Batman: The Enemy Within Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, and More

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Batman: The Enemy Within Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, and More

Batman: The Enemy Within is an episodic point-and-click adventure game released across late 2017 and early 2018. The game was developed and published by Telltale Games, and was one of the last releases prior to the studio’s closure and subsequent reopening. It was released on a wide variety of platforms, coming out on mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

As with many of Telltale’s titles, critics were warm to Batman: The Enemy Within. It was awarded a strong 79 on Metacritic, indicating mostly positive reviews. Particular praise was leveled toward the relationship between Batman and the Joker, and several major choices that can be made regarding these characters. Unfortunately, little is known about the sales figures for the game. However, it is one of the final games before Telltale Games shut its doors indicate it may not have been a huge hit for the company.

Batman: The Enemy Within Premise

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Batman: The Enemy Within follows the same gameplay formula as most other Telltale Games titles. Played through a series of episodes released over the course of a few months, the game sees you take on the role of Bruce Wayne / Batman as he attempts to stop crime in Gotham City. Narrative is the focus here, as you move from scene to scene, making important decisions that affect both future events and your relationships with characters. In fact, if you played Batman: The Telltale Series, you can even import some of your decisions from that game. This will impact some of the scenes in The Enemy Within, showing just how much thought went into the title.

Action and combat plays out mostly through quick time events. After all, it’s primarily a narrative experience, so for the most part, you’ll be sitting back and watching the action unfold. That’s just one side to Batman’s crime-fighting life, though. There are investigation sequences in the game, where you must investigate areas for clues using Batman’s detective abilities.

One of the biggest dilemmas for Batman media has always been balancing his double life between Bruce Wayne and Batman. Here, there are certain sections that are exclusively Bruce, and others exclusively Batman. In some, you can even choose which of the two to approach the situation as. This adds another layer of complexity to your choices as you look to hide your secret identity.

Batman: The Enemy Within Main Characters

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If you’re a fan of Batman in any medium, be it movies, comics, or other video games like the Batman: Arkham series, you’ll know most of the characters in this title. Batman has arguably some of the most iconic characters in media history, so it wouldn’t make sense for Telltale Games to shake things up here.

Here’s a little about some of the main characters in Batman: The Enemy Within, and how they fit into this game:

  • Batman / Bruce Wayne: The Caped Crusader himself. In this version of the character, he continues to battle with his double life as Batman and Bruce Wayne. Here, he must combine his combat skills with his innate detective abilities to bring down another criminal plot that threatens all of Gotham City.
  • Alfred: Alfred plays a double role in Batman’s life. Not only does he serve as a father figure, but he also works for Batman in the Batcave. This version of Alfred is arguably the most similar to his classic comic appearances.
  • John Doe / The Joker: Batman has arguably the greatest rogues gallery of all time, topped off by the Joker. He starts this game as John Doe, and hasn’t totally lost his mind in Arkham Asylum yet. It’s your choices that will determine if he goes on to become the Joker, Batman’s arch-nemesis.
  • Commissioner Gordon: Commissioner Gordon is another classic Batman character that reappears here. His role is similar to usual – he’s aware that Batman’s methods are effective, which often strains his commitment to the law. In Batman: The Enemy Within, he spends a lot of time struggling for power with Amanda Waller.

Batman: The Enemy Within Titles in the Series

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Batman: The Enemy Within is Telltale Games’ second attempt at the character, after 2016’s Batman: The Telltale Series. The Enemy Within serves as a sequel to the original, with both games taking place in the same canon.

Telltale Games is no stranger to sequels. Its critically acclaimed The Walking Dead series received four seasons and a spin-off, while Minecraft: Story Mode was given two seasons to shine. This approach from the studio allowed them to tell branching stories over a long period of time, where all of your choices can have an impact extremely far down the line.

  • Batman: The Telltale Series (2016)
  • Batman: The Enemy Within (2017 / 2018)

Batman: The Enemy Within Cheat Codes

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Like most Telltale Games titles, you won’t find any cheat codes for Batman: The Enemy Within. It’s unfortunate, but it’s hard to see where they might fit in, even if they did exist. With a lot of games that don’t have cheats, often the community will create them instead via trainers. Even they don’t exist for Batman: The Enemy Within.

Instead, we can show you the full achievement/trophy list for the game. Here’s how you can complete the game to its fullest:

Batman: The Enemy Within Achievements and Trophies

Achievement / TrophyRequirements
A Family AffairCompleted Chapter 4 of Episode 2
A Friend In NeedCompleted Chapter 4 of Episode 1
A Shadow FallsCompleted Chapter 3 of Episode 5
A Threat RisesCompleted Chapter 1 of Episode 2
All in a Day’s WorkCompleted Chapter 1 of Episode 1
Behind Enemy LinesCompleted Chapter 5 of Episode 2
Breach of DarknessCompleted Chapter 1 of Episode 4
Darkest Before the DawnCompleted Chapter 5 of Episode 5
Darkest NightCompleted Chapter 2 of Episode 4
DefenderCompleted Chapter 2 of Episode 5
Descent Into DarknessCompleted Chapter 6 of Episode 3
Fortune ReversedCompleted Chapter 3 of Episode 4
FracturedCompleted Chapter 4 of Episode 5
Funny or DieCompleted Chapter 1 of Episode 5
Goodbye, Old FriendCompleted Chapter 3 of Episode 1
Hive of VillainyCompleted Chapter 4 of Episode 3
I Am the NightCompleted Batman: The Enemy Within
In the Line of DutyCompleted Chapter 5 of Episode 3
Made of MadnessCompleted Chapter 5 of Episode 1
Motley CrewCompleted Chapter 3 of Episode 3
New Game in TownCompleted Chapter 2 of Episode 1
Riddle Me ThisCompleted Chapter 6 of Episode 1
Shot in the DarkCompleted Chapter 2 of Episode 3
Strange BedfellowsCompleted Chapter 2 of Episode 2
The Last LaughCompleted Chapter 6 of Episode 5
The PunchlineCompleted Chapter 6 of Episode 4
Unexpected EncounterCompleted Chapter 1 of Episode 3
Unsure FootingCompleted Chapter 3 of Episode 2
What Had To Be DoneCompleted Chapter 4 of Episode 4
WhirlwindCompleted Chapter 6 of Episode 2
Zero Sum GameCompleted Chapter 5 of Episode 4

Batman: The Enemy Within Cheat Code FAQs

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Why Are There No Cheats For Batman: The Enemy Within?

Batman: The Enemy Within is an extremely linear game. It’s to be experienced exactly as the developers intended it, and the existence of cheat codes could possibly threaten that. For example, if there’s a cheat code that lets you skip a level featuring an important choice, what happens next? Cheat codes here just raise too many questions with difficult answers.

It’s not even like there are upgradeable skills where you could have a modifier cheat to level up faster. There isn’t really a situation in Batman: The Enemy Within where cheat codes could make sense.

Do Choices Matter in Batman: The Enemy Within?

Absolutely. Choices mean everything in Batman: The Enemy Within. Having choices influence the story is a hallmark of Telltale Games, and it’s no different here.

In fact, some of the choices in this title have more impact than other Telltale titles. You can actually influence the fate of some of Batman’s most iconic villains here. For long-time fans of the character, it’s sure to be a huge plus.

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