NBA 2K15 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and More

NBA 2K15 Cover

NBA 2K15 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and More

NBA 2K15 is the 2014 entry in 2K Games’ long-running NBA 2K series. Releasing in October 2014 for PC and consoles, it features NBA All-Star Kevin Durant as its cover athlete. Durant also appeared as one of the cover athletes for NBA 2K13. 2K15 famously allows players to scan their faces into the game using the PlayStation Camera or Xbox Kinect, enhancing immersion through a realistic 3D model of players’ own likenesses.

The title was the second game in the NBA 2K series to be released on 8th gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and features a soundtrack curated by Grammy Award-winning artist Pharell Williams. It received mostly favorable reviews thanks to its intuitive controls and improved visuals over NBA 2K14. Current projections place the title in the realm of over 7 million units sold, placing it as the best-selling game in the franchise before NBA 2K17.

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Positive reviews of the game celebrate the MyCareer mode and its use of NBA player voice talent. Conversely, many reviewers note that the online functionality of the title was largely broken during the review window. This may be a result of the title being a cross-gen release between 7th and 8th-gen consoles, placing strain on servers.

NBA 2K15 Premise

NBA 2K15 close up

Similar to other games in the NBA 2K series, NBA 2K15 features single-player and multiplayer modes. The single-player modes include the return of MyCareer mode as well as Quick Play. Multiplayer modes include split-screen and online competitive play. For quick games outside the MyCareer mode in either single or multiplayer, each player selects their desired NBA team and competes against either AI or human opponents.

The MyCareer mode represents the main single-player experience of NBA 2K15. In addition to the ability to scan in one’s face as their player character, the MyCareer mode features a mentor system. This mentor is a legacy NBA All-Star, voiced by their real-world counterpart. Players can conference with their mentors before and after games, adding more of a story to the MyCareer mode. Further, the MyPlayer features are expanded upon complete with coaching advice from LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers.

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Players can earn virtual currency through endorsement deals, completing challenges, and earning badges. This currency can then be spent on items that enhance the MyCareer mode. Like many other licensed sports games, the virtual currency can be earned in-game or purchased using real-world money.

NBA 2K15 Main Characters

NBA 2K15 close up gameplay

Similar to other games based on professional sports leagues, NBA 2K15 features the official likeness and names of dozens of real-life NBA players. Outside these professional athletes, the player’s character (dubbed MyPlayer) is the true main character of the MyCareer mode. Main characters in NBA 2K15 include:

  • NBA 2K15 MyPlayer: The player-created character and star of the MyCareer mode is the MyPlayer character. A young talented hopeful NBA player. You control the MyPlayer on his journey from the NBA draft to the heights of professional athlete superstardom. Players choose whether to have his personality be arrogant or humble.
  • High School Coach: The former high school basketball coach of the MyPlayer character. During the MyCareer mode, he lets the player know that the school’s gym has fallen into disrepair. This creates an opportunity for the MyPlayer character to give back to their community and hometown.
  • Agent: The agent of the MyPlayer character and an instrumental force in getting the player character into the NBA. After an unsuccessful bid for the NBA draft, the Agent works diligently to explore other avenues to the league. He eventually lands a deal for the MyPlayer character via a trial contract.
  • Assistant Coach: The Assistant Coach is the character appearing in the role for whichever team the MyPlayer character wishes to sign with. He works with the MyPlayer character to sign them to a 10-day trial contract with the team of their choice.
  • General Manager: The GM of the chosen team that the player signs with for their 10-day trial contract. After the 10 days are up, he provides an evaluation of the player’s performance and offers a full-time contract.
  • Jackson Ellis: The rival of the MyPlayer character, Ellis is another young rising star within the NBA. He is extremely antagonistic toward the player character and supremely confident in his abilities.

Games in the NBA 2K Series

The NBA 2K series dates back to the Sega Dreamcast as a first-party Sega franchise. However, in 2005 Take-Two Interactive purchased the developer of the series and began republishing the NBA 2K titles. The series is now the exclusive holder of the NBA license and one of the best-selling sports titles. Games in the NBA 2K series include:

  • NBA 2K (1999)
  • NBA 2K1 (2000)
  • NBA 2K2 (2001)
  • NBA 2K3 (2002)
  • ESPN NBA Basketball (2003)
  • ESPN NBA 2K5 (2004)
  • NBA 2K6 (2005)
  • NBA 2K7 (2006)
  • NBA 2K8 (2007)
  • NBA 2K9 (2008)
  • NBA 2K10 (2009)
  • NBA 2K11 (2010)
  • NBA 2K12 (2011)
  • NBA 2K13 (2012)
  • NBA 2K14 (2013)
  • NBA 2K15 (2014)
  • NBA 2K16 (2015)
  • NBA 2K17 (2016)
  • NBA 2K18 (2017)
  • NBA 2K19 (2018)
  • NBA 2K20 (2019)
  • NBA 2K21 (2020)
  • NBA 2K22 (2021)
  • NBA 2K23 (2022)
  • NBA 2K24 (2023)
NBA 2K15 Gameplay

NBA 2K15 Cheats

Regardless of which system you’re playing NBA 2K15 on, cheats can be entered via the Locker Codes section of the Options menu. To access the Locker Codes menu, select “Options” from the main menu and then “Features”. Finally, select “Locker Codes”. There are several unverified and expired Locker Codes but the following are still active and verified:

Verified Codes

Random item#2KTVMELOGEAR
Random itemRA9M5-EQZCF-2EYQQ-IF5AF-UEP51

Unverified Codes

1,000,000,000 Virtual CoinsVCGLITCH
330 WeightBigMan
7’6″ HeightTallGuy
99+ Ball SecurityNotToday
99+ Ball HandlingRockHandler
99+ BlockNotInMyHouse
99+ HandsBallGrabber
99+ Offensive ReboundBoardGrabber
99+ PassAlleyOoper
99+ SpeedFlashSpeed
99+ StealCookieSnatcher
99+ VerticalVreach2k
ABA Ballpayrespect
Athletic 360sSpinDunk
Historic JordanJordanDunk
Lvl 3 Ankle BreakerBrokenAnkles
On Court Coachputmeincoach

NBA 2K15 Cheat FAQs

Does NBA 2K15 have a story mode?
Yes – the single-player-driven story mode is called MyCareer and features a storyline where players create a young NBA hopeful and take them through the various stages of their career.

How do I get skill points easily in NBA 2K15?
The easiest way to build skill points is to use a three-point specialist since 3-point goals earn the most skill points.

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