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Victoria 3 Cheats & Cheat Codes

Victoria 3 is the critically-acclaimed third installment of the Victoria grand strategy games. Players assume the role of one of 100 nations between 1836 to 1936 and manage their nation’s politics, demographics, diplomacy, and even wartime measures should the situation call for them. The game was released in 2022 and nominated for Best Sim/Strategy Game at the 2022 Game Awards.

Victoria 3 Premise

Victoria 3 tasks players with guiding a nation for a century — between 1836 and 1936 — and managing its military and nonmilitary functions. The goal is to build the player’s idea of a utopic society. To do so, they must balance the global economy, internal and external politics, special interests, and demographics while being careful not to offend any other nations.

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This is the third game in the Victoria grand strategy series. It follows 2010’s Victoria II and 2003’s Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun. Victoria 3 updates the series’ economic systems, such as a reliance on the gold standard, forcing players to use real-life strategies to complete their goals. The game also updated its colonialization system, allowing players to either follow the historical instances of colonizing people — or establish new nations that never existed before.

Victoria 3 Main Characters

The main characters of Victoria 3 vary based on the nation you choose. Many of the big names from your high school history class are available here. Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Ulysses S Grant, Karl Marx, Oscar Wilde, and more can spawn during a playthrough. If they do, they can impact your instance’s world accordingly.

Certain characters are also locked behind certain historical events. The Indian Rebellion of 1857, the Meiji Restoration, the unification of Germany, and more are just a few events that can occur.

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Victoria Titles in the Series

So far, there are three games in the Victoria series:

  1. Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun (1993)
  2. Victoria II (2010)
  3. Victoria 3 (2022)

Victoria 3 Cheat Codes and Console Commands

To access cheats, you must first activate debug mode. This can be accomplished in multiple ways, including:

  • Activating it in the game launcher by selecting “Open game in Debug mode”
  • Editing the game’s properties on Steam
    • Right-click the game
    • Open “Properties”
    • Add -debug_mode to the launch options
    • Start the game
  • Editing the internal files through Windows
    • Find the folder with all your Victoria 3 files, then find the “binaries” folder
    • Right-click victoria3.exe and create a shortcut
    • Right-click the shortcut, then open Properties
    • In the Target field add -debug_mode at the end ("...\victoria3.exe" -debug_mode)
    • Launch the game using that shortcut

Once debug mode is activated, you will be able to use all the following cheats. Activate the debug menu by hitting the ` key or by pressing the combination of Shift+Alt+C.

Command (Case-sensitive)Description
3dstatsToggles 3D Stats
3dstats.EnableGfxZoneStatsToggles 3D Gfx Zone Stats
Adjacencies.RebuildRebuild all adjacencies
Application.ChangeResolutionChange the resolution through the console
Browser.OpenURL [<url>]Opens up a browser with the provided URL
Camera.DebugPrints out camera debug information
Camera.LoadLoad camera position
Camera.SaveSave camera position
Checksum.LogLog the game state checksums to the game log.
CrashReporter.DeleteCrashDataDelete local crash dumps older than X days.
CrashReporter.SimulateCrashSimulates a crash (resulting in the game exiting).
Debug.Achievements.Lock [<key>]Locks an achievement again
Debug.Achievements.ResetAllLocks all achievements again
Debug.Achievements.ToggleDebug [<value>]Puts the achievements system in debug mode
Debug.Achievements.Unlock [<key>]Unlocks an achievements given the key
Debug.TextureMode [Name of debug mode]Enables a texture mode for debugging
Dockables.Create [Dockable name]Create dockable
Dockables.CreateUserLayout [Dockable layout name]Unlocks an achievement given the key
Dockables.DeleteUserLayout [Dockable layout name]Delete layout as user layout
Dockables.HideLayoutHide any shown dockable layout
Dockables.SaveUserLayoutSave current layout to disk as user layout, optionally under a new name.
Dockables.ShowLayout [Dockable layout name]Save the current layout to disk as user layout, optionally under a new name.
Dockables.ShowManagerShow dockable layout manager
GUI.AnimationTimeline.LogStatsDump stats of the GUI Animation Timeline system to the debug log.
GUI.ClearWidgetsShow an existing (user) layout, hide the current layout
GUI.CreateDockable [File name] [Widget name] [Dockable id. If doesn’t exist, it will be registered]Creates a dummy dockable widget. With 0 arguments the file name will be gui/test_gui.gui, and the widget name will be test_window
GUI.CreateWidgetCreates a dummy widget. With 0 arguments the file name will be gui/test_gui.gui, and the widget name will be test_window
Localization.ToggleIncludeKeyInLocOutputShows only the loc key in the localization output
Localization.ToggleOnlyKeyInLocOutputShows only the loc key in localization output
Localization.ToggleSkipDataSystemInLocOutputDon’t run the data system at all in localization
Log.ClearAllClears all logs
Log.ClearErrorLogClears out the error log and resets the error count
Map.SavePNG [<map mode>] [<file name>] [<yes/no> Should render flat (optional)]Save a png of the map for a specific map mode. The only map mode which is known to work is “countries”
MapObjects.DebugPrints out map object debug information
MapObjects.GenerateGameLocatorsGenerates locators for the game’s map objects
MapObjects.Painter.AddPositionPlace a map object under the cursor
ModifierNode.GraphOpen a graph view of the tick tasks
ModifierNode.ListOpen a graph view of the tick tasks
Music.PauseFactorShows or sets the current pause_factor of the music system
Music.PlayTrack [<track name>]Plays the specified track
Music.ResetResets the music system
Music.StopTrackStops the currently playing track
PopsFileStorage.SyncSync POP File Storage
Portrait.ClearCacheClears the portrait cache. Forces all portraits to refresh
Print.EventDebugIncludes the loc key in the localization output
RandomLogToggles random logging
RandomLog.Dump [Frame count to dump, or * to dump all available frames (defaults to *)] [Target filename (defaults to random.log)]Dump random log data to a file.
SplineNetwork.SetAssetGenerationModeSets mode for spline strips and anchors generation <naval/default>
SplineNetwork.ValidateSplinesValidate the integrity of in-game spline system
Terrain.RegenerateRegenerates terrain bitmap
Threading.TaskThreadCount [The number of task threads]Set or get the number of task threads
TickTask.GraphOpen a graph view of the tick tasks
TickTask.ListOpen a graph view of the tick tasks
add_approval (interest group name) (amount) (time)Validate the integrity of the in-game spline system
add_clout (interest group name) (amount) (time)Adds or removes clout of the interest group by changing their political strength with a timed modifier. (amount is optional, default=1) (time in months is optional, default=1)
add_ideology (interest group name) (Ideology to add.)Add an ideology to a given interest group
add_loyalists (culture) (amount)Adds an approval-timed modifier to a given interest group. (amount is optional, default=1) (time in months is optional, default=1)
add_radicals (culture) (amount)Adds radicals to culture by fraction of the population
add_relationsChanges relations with a country by a given value
add_war_support (country_tag) (amount)Alters wars support of a country in ALL of their wars by the amount
ai.debug (tag)Dumps debug info for a country
ai.goal (tag) (goal type)Checks AI goal
ai_evaluate_building [<building key> <state region key>]Prints AI debug data for the selected state & building type.
ai_evaluate_interest [<strategic region key>]Prints AI debug data for the selected strategic region declared interest.
ai_evaluate_production_method [<building key> <pm key> <state region key>]Prints AI debug data for the selected production method in a state for a building type.
ai_evaluate_trade_route [<goods key> <country tag>]Prints AI debug data for the selected goods & country trade partner.
annex (country tag/id)Annexes a country
annex_allAnnexes all other countries
audio.cpu_infoShows current CPU usage
audio.list_eventsList audio event
audio.play_event (audio event)Play audio event
callstackPrint the callstack
change_lawChanges a Law to the specified key
changestatepop (state_id) (pop_type / all) (factor)Changes the population size of the given pop type (can be ‘all’) by at most the given factor. Will be capped by max employment for each pop.
check_pollution_level (state region tag)Print out pollution for the specified state region
check_saveChecks that saving and loading are consistent
clearlinesClear lines
clearspawnedentitiesClears entities spawned with ‘spawnentity’ command
coa_preview_windowOpen the Coat of Arms Preview Window
compound_nodeeditorCompound Node Editor
conquerall (country tag)Set all enemy provinces under our control
crashCause the application to crash
create_ai (self/all/tag)Creates AI for a country or countries
create_building_historyCreates a game-history compliant .txt file of all buildings in the world/state ID as well as their PM/subsidy configurations.
create_country (country definition) (country type) (culture) (state id)Creates a country
create_political_movement [<law type key>]Creates a political movement
create_pop_historyCreates a dump in debug.log with a complete pop history
create_state_region_dataCreates a game database-compliant .txt file of all state regions in the world and their provinces/resources
data_types_explorerOpens the data types explorer dockable
data_wrappers_stats (Filter)Prints statistics about data wrappers
date (date in format yyyy.mm.dd.hh)Changes current date
debug (arguments)Various debugging actions. See console command arguments.
debug_lens_optionToggles the cheat mode debug_lens_option
debug_modeToggles debug mode
debugcharactersCreates a semi-colon delimited logfile with debug info regarding all characters.
debugcountrybudgetsCreates a semi-colon delimited logfile with debug info regarding all countries and their budgets.
debugemploymentCreates and appends a comma-delimited logfile with debug info regarding employment in the specified state ID.
debugmarketsCreates a semi-colon delimited logfile with debug info regarding all goods and markets.
debugpopconsumptionCreates a semi-colon delimited logfile with debug info regarding all pops’ consumption
debugpopwealthCreates a semi-colon delimited logfile of the current wealth status of all pops.
debugstatesWrite a semi-colon delimited logfile with debug info regarding all states.
debugterrainweightsPrints out the number of
debugtheatersWrite a semi-colon delimited logfile with debug info regarding all theaters.
deironDisables Ironman mode
disable_ai (all/tag)Disables AI
disable_pop_growthToggles the cheat mode disable_pop_growth
disable_retoolingToggles the cheat mode disable_retooling
drawcmdsviewerDraw Cmds Viewer
dump_data_typesDumps the registered data types
enable_ai (all/tag)Enables AI
entity_editorEntity Editor Dockable
escalate (amount)Adds escalation to player diplomatic plays.
event (event name) (country_tag/province_id)Executes an event
explorerShows an object explorer window
exportbuildingsWrites a semi-colon delimited logfile with all building type info
fastbuildToggles the cheat mode ‘fastbuild’; makes all constructions instant (affects AI)
fastenactToggles the cheat mode ‘fastenact’; enactment of policies is instant
fasthireToggles the cheat mode ‘fasthire’
fastinstitutionsToggles the cheat mode ‘fastinstitutions’
fastinterestsToggles the cheat mode ‘fastinterests’
fastmobilizeToggles the cheat mode ‘fastmobilize’
fastresearchToggles the cheat mode ‘fastresearch’
fastrevolutionToggles the cheat mode ‘fastrevolution’
fastsecessionToggles the cheat mode ‘fastsecession’
fasttravelsToggles the cheat mode ‘fasttravels’
find_unemployedFind and report all unemployed pops with an optional cutoff
fix_state_regionsFix state regions.
force_oosMake this client go out of sync in multiplayer
generate_province_center_objectsGenerates a file with meshes in the center of each province
gfx.reloadtextureReload textures
gfx.skinSelect active gfx skin
gfx.texture_limitSet texture video memory limit in megabytes
gui_animation_editorGUI Animation Timeline Dockable
gui_editorSpawns GUI editor
help [command name]Print out all console commands or a specific command description.
hq_show_idToggles the cheat mode hq_show_id
ignore_government_supportToggles the cheat mode ignore_government_support
invalidate_character (character id)Invalidate the modifier on the character with the specified ID
invalidate_country (country id)Invalidate the modifier on the country with the specified ID
invalidate_ig (interest group id)Invalidate the modifier on the interest group with the specified ID
invalidate_state (state id)Invalidate the modifier on the state with the specified ID
io_statsToggles IO Stats
io_stats.ResetResets IO Stats
kill_character (character name)Kills the named character
log_statusLog Status Dockable
log_ticktask_performanceStart outputting tick task performance data to profiling.log
log_viewerLog Viewer Dockable
map_editorToggle map editor
mapmode [mapmode]Switches to a given map mode
measure_frame_time (start” or “stop” measuring)Measures avg/min/max frame time and prints the result to debug.log once stopped
memory_statsToggles Memory Stats
memory_stats.ResetResets Memory Stats
minidump (file path)Creates a minidump
money (amount)Adds the specified amount of money to your total
net_debuginfoPrint debug info about the networking layer
net_statsToggles Net Stats
net_stats.ResetResets Net Stats
norevolutionToggles the cheat mode ‘norevolution’; removes ability for revolution events
nosecessionToggles the cheat mode ‘nosecession’; removes possibility of recession events
observeStart observing the game
own (province id/state region tag) (country tag)Change the owner of the specified province or state region. The state region tags can be found in the list of state regions
particleeditorParticle Node Editor
permitmarginalizedingovernmentToggles the cheat mode ‘permitmarginalizedingovernment’
pops_account_disconnect_steamDisconnect the Paradox account from Steam
pops_account_login (email) (password)Log in to a POPS Account
pops_account_logoutLogout from a POPS Account
pops_account_statusShow whether you are currently logged into POPS or not.
popstatRecalculate cached game state data.
portrait_editorOpens the portrait editor
print_gamestate_modifiersPrints Gamestate Modifiers
province_borders (true/false)Toggle main swap chains vsync
pseudoLocEnable/Disable Pseudo Localization on Text Widgets
recalc_cached_dataToggles showing province borders
release_modeToggles release mode
reload (file name)Reloads assets
rendertypeReports which render backend is being used
research (technology key)Acquire technologies
save_game_analyzerOpen the save game analyzer
screenshotTakes a screenshot
script_docsPrints the script documentation
set_devastation_level (state region tag) (amount)Set devastation level in specified state region
set_pollution_level (state region tag) (amount)Set pollution level in specified state region
settingsSpawns a settings GUI with an optional argument for an initially selected category
shader_editorShader Editor Dockable
show_goalsShow AI goals
skip_migrationToggles the cheat mode skip_migration
sleep (#)Sleep for a specified amount of milliseconds
social_addfriend (Context Index) (Account ID)Add a friend to your friends list
social_debuginfoPrint debug info about the social layer
social_joinroom (Context Index) (Room Name) (Nick Name)Join a chat room using the given social context
social_sendmessage (Context Index) (Room Name) (Message)Send a message to a chat room.
spawnentity [<entity name>] [<state>]Spawns specified entity at the cursor position
spawnentity_at [<entity name>] [x] [y] [<state>]Spawns specified entity at x/y-position
spawnline [<line name>] [<start position ‘x,y,z’> (no spaces)] [<end position x,y,z> (no spaces)]Spawns specified line between 2 positions
spawnnotification (notificationtype) [<scopeindex>]Spawns a notification of the specified type.
swapchain.buffersQuery/Set swapchain buffers
switchlanguage (language name)Reload localization files and switch language
tag (country tag)Switch control to another country
testaipactsTest whether AI would dissolve current pacts
testevent (event name) (country_tag/province_id)Tests an event
testobjective (subgoal key)Tests objective triggered effects
texturelistTexture List
textureviewerTexture Viewer
timeWhat time is it?
tools.skinsSkin Editor
treatyport (state region tag)Takes treaty port in a state region
tweakSpawns a tweaker GUI
update_distributionUpdates garrison unit distribution in HQ of specified State ID
update_employmentTransfers employees between buildings in the specified state ID.
validate_employmentPrint out unemployment in states.
validate_incomePrint out countries with income deficits.
validate_popsEnsures all pops have valid parameters and prints them to the error log otherwise.
versionShows current build information, put 1 as the second parameter for the long version
vsyncToggles vsync
wagerate (building) (rate)Get or set a building’s wage rate
yesmenAI will agree to all diplomatic proposals & sway offers from players

Victoria 3 Cheat Code FAQs

How Do I Activate the Debug Menu?

You can activate Debug Menu in Victoria 3 through one of three methods:

  • Activate it in the game launcher by selecting “Open game in Debug mode”
  • Edit the game’s properties on Steam
    1. Right-click the game
    2. Open “Properties”
    3. Add -debug_mode to the launch options
    4. Start the game
  • Edit the internal files through Windows
    1. Find the folder with all your Victoria 3 files, then find the “binaries” folder
    2. Right-click victoria3.exe and create a shortcut
    3. Right-click the shortcut, then open Properties
    4. In the Target field add -debug_mode at the end ("...\victoria3.exe" -debug_mode)
    5. Launch the game using that shortcut

How Do I Activate Cheats?

Once you activate the debug menu, hit the ` key or hit the combination of Shift+Alt+C.

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