Who Will Be the Protagonists in Grand Theft Auto VI

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Who Will Be the Protagonists in Grand Theft Auto VI

The gaming world is buzzing with anticipation as Grand Theft Auto VI release looms on the horizon. The next episode in one of the world’s most popular gaming titles is likely to land in the hands of gamers next year. Although Rockstar hasn’t yet revealed the game’s official release schedule. Many believe the next installment will share core elements with its wildly successful predecessor, Grand Theft Auto V. This doesn’t just mean high-speed chases and a sprawling open world, but possibly also a multi-character storyline that once again adds layers of complexity to the game’s narrative.

As it stands, speculation is running rampant, fueled by various leaks, rumors, and fans’ wish lists. Forums and social media platforms are brimming with discussions on the game’s potential content, characters, and storyline. But in this whirlpool of rumors, one has to remember that much of the information on the game’s protagonists, stories, and plot points is both sparse and largely unconfirmed. This is especially true considering the likely massive scope of the game. Many elements are still in development and can change dramatically before the game is launched. While many of the details we’re about to discuss might be correct, or at least mostly accurate, it’s worth remembering to take any rumors and leaks with a grain of salt.

Protagonists in the Grand Theft Auto Series


In the decades of the Grand Theft Auto games, the protagonists have come from diverse backgrounds. Each character comes with a unique story that serves as the backbone of their respective games. Characters such as Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV explore the criminal underworld, driven by ambition or a quest for a better life. On the other hand, GTA V brought a new twist by introducing three protagonists. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, each with their own interconnected but distinct storylines. The characters, and protagonists in particular, in Grand Theft Auto have evolved immensely in the course of the series. In fact, the series has moved from silent character cutouts in the earliest titles to complex figures with intricate backstories and story arcs.

The upcoming GTA VI is expected to advance character development in the series. Although many details about the future protagonists remain in the dark, the development direction appears obvious. The protagonists in GTA IV are most definitely going to have in-depth backstories, interesting character development, and relationships full of drama and danger. 

What We Know So Far About the GTA VI Protagonists 

Rockstar Games has tried to keep details about the characters in Grand Theft Auto VI tightly under wraps. However, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning out intriguing possibilities and leaks from happening. One of the most compelling whispers suggests that, for the first time in the franchise’s history, players have the option to play as a female protagonist. While Rockstar has not confirmed this, it’s a change that would reflect a growing trend in the gaming industry to offer more diverse character choices.

With leaks from various sources, this change seems inevitable. The introduction of a female protagonist and having two separate player-controlled characters seems at this point all but confirmed. Multiple sources hint that the game features two main characters by the name of Lucia and Jason. This would allow players to switch between them at will, similar to the character-switching mechanic found in GTA V

Again, Rockstar has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors. Given the company’s success with the multi-character storyline in the predecessor, it seems very likely that this is the direction they want to go with the new title as well. If the rumors hold true, the introduction of Lucia as a female protagonist would be a landmark moment for the franchise.

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So far Grand Theft Auto protagonists have always been male.



Lucia is set to be a groundbreaking character in Grand Theft Auto VI as she’s expected to be the first female protagonist in the series. She is a Latina in her 20s or 30s, similar age to her male counterpart, Jason. In terms of stature, she seems to stand considerably shorter than him. According to the information, she’s likely a tough-as-nails personality. As expected for a Grand Theft Auto protagonist, Lucia also doesn’t shy away from high-stakes situations.

Her standout outfit appears to consist of blue camo skinny trousers paired with a pink long-sleeve top, though fashion choices are subject to change. Lucia involves herself in numerous criminal activities and is also connected to the other protagonist, Jason.

Speculation indicates that Lucia’s character might draw inspiration from Bonnie, a notorious bank robber from the Great Depression era. Though unconfirmed, rumors suggest that Puerto Rican actress Alexandra C. Echavarri Lecároz may voice this character.


The rumors, leaks, and speculations haven’t focused quite as much on Jason as they have on Lucia. There’s a good reason for that, which is that Jason isn’t the first-ever female protagonist in the world-leading game franchise. However, there are still interesting details that we already know. 

Jason appears to be a fairly conventional character in the Grand Theft Auto series. He fits perfectly in the mold of a GTA protagonist. Jason is a white male in his 20s or perhaps early 30s, according to the leaks. Though specifics about Jason are still unavailable, leaked imagery has revealed the character’s look. The leaked footage suggests that he likes wearing a white tank top and shorts with a reversed cap on his head.

As for Jason’s background story, details remain scarce. While Lucia’s character is rumored to be a Latina with connections outside the US, Jason’s story is less clear. However, the two are connected in an important way, as the Bonnie and Clyde reference suggests.

Other Characters in GTA VI

Phil Cassidy holding a gun in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories for PSP.

The Grand Theft Auto series is as much about its supporting cast as it is about its protagonists. The franchise has traditionally had strong characters from criminal masterminds and corrupt politicians to informants and allies. These secondary characters enrich the world immensely, which is one of the strengths of the series. The characters are often part of the main storyline but also guide the protagonists to new opportunities, challenges, and side missions. This is likely going to be the case with Grand Theft Auto VI, too. 

The variety of side characters in the series is extensive and it is only going to be expanding with the new title. The art of the GTA series is that these characters don’t seem like traditional, mindless NPCs, but are truly part of the living environment.

The leaks and rumors suggest that Grand Theft Auto VI is going to be getting a large variety of new characters. The ones mentioned in the leaks include Chester of Chester’s Music, Dre the Nightclub Manager, and Tit the Nightclub DJ. Additionally, mentions of Billy and Kai suggest they might play a key role in the game’s story. Some have even suggested that these two characters are two additional protagonists, but this remains unconfirmed. So far, leaked details have mentioned only one character from previous GTA games: Jay Norris from GTA V.

The game is located in the Miami-inspired Vice City with likely other new locations available to the player. This would suggest that perhaps some of the characters from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories might make a comeback. These include the likes of lawyer Ken Rosenberg, British-born criminal Kent Paul, adult star Candy Suxxx, and even the former protagonist Tommy Vercetti. GTA fans are also hoping for classic characters like Phil Cassidy to make an appearance and aid the protagonists with new weaponry. At this point, however, all we can do is wait for more information.

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