What We’ve Seen So Far of Grand Theft Auto VI Gameplay?

Beach in Grand Theft Auto V.

What We’ve Seen So Far of Grand Theft Auto VI Gameplay?

Grand Theft Auto VI has already sent ripples through the gaming community with its leaked gameplay footage. The latest installment in Rockstar’s blockbuster series, GTA VI, promises another episode filled with high-stakes car chases, storylines of the criminal underworld, and open-world exploration that the franchise is known for. The game is expected to introduce all sorts of new content but retains what made the series so great.

The theme of the game appears to continue the series’ focus on crime and cars but with some fresh twists. While exact details remain under wraps, at least in official terms, glimpses of gameplay suggest that players will get some exciting new features that will change the gameplay. The footage has set high expectations for gamers awaiting the release. However, it is worth noting, that all this is subject to change, as nothing is official yet and even the release date has not been announced. Nevertheless, here we’ll take a look at the gameplay aspects that we have seen, heard of, or witnessed so far.

Multiple Characters


For the longest time, Grand Theft Auto featured only one protagonist. Players started the journey as small-time criminals, working their way upwards. However, in the latest title, Grand Theft Auto V, players got to experience the story from different perspectives. Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips are the three protagonists from that title. Now, with the upcoming GTA game, Rockstar has also decided to go with the route of multiple characters. 

At this point, it is unclear whether controlling the characters works exactly as previously. However, it seems to be fairly certain that the game features at least two characters. According to leaks and rumors, there’s a male character by the name of Jason and a female character known as Lucia. These characters are intertwined with each other, presumably meeting each other in the story. They also seem to have a part of their inventory shared with each other. 

Vice City (and More)

In the gameplay footage of Grand Theft Auto VI, we see the return of Vice City, but it’s not exactly the same neon-lit city we remember from the previous GTA titles. It’s been revamped and expanded. Players can look forward to a more complex city that features much more interactive elements. This includes a massive upgrade in buildings that can be entered. According to rumors, this is one of the key changes in the gameplay. Players will be able to not only visit more buildings but also engage in various missions within them.

Leaks have also suggested that Vice City is not all there is to the new Grand Theft Auto. Footage has revealed a location that seems to originate from the real-world state of Georgia. If this indeed holds true, the game may include more than Vice City, and even more than locations in Florida. It is, however, not revealed how these locations tie to each other and how extensive the map actually is.

Weapons and Combat

Franklin Clinton with a baseball bat in Grand Theft Auto V.

The game also maintains its signature combat system that is somewhere between arcade and realistic. However, there are also major changes to this, too. The leaks have shown that the game comes with a new radial selector, making it easy to switch between weapons and equipment during intense firefights. Radial selectors are a popular way to design UIs for console gamers, and they give easy access to the player’s arsenal.

The redesign has seemingly taken a page from Red Dead Redemption 2, another Rockstar game. The wheel now has weapons, equipment and other gear. Players can switch from weapons to equipment and gear with R1 and RB buttons. As a new feature, you can carry your weapon on your back. The game also seems to limit the amount of weapons to 2 rifles and 2 pistols, while other weaponry needs to stay behind in a house or car.

Speaking of weapons, Grand Theft Auto VI doesn’t skimp on firepower. The standard arsenal includes an assault rifle, sniper, shotgun, pistol, and rocket launcher, giving players the tools to tackle any situation. Additionally, improvised weaponry is included. Players can expect to wield a golf club, baseball bat, or crowbar to take out enemies at close range. The leaked footage also suggests that players are able to lean out of vehicles to shoot enemies 360 degrees around them. 

Other Items

When it comes to in-game items, there are improvements as well. The leaks suggest that in addition to Health Kits, players can find at last Painkillers and Body Armor. One can assume that Health Kit remains a staple for restoring lost vitality, while Painkiller might buff the character and Body Armor gives additional protection from incoming fire. What sort of buffs are going to be implemented is still under wraps. However, we can hope the character can get stamina, speed, shooting precision, and other buffs via consumables.  

Five Star Wanted

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The legendary Wanted system makes a return in Grand Theft Auto VI but with a twist. The game sticks with the five-star system seen in GTA V, rather than reverting to the six-star system of its predecessors. Similar to all previous GTA titles, each star represents the level of heat you’ve attracted from the law. As the stars rack up, you start drawing everything from local patrol cars to SWAT teams and helicopters into the chase. However, Rockstar has made some important improvements in the way the police react.

Don’t expect to evade the cops as easily as before. The police in GTA VI have smarter AI, making them more challenging to avoid. For example, if they spot you hopping into a stolen car, they won’t just give up once you’ve shaken them off initially. They’ll continue to look for you, recognizing the car’s license plate. This brings an added layer of realism to the game and players will need to be more strategic when it comes to breaking the law and escaping the consequences.

Character Controls

Flying a helicopter in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character controls in Grand Theft Auto VI offer a more immersive and tactical experience compared to previous games in the series. If leaks are to be correct, one significant addition is the ability to crouch. Players can be sneakier with their movement than before. This alongside the option to carry bodies allows new stealth gameplay, which might be one of the more intriguing opportunities for Rockstar to expand gameplay. After titles like Assassin’s Creed and Dishonored, the stealth genre has become increasingly popular. So expect to drag downed enemies into the darkness and away from the curious eyes of the police, or an opposing gang.

Character Customization

Modern games come with increasingly comprehensive customization options that allow players to determine how their characters look. This trend has most likely taken hold of Grand Theft Auto too. It’s worth noting that full customization options have not been fully revealed yet. However, evidence suggests that it exists and could be quite expansive. For example, Lucia, one of the game’s protagonists, has been spotted wearing different types of clothing and sporting varying hairstyles. While GTA V has character customization, it is one of the features that is probably going to get a major revamp in the new title. 

Better Vehicle Controls

There’s a lot to be uncovered about vehicles in Grand Theft Auto VI still. However, according to the information we have available, vehicles have now more control options. Players are able to flick switches and toggle more features in each car. Options are also likely to vary between vehicles. The leaks and rumors suggest that controls are added to move the rearview mirrors and sun visors. Who knows how far the Rockstar team is going to take the vehicle controls?

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