MADISON, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More


MADISON, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

MADiSON is a first-person horror game developed by Bloodious Games. The title was released in 2022 and was one of the best-selling games on Steam during the month of July. It received positive reviews from fans and critics who enjoyed its atmosphere, scares, lore, and consistent writing. The game won multiple industry awards, including Best Horror Game and Community Game Of The Year.

A scientific study on horror games also chose it as one of the 45 games picked for participants to play. The average heart rate of a player was 97 beats per minute, with its peak reaching 131. This heart rate beat out other, more popular, franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

MADiSON Premise

After receiving a Polaroid camera for his 16th birthday, Luca is contacted by a demon. A serial killer originally owned the camera and compels Luca to complete a ritual that went unfinished. Luca, possessed by a demon, explores his large house, solves puzzles, collects clues, and performs a ritual with mutilated bodies. His only means of defense is his camera as paranormal creatures begin popping up in strange places.   


MADiSON Main Characters  

The game has a small cast of characters, with players spending most of their time with Luca. Players are in for a unique twist as they journey through the game and help the demon finish its ritual. 

  • Luca Maxwell 
  • Madison Hale
  • John Maxwell
  • Reporter
  • Elizabeth Maxwell
  • Albert Maxwell

MADiSON Video Games in the Series 

MADiSON is a standalone title and the first game developed by Bloodious Games. However, the title is getting a virtual reality port that should be released in 2023-2024. This version is sure to add scares as players step into Luca themselves.

MADiSON Cheat Codes 

There are no cheat codes available in MADiSON. Given that the title relies on horror tropes like jump scares and scripted events, cheat codes would ruin the experience.

MADiSON Cheat Code FAQ 

Does MADiSON have cheat codes? 

No, there are no cheat codes for the game, as it would take away from the title’s horror and psychological thriller aspects. 

What are the achievements in MADiSON?

Extra pocketsStore an item for the very first time.
Fully loadedReach Luca’s storage limit.
You shouldn’t have listenedPlay the “Do not listen” tape.
Welcome backGet back to the main house for the first time.
Welcome back, once againGet back to the main house a second time.
You know what to doFind a collectible.
RedFind every red collectible.
BlueFind every blue collectible.
Professional photographerFind every collectible in the game.
He is hereLet Hans kill you.
Grandma was rightLet Blue Knees kill you.
Say cheese!Take 50 photos.
No more smiles, pleaseTake 100 photos.
500X ZoomTake 500 photos.
Elizabeth’s memoirsFind Elizabeth’s diary lost page.
No time to dieSurvive through the entire Cathedral section.
HungerSurvive through the entire Blue Knees section.
BlindedBlind Blue Knees five times.
Blue Knees?Find the hidden message on the mirror.
You…Complete the mausoleum section under 5 minutes.
Found it!Complete the shelves section under 5 minutes.
Follow meComplete the tunnels section under 3 minutes.
Grandpa’s toolsBreak the shovel.
BLOODIOUSMake the four virgins cry.
The nightmare is overComplete the game.
Do not wasteComplete the game taking 75 or fewer pictures.
Out of filmComplete the game taking 40 or fewer pictures.
The struggle withinFinish the game under 2.5 hrs.
666Finish the game under 6 hrs.
Lived to tell the taleComplete the game in hard mode or higher.
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