Gun
The Chosen GunFind all six secret weapons
Secret KeeperFind all six secret weapons
TacticoolUnlock all mods for one weapon
ModmasterUnlock all weapon mods
ImmortalBeat the game without dying
PuristBeat the game without unlocking any weapon mods
KebabKill 5 or more enemies with a single Meat Nailer shot
RegicideDefeat a Bonehead Monarch
Psychic DamageComplete the game as Nani (from a fresh save slot)
Lucky 13Complete the game as Officer 13 (from a fresh save slot)
Boomer ShooterComplete the game as Brian (from a fresh save slot)

Vertigo 2 Cheat Code FAQ

Does Vertigo 2 have cheat codes?

No, Vertigo 2 doesn’t have any in-game cheat codes, but it does have console commands. These console commands can act like cheat codes that allow the player to unlock weapons, replenish health, or refill ammo. Players can also download a cheat trainer online if they want to add even more cheats to the game.

What are cheat codes for?

Cheat codes are exploits that can change the game’s behavior and give players an advantage. They may move players to the next level, make the player immune to damage, or some other action that wouldn’t take place without them. They can also make the game more accessible and appealing to casual gamers or those who find the game’s current state inaccessible.

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