Beneath a Steel Sky Cheats & Cheat Codes for MS-DOS and Amiga

Beneath a Steel Sky Cheats & Cheat Codes for MS-DOS and Amiga

Beneath a Steel Sky is a groundbreaking point-and-click game developed by Revolution Software. The game is currently freeware and has been since its source code was released in 2003. Beneath a Steel Sky has a cyberpunk setting and is known as a cult classic. The game has landed on many all-time top lists and is still popular today with its remaster. Beneath a Steel Sky currently sits at 82 on Metacritic.

The Premise Of Beneath a Steel Sky

In this title, you play Robert Foster, a man stranded in a wasteland known as The Gap as a child. After many years in this wilderness, Robert is kidnapped by armed officers and taken to Union City. Beneath a Steel Sky is a game about corruption and society. Players use a point-and-click interface to interact with characters and the environment. The gameplay consists of puzzles and item-collecting. You use these items on other characters and the environment to move the plot forward.

The Main Characters Of Beneath a Steel Sky

  • Robert Foster – Robert Foster comes from the Gap, a wilderness out of the huge metropolitan town, called Union City, in this near future.
  • Joey – Joey is a robot, built by Foster. At the beginning of the game, Joey is damaged and Foster just carries Joey’s main circuit board around.
  • Hobbins – Howard Hobbins works in the repair shop in the recycling plant.
  • Lamb – Gilbert Lamb is a controller in the Pipefactory, in which also Anita is working.
  • Stephen Reich – Stephen Reich is a Safetyman. He has a LINC Status of 5 and lives in Belle Vue Gardens 2291.
  • Anita – Anita is a beautiful girl who works in Lamb’s pipes factory.
  • Dr.Burke – In the middle area of the big steel city is Dr. Buke’s practice. Dr. Burke is specialized in plastic surgery.
  • Miss Piermont – Miss Danielle Piermont is a nice old lady who always walks her dog.

Other Titles In The Series

  • Beneath a Steel Sky
  • Beyond a Steel Sky

Beneath a Steel Sky Cheat Codes


Enter these passwords on the password screen.

1 Level Down543961
Linc Hideout178931
Security Building692730
The Beginning000000
The Factory623845
The Furnace936842
With Eduardo986254
With Mrs. Piermont180283
With Potts810354

Linc Codes

  • Amritah Cola Company: 704723
  • Anchor Insurance: 520228
  • Beaudin Beauty Salon: 293852
  • Blayde´s Emporium: 293944
  • Celestial Sandwich Sushi bar: 257303
  • Cole Brothers Gathering: 113668
  • Dreamtyme Imports: 127813
  • Frank´s Fisheries: 492132
  • Hammond´s Drug Store: 113322
  • Hvengelmir Heating Company: 180400
  • Keading Memorial Pipe Company: 520394
  • Martell´s Wine & Winkle Bar: 127174
  • Mudd´s meat by-products: 305662
  • Nonesuch data system: 386253
  • Peejays Bakery: 284764
  • Richy´s Metal Heaven: 386651
  • Security Services Social Club: 815931
  • Sqwak Security Systems: 284291
  • The Piermont Foundation: 704417
  • Ultars Eatery: 257925

Level Warping

Warning! This feature might crash Beneath a Steel Sky; the safest way to perform this cheat is if you just started the game and enter the debugger before you do any other action.

Open the debugger

To enter the debugger, press CTRL-D. A text window will open. Type “section 0” and press enter. Type “exit” (and press enter) or hit ESC to exit the debugger.

Now the screen should fade out and fade into another location in the game.

The following commands are available:

Warp Codes

  • section 0 – on the fire escape, other side of the police HQ
  • section 1 – after Foster escapes the furnace room
  • section 2 – Belle Vue
  • section 3 – ground level
  • section 4 – in the collapsing tunnel
  • section 5 – LINC
  • section 6 – final scene of Rob entering the council room

NOTE: these codes weren’t accessible in the original Beneath a Steel Sky game, they were merely meant as helpers for the programmers of BASS.

Show The Grid

Open the debugger

To enter the debugger, press CTRL-D. A text window will open. Type “showgrid” and press enter. Type “exit” (and press enter) or hit ESC to exit the debugger.

Now you should see a grid of white boxes on every screen, roughly showing where you can walk.

You can also find some interesting messages the programmers left behind (such as “HELLO!” or “TONY”).

To turn the grid off again, just enter “showgrid” once more in the debugger window.

Beneath a Steel Sky Cheat Code FAQs

How long to beat Beneath a Steel Sky? When focusing on the main objectives, Beneath a Steel Sky is about 5½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer who strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 7½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How do you skip the intro in Beneath a Steel Sky? From in-game, press Ctrl+F5 to bring up the ScummVM Global Main Menu, press “Options” and then select the “Keymaps” Tab. The action for skipping the cutscenes appears as “Skip/Close” in the Keymaps tab.

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