The Best Grand Theft Auto Minecraft Videos By SSundee

The Best Grand Theft Auto Minecraft Videos By SSundee

Dive into the world of Grand Theft Auto within Minecraft through the captivating videos by SSundee, one of the largest content creators on YouTube. The modification blends the chaotic criminal underground of GTA with the super popular sandbox of Minecraft. In this new world, SSundee delivers unexpected, action-packed, and hilarious videos with sidekicks and guests. His videos offer various takes on the mod, whether it is challenges, cop vs. robbers gameplay, tournaments, and more.

Whether you’re a fan of GTA‘s gritty world or Minecraft’s mechanics and versatility, SSundee’s GTA Minecraft content serves up the best of both worlds. Without further ado, here are our selections as some of the best videos he has released in this supremely popular video series. 

Minecraft Grand Theft Auto Mod – IT ALL STARTS HERE (GTA 5)

This is the first and foremost episode that introduces SSundee, Lancey, and the viewers to a new and exciting series of episodes based on Grand Theft Auto V in Minecraft. This is the initial episode in which SSundee explores the new modification for the game without yet knowing that it became a supremely popular series that has been watched by millions upon millions of Minecraft and GTA fans around the world. 

The excitement in Ssundee and Lancey is evident as they find out new secrets about this mod. They explore buildings, loot amazing equipment and guns, find out that they can drive around in their personal cars, and much more. If you want to experience the true joy of Ssundee finding one of the best mods for Minecraft, this is the video you should start with.

I LOVE PAY to WIN! in Minecraft: GTA V

It is a return to Grand Theft Auto in Minecraft for SSundee and he has this time around an upgrade to the server to show. As the title suggests, SSundee is a sucker for pay-to-win mechanics, and that is exactly what is in this episode available to him on the server. The admins of the server have added a new EXP pack that is available to the players at the store.

Instead of leveling up the character normally, SSundee takes advantage of the new item at the store and gains massive amounts of experience. He starts off by spending over $200 on boosting his experience. Instantly he climbs from a measly level 7 to level 25 without lifting a finger. He also spends $100k on a crazy chainsaw cheat code just to troll Nico. 


Another episode of Minecraft GTA, SSundee has a bounty on his head for nearly $3000 in game money. This means that if players are able to kill SSundee, they’ll get that money. SSundee, on the other hand, has to evade being killed for more than an hour by staying in the spawn area.

This means that the man has a lot of time on his hands, and what better to spend it on than gambling? So he heads to explore the Casino and puts his money to work. In fact, he puts all his cash into one single slot machine roll. Losing it all doesn’t dissuade him from playing again. However, he also gets several excellent trial weapons, including the chainsaw, to use when he eventually leaves the security of the spawn area.

Minecraft Challenge – GTA V – COPS VS ROBBERS

In this Grand Theft Auto V-flavored Minecraft episode, SSundee will be joined by MrCrainer in a cops vs. robbers gameplay. It is a best-of-three challenge, where SSundee will play the cop and MrCrainer is the robber. In the spirit of Grand Theft Auto, these two have to fight against each other to find out who is the stronger player. The game is a combination of hide-and-seek and pure first-person shooter action.

MrCrainer is the robber is hiding in the city, while SSundee tries to use his detective skills to find the hidden robber. To make the stakes higher, whoever loses the best-of-three has to open five lucky blocks. This is truly an action-packed episode with SSundee and MrCrainer with hilarious commentary.

Minecraft Grand Theft Auto Mod 7 – WE ARE COPS (GTA 5)

In this episode of the Grand Theft Auto Minecraft series, Sundee returns to the mod to explore a new feature added to the mod by developers. There’s now a cop plugin for the mod, and SSundee gets to experience it firsthand with his buddy Lancey. While the mod already had cops (they’re similar to Grand Theft Auto where they’re alerted when you break the law), now the players can play as cops.

Cops have the power and responsibility to stop crime. However, they also can enrich themselves by getting rid of some of the most wanted criminals. This episode includes all sorts of interesting gameplay, whether it is double-teaming to hunt down robbers, tasing unsuspecting criminals on the streets, acquiring a bunch of money by killing wanted people, and much more. 

Minecraft Grand Theft Auto Mod 8 – UNDERGROUND DOUGHNUT SHOP (GTA 5)

In this special episode of Grand Theft Auto in Minecraft, SSundee tries to find something by interrogating suspects. SSundee is joined by his sidekick Lancey as they kick off in a regular old doughnut shop. They once again play as cops in the GTA server and this time around, there’s a real challenge. The captain issued an order to find and catch the most wanted player on the server.

The pair travel in their cop cars far away to get to their target, the infamous creeperbomb335. SSundee and Lancey must interrogate the person to find out where the secret, underground doughnut shop is located, naturally. Will SSundee and Lancey find the world’s most delicious doughnuts, or does the criminal underground take them out?


As the title of the video suggests, SSundee enters a competition in the Grand Theft Auto mod for Minecraft. Here, he takes on other players in a tournament where the prize is an amazing $150k. In this eight-man, best-of-three tournament, the players compete in an underground lair with equal weaponry and equipment. The tournament is hosted by the community member Thunberg, who also happens to be one of the contestants.

Each player gets three tier 4 weapons and a full iron armor set. Also, no cheat codes are allowed, so no one is at an advantage or disadvantage. However, SSundee doesn’t realize that he has to shell out $25k for entry into the tournament, so the stakes are even higher than he thought. Can he beat all seven other players to claim the massive $150k price? You’ll need to watch this one!


In this episode, SSundee brings his co-owned GTAMC server back to life. This server is a familiar one, featured in previous GTA Minecraft episodes by SSundee. However, this isn’t merely a re-introduction of the old server. He had shut down the server a few years before the video and made tons of changes to it.

The new additions feature a range of new weapons and vehicles, such as cars, bikes, tanks, helicopters, and even a submarine. Players can even customize these vehicles according to their preferences. There is much more to explore and SSundee takes the viewers on an adventure through some of the most impressive new features. The realtor allows players to buy apartments and houses in different price tiers, the gun shop has various guns and even attachments, and loot chests spawn randomly in the world.

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