Racing Destruction Set Cheats & Cheat Codes for Commodore 64 and Atari 8-bit

2 players in Racing Destruction Set

Racing Destruction Set Cheats & Cheat Codes for Commodore 64 and Atari 8-bit

Racing Destruction Set is a racing game released in 1985 by Electronic Arts for the legendary Commodore 64 and later for the Atari 8-bit. The game is one of the pioneering titles in the racing game genre. Known particularly for its innovative track editor, the game allows players to design and race on various tracks with multiple vehicles. It’s part of the Construction Set game series, known for allowing extensive customization. Other games in the series alongside Racing Destruction Set are the likes of Pinball Construction Set and Music Construction Set. Here we’ll take a closer look at what Racing Destruction Set offers as a game and the potential cheats for it.

Racing Destruction Set Premise

Racing Destruction Set is one of the more unique racing games on the Commodore 64, where players can design their own race tracks using a variety of templates and terrain types. Constructing the maps out of ice, sand, or standard tarmac gives them not only visual but traction qualities. Each terrain type affects the car’s performance, adding more challenge to the races. Players can also alter features like gravity to simulate different, otherworldly conditions. 

Track editor in Racing Destruction Set.
In addition to racing, players can design their own tracks.

The customization of vehicles, which has become a staple in modern racing games, was also a fairly novel feature at the time. Cars can be fitted with different tires and engines, as well as equipped with traps like land mines and oil slicks. This allows players to prepare for specific track conditions by strategically placing specific upgrades to the car. The game provides a split-screen view for two players, each controlling a car, with options for standard racing or a destruction mode where the objective is to take down the opponent.

Racing Destruction Set Characters

In Racing Destruction Set, while the game does not feature distinct character personalities, the true stars are the range of vehicles available for players to control. Each car boasts its unique characteristics and handling, allowing players to choose one that best suits their racing style and the track in question. The vehicles range from a high-speed Can-Am sports car, perfect for smooth tracks, to a rugged Jeep, ideal for rougher terrain. Other options include everything from Lunar Rover for extreme conditions to a Street Bike designed for quick and nimble racing. While in modern games such vehicle variety is a given, this wasn’t the case in 1985. These customizable vehicles add important depth to the game and in large part are responsible for the game’s lasting legacy.

  • Can-Am Sports Car: Ideal for high-speed racing on smoother tracks.
  • Jeep: Suited for rugged terrains and challenging landscapes.
  • Lunar Rover: A unique choice for races with altered gravity settings.
  • Dirt Bike: Agile and quick, perfect for maneuvering through tight spaces.
  • Baja Bug: Known for its resilience, especially on rougher tracks.
  • Pickup Truck: Offers a balanced mix of speed and durability.
  • Sting Ray: Sleek and fast, great for high-speed pursuits.
  • Stock Car: Built for endurance and stability in long races.
  • Street Bike: Combines speed with agility, perfect for racing requiring a nimble vehicle
  • Indy/Grand Prix Car: The pinnacle of high performance, designed for competitive racing.
Cars in Racing Destruction Set.
Racing Destruction Set has various car that can be customized for races.

Games in the Series

Racing Destruction Set, released in 1985, is a key part of the Construction Set series by Electronic Arts. The series is renowned for its focus on player creativity and customization. The series began with Pinball Construction Set in 1983, a unique game that allowed players to design their own pinball tables. It was followed by Music Construction Set, Adventure Construction Set, and finally Racing Destruction Set. Each title in the series allows players to craft personalized gaming scenarios with various in-game tools at their disposal.

  • Pinball Construction Set (1983)
  • Music Construction Set (1984)
  • Adventure Construction Set (1984)
  • Racing Destruction Set (1985)

Racing Destruction Set Cheats

Being a game focused on creativity and customization, Racing Destruction Set does not have traditional cheat codes. Instead, the game emphasizes player skill in track design and vehicle customization to gain advantages in races. However, we can give a few simple hints on how to perhaps perform better in the game.

Oil slick in Racing Destruction Set
Players can drop oil slicks and landmines on the track.

Avoid Landmines At All Cost

During races, it’s crucial to steer clear of land mines, as they deal massive damage to the car and waste precious time. This can be extremely detrimental to the success, especially in destruction mode. Also, keep track of where you place your mines since you can destroy your car on your own land mines as well.

Stay on Track

While getting out of the track onto the dirt is not a good idea in any racing game, Racing Destruction Set is particularly harsh in that respect. Just a small detour off the track and the car will immediately hit a wall. Not only will this slow down the progress, it will damage the car. Eventually, accumulated damage can render the car unable to finish the race.

Racing Destruction Set Cheat Codes FAQ

What is the main objective in Racing Destruction Set?

The primary goal is to win races on player-designed tracks, either by speed in standard races or by using traps in destruction mode to disable the opponent.

Can players customize their vehicles in Racing Destruction Set?

Yes, players can customize their vehicles, including tires and engines. Additionally, players can equip them with traps like land mines and oil slicks.

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