Mutation Nation Cheats & Cheat Codes for Neo Geo and More

Mutation Nation Cheats & Cheat Codes for Neo Geo and More

Mutation Nation is an arcade beat’em up that forces players to fight their way through mutated mayhem. This chaotic brawler was developed and published by the video game legends SNK. Mutation Nation was released in 1992 exclusively for the Neo Geo arcade system.

Mutation Nation was one of the most popular arcade games of its time. Multiple different gaming magazines and critics listed Mutation Nation as one of the greatest arcade games of all time. This game has earned numerous positive review scores from critics who praised its visuals, character designs, and excellent playability. Mutation Nation is a must-play classic of the arcade generation of games.

Mutation Nation Premise

Mutation Nation takes place in the distant future of 2050 in the lab of a mad scientist who conducts bizarre biological experiments. Right after being shut down by his superiors, the scientist’s lab mysteriously explodes.

Years later, different buildings have been built over the destroyed lab, but a genetic virus starts to spread amongst the people living there, turning them into aggressive mutants. Now players must save the nation by defeating an army of mutants and robots created by the mad scientist.

Mutation Nation Main Characters

Mutation Nation has two main characters that players can play: Ricky Jones and Johnny Hart. Ricky and Johnny are two young men who were out of town when the genetic virus hit. The two of them have returned to their hometown and fight off the mutants causing chaos.

There are six different levels that Ricky and Johnny must fight through, each with their own bosses at the end. Mutation Nation has a special combat system where players can collect elemental spheres that grant the ability to launch super attacks. Here is a list of all the elemental spheres in the game and the corresponding super attack:

  • Light – A yellow sphere with the letter A written on it and is known as the light sphere. This sphere launches the fastest but also least damaging attack in the game. The player splits into two bodies of light that shoot out in opposite directions before coming back together to reform the body after the enemies have been knocked down.
  • Fire – This reddish sphere is represented by the letter B. A large explosion is released from the player’s hands which does heavy damage to everything on screen.
  • Lightning – The lightning sphere has a blue color and the letter C. The attack it produces is by far the slowest attack in the game. However, the player is invincible for the duration of the entire animation. The character will jump up off screen and come down a few moments later hitting the ground to create lightning bolts that go off in all directions for moderate damage.
  • Wind – The last sphere is green and has the letter D on it. It unleashes the most powerful attack in the game where the player turns into a massive green tornado that will travel back and forth over the screen, mowing down everything in its path and often hitting more than once for massive damage.

Mutation Nation Series

Mutation Nation is a stand-alone game with no prequels or sequels. Although Mutation Nation, doesn’t belong to a series, the game’s publisher SNK has developed numerous different arcade games with similar gameplay. If you’re looking for more retro platformers or fighting games, check out this list of arcade titles by SNK.

  • Micon Kit (1978)
  • Yosaku (1979)
  • Ozma Wars (1979)
  • Safari Rally (1979)
  • Sasuke vs. Commander (1980)
  • Atom Smasher (1980)
  • The Monkey/Monkey Friend (1980)
  • Zarzon (1981)
  • Fantasy (1981)
  • Vanguard (1981)
  • Lasso (1982)
  • Nibbler (borne Rock Olas) (1982)
  • Pioneer Balloon (1982)
  • Joyful Road (Munch Mobile in the US) (1983)
  • Marvin’s Maze (1983)
  • Mahjong Classroom (1983)
  • Gladiator 1984 (1984)
  • Jumping Cross (1984)
  • Mad Crasher (1984)
  • Main Event (1984)
  • Vanguard II (1984)
  • Alpha Mission (1985)
  • Canvas Croquis (1985)
  • HAL 21 (1985)
  • TNK III  (1985)
  • Athena (1986)
  • Ikari Warriors (1986)
  • Meijinsen (1986)
  • Victory Road (1986)
  • Bermuda Triangle (1987)
  • Guerrilla War (1987)
  • Jongbou (1987)
  • Jongbou Sono 2 (1987)
  • Psycho Soldier (1987)
  • Touch Down Fever (1987)
  • Time Soldiers (1987)
  • World Wars (1987)
  • Chopper I (1988)
  • P.O.W.: Prisoners of War (1988)
  • Sky Soldiers (1988)
  • Touchdown Fever 2 (1988)
  • Baseball Stars (1989)
  • Beast Busters (1989)
  • Gang Wars (1989)
  • Ikari III: The Rescue (1989)
  • Mechanized Attack (1989)
  • The Next Space (1989)
  • Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (Genshi-Tou 1930’s) (1989)
  • SAR: Search and Rescue (1989)
  • Sky Adventure (1989)
  • Street Smart (1989)
  • Super Champion Baseball (1989)
  • King of the Monsters (1991)
  • King of the Monsters 2: The Next Thing (1992)

Mutation Nation Cheat Codes

Unfortunately for players, Mutation Nation does not have any in-game cheat codes. Mutation Nation is a game intended to be played and beaten in one sitting. Adding cheat codes has the potential to make the game so easy that it becomes trivial.

Luckily, it is possible to still add cheats to the game. Players can download an emulator of Mutation Nation that has access to cheat trainers. These cheats can give players infinite health, unlimited spheres, increase the number of super attacks, and more. With these cheats, Larry will be the real threat on Steelburg’s streets.

Mutation Nation Cheat Code FAQ

Does Mutation Nation have any cheat codes?

No, Mutation Nation does not have any in-game cheat codes. Mutation Nation is a relatively short game, adding cheat codes would make it trivial. Players can still have cheats by downloading an emulator that greats infinite health, unlimited spheres, etc.

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