Wilmot’s Warehouse Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Wilmot’s Warehouse Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Wilmot’s Warehouse is a puzzle game developed by Hollow Ponds. The game was released in 2019 and was praised for its soundtrack, relaxing organization mechanics, and hectic time-based challenges. The game was nominated for the Excellence in Design award at the 2018 Independent Games Festival Awards. 

Wilmot’s Warehouse Premise

Players control Wilmot, a warehouse worker who sorts deliveries. Each level begins with a shipment of boxes that players have limited time to sort. After the time is up, customers will arrive and request certain boxes. The beginning stages should be easy if players sort and organize the boxes. However, as more packages arrive and more customers appear, it can quickly get out of control.

One of the game’s most unique aspects is how players interpret items for sorting. For example, the tutorial teaches players how to sort items and put them into categories like “Winter” or “Hats.” However, when given a wool hat, players decide which category it belongs to, affecting how they sort and retrieve that item.    

Wilmot's Warehouse

Wilmot’s Warehouse Main Characters 

Players will spend most of their time with Wilmot as he organizes and delivers packages. However, there are some NPCs, like Wilmot’s boss or training manager, that players will stumble across on their organizing journey. 

  • Wilmot
  • Juan
  • CJ
  • Coworkers

Wilmot’s Warehouse Video Games in the Series

Wilmot’s Warehouse is a standalone title with no other games in the series. The developers do have two other games, one of which is a roguelike while the other is a puzzle game. Both are highly rated and are guaranteed to be a fun time. 

  • Loot Rascals (2017)
  • Wilmot’s Warehouse (2019)
  • I Am Dead (2020)
Wilmot's Warehouse

Wilmot’s Warehouse Cheat Codes

The game does not feature any cheat codes for players to use. The game is meant to be a challenging puzzle experience that would be ruined with cheat codes. Players should strive to better themselves and organize the boxes in a way that makes sense to them while being accessible.

Wilmot’s Warehouse Cheat Code FAQ

Are there cheat codes for Wilmot’s Warehouse?

No, there are no cheat codes for Wilmot’s Warehouse. 

What are the achievements in Wilmot’s Warehouse?

Poster #1CJ awards you the first motivational poster
Poster #2CJ awards you the second motivational poster
Poster #3CJ awards you the third motivational poster
Poster #4CJ awards you the fourth motivational poster
Poster #5CJ awards you the fifth motivational poster
Poster #6CJ awards you the sixth motivational poster
Poster #7CJ awards you the seventh motivational poster
Poster #8CJ awards you the eighth motivational poster
DungareesGot yourself a lovely pair of dungarees
Astronomy TrophyCollect 4 astronomy items to win this trophy. Put the 4 items together in the warehouse. Good luck!
The Music TrophyCollect four different music themed items. Put them all together in the warehouse.
That Wheels TrophyFour items that depict a wheel of some kind. Together in the warehouse. You know the drill.
The Banana CollectorThat is what they call the player who can assemble four or more banana varieties.
Got Apples!Apples! Four different ones! GET THEM! Go! Oh, you already have them? Ok. Cool.
All The CamelsAll four camel items.
Pattern RecognitionFour different repeating pattern items. These ones look nice together.
Quattro FormaggiFour cheese related items.
The Haberdashery TrophyBelieve it or not, there are 10 sewing-related items! You only need 4 of them to get this trophy.
The English CollectionMate, for this trophy you have to get four English things… you legend.
Mr. BricolageFour things you might find in a French hardware store. Or any hardware store to be honest.
Origin of SpeciesFour of Darwin’s adorable Galapagos finches.
CryptozoologyFour pseudoscientific animals. I think UFOs count too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
HATS?!Collect four hats, helmets, crowns, toupés or other things you can put on your head.
ArboretumA collection of different trees.
SportsFour sporting items.
Man’s Best FriendFour things that dogs might like, wear or excrete from their bums.
Get In The Sea!This game has way too many nautical things. To win this trophy you only have to collect 4 of them.
Amateur PharmacistFour pills or tablets.
Insects Are My Friends.Collect four insects, you weirdo.
The Secrets Of WindStore 4 windy items. The Mistral, Sirocco, the Zephyr. Be at one with the wind and learn it’s ways.
The Time TrophyFour ways of measuring time.
Clocking OffFinish working at A5 Logistics.
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