Bucky O’Hare Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES

Bucky O’Hare Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES

Bucky O’Hare is a platform game made for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was released in January 1992 in Japan and a month later in North America. This Mega Man-esque game was published and released by Japanese gaming giant Konami.

Bucky O’Hare received generally positive reviews when it was released and it still does to this day. It is often considered one of the best NES games of the ’90s’, if not of all time. It has been praised for its unexpected turns, having the most attractive visuals on the NES, and its sophisticated opponents.

Bucky O’Hare Premise

This beat-em-up, or shoot-em-up, side scroller takes place in the Aniverse, an alternate universe. At the command of  K.O.M.P.L.E.X., an evil robot, the Toad Air Marshall kidnaps the crew members of the Righteous Indignation and imprisons them across the Toad Empire. Thankfully, the captain of the Righteous Indignation, Bucky O’Hare, evades being captured and must rescue his crew. He must traverse four planets with differing environments to save them all.

Bucky O’Hare Main Character

Players mostly control the titular character, Bucky O’Hare. But he isn’t the only playable character. Bucky is the captain of the Righteous Indignation and he has four members on his crew. They are an android named Blinky, a cat named Jenny, a duck named Dead-Eye, and a human named Willy DeWitt. Each one becomes playable after the player has rescued them.

  • Bucky: Our green, rabbit protagonist uses a normal space gun and has a long jump.
  • Blinky: This silver, one-eyed robot can shoot short-range bombs and fly with a jetpack.
  • Jenny: Our pink-haired sassy cat can shoot beams and has a third eye that forms an energetic crystal ball.
  • Dead-Eye: This four-armed duck can shoot three bullets going in different directions and can climb vertical slopes.
  • Willy: This brave human child shoots beams and can shoot a larger beam that can shoot past enemies and thus kill multiple enemies at a time.

Bucky O’Hare Series

Bucky O’Hare has no sequels or prequels. It is based on the comic book and cartoon series of the same name. Later in the same year as the Bucky O’Hare NES game, Konami released a Bucky O’Hare scrolling, beat ’em-up arcade game.

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Bucky O’Hare Cheat Codes

While Bucky O’Hare does not have any of your traditional cheat codes, like “UP LEFT UP LEFT”, it does have several passwords. The passwords listed below can give players different advantages.

How to use the passwords:

To use these passwords, after starting the game press the start button. Then select “PASSWORD” using the select button. The space to enter any passwords will then appear. Use the control pad up or down to locate the correct letters to spell out the password you would like to use. Use the control pad left or right to move on to the next space. Press the A button after entering the password.


Make the game harderHARD!
Final Stage 1 (Cell)MRM2H
Final Stage 2 (Salvage Chute)MRM6H
Final Stage 3 (Center of Magma Tanker)MRM2R
Final Stage 4 (Escape!)MRM6R
130 lives after ContinueNEXGVYZA
Start With 130 LivesNAELXYZA
1 Hit And You’re DeadOAEAASLU
 Can Not Die & Infinite EnergyGKEAPIAX
Infinite EnergyXTVATSSE
1 Life After ContinueAEXGVYZA
10 Lives After ContinuePEXGVYZE
6 Lives After ContinueIEXGVYZA
All Characters Always SelectableENKEVGAP
All Characters Start With 2x Special EnergyEPEUXNGE
All Characters Start With 3x Special EnergyKZEUXNGA
All Characters Start With Normal Special EnergyKAEUXNGE
Disable Locked Screen-ScrollingAENUZSTP
Disable Locked Screen-Scrolling In WookieHoleAENOTVTP
Double Bucky’s Special EnergyEPELVNKE
Each Kill Is a 1-UpUKEATYXK
Enemies Instantly DieSONOUVSU
Hit AnywhereOXEAGVPV
Infinite LivesSZVKOTVG
One Hit Kills Enemies & BossesESVEZTEL
 Press Start to Complete the Current LevelOXSGGUPK
Skip Intro ScreenAENGVKTL
Start A New Game To See Ending/CreditsPEUKEIZE
Start With 1 LifeAAELXYZA
Start With 1/2 EnergyTAOLKYGP
Start With 10 LivesPAELXYZE
Start With 6 LivesIAELXYZA
Triple Bucky’s Special EnergyKZELVNKA
Start with BuckyMNJYB
Start with Bucky / BlinkyMNJ2B
Start with Bucky /Blinky / WillyMNJ2H
Start with Bucky / DeadeyeMNMYB
Start with Bucky / Deadeye / BlinkyMNM2B
Start with Bucky / Deadeye / Blinky / WillyMNM2H
Start with Bucky / Deadeye / WillyMNMYH
Start with Bucky / JennyMRJYB
Start with Bucky / Jenny / BlinkyMRJ2B
Start with Bucky / Jenny / Blinky / WillyMRJ2H
Start with Bucky / Jenny / DeadeyeMRMYB
Start with Bucky / Jenny / Deadeye / BlinkyMRM2B
Start with Bucky / Jenny / Deadeye / WillyMRMYH
Start with Bucky / Jenny / WillyMRJYH
Start with Bucky / WillyMNJYH
Blinky and DeadeyeM7K2J
Blinky, Deadeye, and Jenny68L!3
Cell, with BlinkyMRX24
Last Level – EscapeM!M6X
Magna TankerM!L2X
Green Planet47JZJ
Green and Red PlanetsM7VZJ
Green, Blue, and Red PlanetsM8KZ3
Final 1: CellM8VZ4
Final 2: Salvage Chute6QV4K
Final 3: Magma TankerM9LZV
Final 4: EscapeM!L6

Bucky O’Hare Cheat Code FAQ

Does Bucky O’Hare have cheat codes?

Short answer? Yes! Long answer? Bucky O’Hare does not have your usual button-mashing cheat codes, but it does have a decent list of passwords players can input that give similar effects.

What are NES passwords?

NES passwords are codes that can be typed into the NES to either help players save their progress in a game that doesn’t have a modern save mechanic or give players some level of advantage or challenge. These passwords are typically entered on the title screen.

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