Star Trek: Resurgence Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

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Star Trek: Resurgence Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

There’s still plenty of new Star Trek out there to consume, but it’s no secret that The Next Generation is a fan favorite. Picard closed out its final and best season not long ago, leaving fans wanting more. Well, if you love Star Trek and that feeling you get when watching The Next Generation, another answer exists for you. 

Star Trek: Resurgence Summary

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Star Trek: Resurgence came out in May 2023 for Windows, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X/S. It’s not exactly a show, but it’s not a full-on video game, either. It’s an adventure-based gaming experience that requires interaction intermixed with plenty of cutscenes. The game is an official Star Trek release that takes place about 16 years after The Next Generation. You can be sure you’ll get similar feels as you build relationships, make decisions, explore The Resolute, and even encounter a few familiar faces.

Star Trek: Resurgence Premise

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The Next Generation was the perfect mix of science, fantasy, action, and storytelling. Though the series ran from 1987 to 1994, the narratives, themes, and mix of practical and CGI effects still hold up. Star Trek: Resurgence comes on the coattails of a grand return to that time and feeling in Picard. The game’s developer, Dramatic Labs, knew what to focus on after that show’s success and understood how to capture that essence in a nostalgic and exciting new experience. 

Dramatic Labs is made up of former members of Telltale Games who have plenty of experience in the interactive storytelling genre. While some other franchises may be more about flying or blasting, Star Trek is a perfect fit for more puzzle-based action with a more significant focus on the story. Resurgence is a single-player, third-person game where you play as two crew members aboard a new Federation science vessel investigating the cause of a war between two alien civilizations. 

The game consists of 40 chapters that run at least 10 minutes each. You’ll get the full range of Star Trek experiences throughout the game. Players get to pilot the shuttlecraft, engage in phaser battles, use the tricorder, sneak around enemies, solve puzzle minigames, and choose dialogue options that affect the story. In addition, as mentioned before, you’ll rub elbows with characters you’d meet in The Next Generation.

While the game isn’t open-world, you will visit a few locations and explore. The graphics, just like The Next Generation, are impressive enough to keep most fans attention. Reviews state that while the game may not be the best overall from a gaming standpoint, it is one of the best Star Trek experiences. 

Star Trek: Resurgence Main Characters

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Jara Rydek is the new first officer recently appointed to the ship. Her main challenge is earning the crew’s trust and serving as the bridge between the captain and everyone else. After an incident on the ship, Rydek is charged with helping to restore his reputation. 

Carter Diaz is a petty officer and engineer aboard the ship. Despite not being a commanding officer, he’ll have to make serious decisions with everything on the line when it comes down to it. Those tough decisions and his drive to earn more responsibility will define him. 

Ambassador Spock played a vital role in The Next Generation series. He made one major appearance, but other characters reference him throughout the show. He bridges the gap between the beloved original series and the second version almost 20 years later. Though Piotr Michael now voices him, the performance is excellent and captures the character played by the late Leonard Nimoy.

Captain Solano is the captain of the U.S.S. Resolute, a Federation Centaur-class science vessel. While operating on the edge of Federation space, a deadly incident recently occurred that caused the crew to mistrust its captain. Solano enlists the help of his new first officer to try and calm things down as they focus on the bigger problem at hand.

Star Trek: Resurgence Video Games in the Series

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There has been a steady stream of Star Trek video games for over 50 years! While the same developers or publishers don’t directly make the games, they all exist within the realm of Star Trek. Many of these old games aren’t easy to play anymore, but at the same time, there’s plenty of modern Star Trek gaming content to keep most players busy. 

  • Star Trek (text game) (1971)
  • Star Trek (script game) (1971)
  • Super Star Trek (1973)
  • Trek73 HP Time-Shared BASIC (1973)
  • Galaxy 8008, 8080, SCELBI (1976)
  • Star Trek (1977)
  • Star Trek: Phaser Strike (1979)
  • Apple Trek (1979)
  • Star Trek III (1979)
  • 3-D Star Trek (1980)
  • Battle Trek (1980)
  • Star Trek (1981)
  • Tari Trek (1981)
  • Video Trek 88 MS-DOS (1982)
  • NewTrek (1982)
  • SpaceTrek 2 (1982)
  • Super Star Trek (1982)
  • Dragon Trek (1982)
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1982)
  • Star Trek (1982)
  • Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (ports) (1983)
  • Star Trek (1983)
  • Star Trek 6.8 (1983)
  • Galaxy Trek (1983)
  • 3D Time Trek (1983)
  • Trek Adventure (1983)
  • Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (1983)
  • Begin: A Tactical Starship Simulation (1984)
  • NET TREK (1984)
  • StarShip: Invasion (1984)
  • Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative (1985)
  • Star Trek Evolution[10] (1985)
  • Star Trek: The Promethean Prophecy (1986)
  • Trivial Trek (1986)
  • Star Trek: Trivia Game, Volume 1 (1986)
  • Tommy’s Trek (1986)
  • Three Dimensional Star Trek (1987)
  • TREK (1987)
  • Star Trek: The Rebel Universe (1987)
  • Star Trek: The Last Generation (1988)
  • Star Trek: First Contact (1988)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Transinium Challenge (1989)
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
  • Visual Star Trek (VTrek) (1990)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – Trivia Game (1990)
  • Begin 2 (1991)
  • NCC-1701 (1992)
  • The Alcor Trivia Pro Classic Star Trek (Star Log – I) (1992)
  • 3D Trek (1992)
  • EGA Trek: The Mongol Invasion (1992)
  • Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (1992)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Future’s Past (1993)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (1993)
  • Star Trek: Judgment Rites (1993)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Echoes from the Past (1994) 
  • Star Trek Generations: Beyond the Nexus (1994)
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator (1994)
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Crossroads of Time (1994)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Final Unity (1995)
  • Star Trek: Borg (1996)
  • Star Trek: Klingon (1996)
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Harbinger (1996)
  • Star Trek Generations (1997)
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (1997)
  • Star Trek: Starship Creator (1998)
  • Star Trek: The Game Show (1998)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Klingon Honor Guard (1998)
  • Star Trek Pinball (1998)
  • Star Trek: Hidden Evil (1999)
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command (1999)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Birth of the Federation (1999)
  • Star Trek: Invasion (2000)
  • Star Trek: Klingon Academy (2000)
  • Star Trek: New Worlds (2000)
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command II: Empires at War (2000)
  • Star Trek: Starship Creator Warp II (2000)
  • Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force (2000)
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command – Gold Edition (2000)
  • Star Trek: Armada (2000)
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Fallen (2000)
  • Star Trek: ConQuest Online (2000)
  • Star Trek: New Worlds (2000)
  • Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Expansion Pack (2001)
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars (2001)
  • Star Trek: Armada II (2001)
  • Star Trek: Away Team (2001)
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates (2001)
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command III (2001)
  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander (2002)
  • Star Trek: Elite Force II (2003)
  • Star Trek: Shattered Universe (2004)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Stranded (2005)
  • Star Trek: Tactical Assault (2006)
  • Star Trek: Legacy (2006)
  • Star Trek: Encounters (2006)
  • Star Trek: Conquest (2007)
  • Star Trek: DAC (2009)
  • Star Trek: The Mobile Game (2009)
  • Star Trek Online (2010)
  • Star Trek (2013)
  • Star Trek: Alien Domain (2013)
  • Star Trek: Rivals (2013)
  • Convoy Raider (2013)
  • Romulan (2014)
  • Starfleet (2014)
  • Star Trek Trexels (2014)
  • Star Trek Online (2016)f
  • Star Trek Timelines (2016)
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew (2017 )
  • Star Trek Adversaries (2018)
  • Star Trek Trexels II (2018)
  • Star Trek Fleet Command (2018)
  • Star Trek: Legends (2021)
  • Star Trek: Section K-7 Tribble (2021)
  • Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile (2022)
  • Star Trek: Prodigy: Supernova (2022)
  • Star Trek: Resurgence (2023)
  • Star Trek: Infinite (2023)

Star Trek: Resurgence Cheat Codes

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Star Trek: Resurgence is only about five months old as of this article. At this time, there are no legal codes, and there aren’t really any tips or cheats otherwise. This lack could be due in part to the style of the game. While there are certainly challenges that lead to the game having multiple endings, it seems more like living through an episode of The Next Generation than playing a game themed on the subject. So far, this seems like a good thing regarding the fans’ opinions. There are other recent Star Trek games such as InfiniteLower Decks, and Star Trek Online for those looking for more diverse and gameplay-focused titles within the franchise.

While there aren’t any legal codes, there are a few mods that individuals have created. These mods can work as cheats and affect various aspects of gameplay. You’ll be going outside what’s officially been programmed for the game to use these. You’ll have to follow the mod developers’ instructions and possibly download their modding tool. So far, these cheats fufill more of a curious role than anything else. Some examples include changing the game speed and freezing NPCs, which, while they may be interesting, may not make the game easier. Below is a list of possible Star Trek: Resurgence cheats through mods. While all the details on the modders won’t be provided here, a quick search will find their sites and instructions if any of the codes below seem interesting to test out.  

To activate these cheats:

  1. If no key is listed below in the cheat, press F1 in the main menu.
  2. Listen for “Trainer Activated”
  3. Press the desired hotkey

# Player

  • NumPad1: Freeze Mission timer
  • NumPad2: Increase Player Speed
  • NumPad3: Decrease Player Speed
  • NumPad4: Set Normal Player Speed
  • NumPad5: Decrease Npc Speed
  • NumPad6: Increase Npc Speed
  • NumPad7: Freeze Npc
  • NumPad8: Set Normal Npc Speed
  • NumPad9: Save Position Slot 1
  • Multiply: Save Position Slot 2
  • Add: Save Position Slot 3
  • Subtract: Save Position Slot 4
  • Decimal: Save Position Slot 5
  • Divide: Restore Position Slot 1
  • F1: Restore Position Slot 2
  • F2: Restore Position Slot 3
  • F3: Restore Position Slot 4
  • F4: Restore Position Slot 5

# Game

  • F5: Game Speed


You can earn a number of achievements through specific actions. These achievements also come with points to add to your Gamerscore for doing them. While these aren’t cheats, knowing how to do them will help ensure you complete as many as possible. 

ACT 4: ResoluteCompleted Act 445
Don’t Forget MeCarter gets bioformed45
You Killed HerEdsilar pulled the trigger35
The OId SoldierChose Urmott as your First Officer20
The FewDestroy the Vault45
EffectiveLet Arminta break Kapoor’s arm35
Information ControlDidn’t tell Riker about the shield codes35
Parting ShotShot at Miranda escaping20
JailorSend Miranda to the Brig35
Alydian HonorSide with the Alydians at the Negotiation20
Lower Decks DallianceDate Miranda35
I Got ThisCarter went into the hatch last and was injured35
DefiantReverse hull polarity which disobey’s Solano35
Shields UpGo with Bedrosian’s plan35
ACT 1: DepartureComplete Act 145
ACT 2: SecretsCompleted Act 245
DisruptorGo with Westbrook’s plan20
By The BookFollow Solano’s order to blow the bolts35
You Got ThisEdsilar went into the hatch last and gets injured35
Platonic VibesDecide to stay friends with Miranda35
Hotari PrideSide with the Hotari at the Negotiation20
DoctorSend Miranda to the Sickbay35
Let Her GoLet Miranda escape without shooting at her20
Truth BombLet Riker know about the shield codes35
CivilizedStep in and stop Arminta from hurting Kapoor35
The ManyTransport the seeds on the ship45
Man of SciencePick Westbrook as your First Officer20
Woman of ActionPick Bedrosian as your First Officer20
I Killed HerCarter pulls the trigger35
Let Me Save YouEdsilar gets bioformed45

Star Trek: Resurgence Cheat Code FAQs

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How long will it take to complete Star Trek: Resurgence?

A poll asking how long it took regular players to complete the game put it at just over 10 hours. Those who want to reach 100% completion for the game will have to devote about 15 hours. 

Is Star Trek: Resurgence episodic? 

While players describe the game experience as being dropped into an episode of The Next Generation, the game itself is not episodic. The game instead contains cutscene events, choices, and talking.

Is there a digital copy of Star Trek: Resurgence?

The original release is digital only. A physical release debuted in October of 2023. The physical release also has additional content and fixes for some existing bugs.

Does Star Trek: Resurgence have any codes?

The game has some unofficial codes through individuals who’ve created mods that may work to alter gameplay. These aren’t really legal as they aren’t associated with the game’s developers.

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