Wild Hearts Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Wild Hearts Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Wild Hearts is an action RPG that places players in a mystical world where they must hunt massive monsters. Wild Hearts was developed by Omega Force and published by Electronic Arts. This game is an action-packed combination of magic, science, and awe-inspiring nature.

Inspired by feudal Japan, the gorgeous setting won critics over when it was first released on February 17th, 2023. Wild Hearts received favorable reviews for its unique monster designs, epic battles, and dramatic music. Players feel like desperate underdogs using their wits and skills to overcome colossal monsters in this mythical world.

Wild Hearts Premise

In Wild Hearts, players will take on the role of a nameless hunter thrust into the world of Azuma. While in this chaotic world, players are tasked to take down gigantic and dangerous monsters known as Kemono. In Azuma, players can explore several large areas, perfect for titanic clashes with the Kemono. There is a wide variety of weapons and armor to choose from to make you battle-ready. There’s even a building mechanic in the game to assist players in combat. In this brutal world, players will need every advantage available to them in order to survive.

Wild Hearts Main Character

Wild Hearts allows players to design their own Kemono hunter to take on the world of Azuma. After being defeated by an ice-wielding wolf Kemono, players are saved by a strange old man named Mujina. Mujina infuses the player with a piece of ancient technology called a Karakuri seed. Now equipped with new abilities, the nameless hunter is ready to take on the biggest and badest monsters in Azuma.

Wild Hearts Series

Wild Hearts is a stand-alone game with no sequels or prequels at the moment. This isn’t the first game developed by Omega Force. The studio is primarily known for the Dynasty Warriors series, where players fight massive battles against literal armies of enemies. This thrilling and expansive combat was carried over to the monster battles in Wild Hearts. The games in the Dynasty Warriors series are as follows:

Year of ReleaseName of Title
1997Dynasty Warriors
2000Dynasty Warriors 2
2001Dynasty Warriors 3
2003Dynasty Warriors 4
2005Dynasty Warriors 5
2007Dynasty Warriors 6
2011Dynasty Warriors 7
2013Dynasty Warriors 8
2018Dynasty Warriors 9

Wild Hearts Cheat Codes

Sadly, there are no cheat codes for Wild Hearts. Part of Wild Heart’s gameplay is the ability to seamlessly join friends in a four-player co-op. Having cheats would interfere with the game’s online multiplayer. Luckily, players can still gain advantages through cheats if they have the PC version of the game. By downloading a cheat trainer, players can do some of the following:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Max Weapon Gauge
  • Hand Cannon Won’t Overheat
  • 100% Critical Chance
  • Empty Stomach
  • Defense Multiplier
  • Edit Max Health
  • Edit Max Stamina
  • Edit Attack
  • Edit Defense
  • Edit Elemental Resilience (All)
  • Edit Dragon Pit Capacity (Wood)
  • Edit Dragon Pit Capacity (Fire)
  • Edit Dragon Pit Capacity (Water)
  • Edit Dragon Pit Capacity (Wind)
  • Edit Dragon Pit Capacity (Earth)


Massive monsters aren’t the only thing that players can hunt in this game. Achievement hunting is a time-honored tradition in video games, and Wild Hearts keeps that tradition alive. Here are the achievements available in-game:

WILD HEARTSObtained all trophies
Land of the Rising SunSuccessfully reached Azuma, where kemono roam free
Mountain SplitterSuccessfully hunted the heartbreaker that appeared along the Harugasumi Way
Bonds of EnmitySuccessfully hunted the deathstalker ensconced in Fuyufusagi Fort
Axer of AuspiceSuccessfully downed Amaterasu following the attack on Minato
Reincarnation Cycle StopperSuccessfully hunted the source kemono, deep inside the sacred mountain
Commencing of QuestsSuccessfully completed your first quest for a citizen of Minato
Budding ConjurorSuccessfully conjured 200 basic karakuri
Expert ConjurorSuccessfully conjured 1000 basic karakuri
Karakuri MinatoSuccessfully conjured 15 dragon karakuri in Minato
Karakuri TrailSuccessfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri along the Harugasumi Way
Karakuri IsleSuccessfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri on Natsukodachi Isle
Canyon of KarakuriSuccessfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri in Akikure Canyon
Karakuri FortressSuccessfully conjured 30 dragon karakuri in Fuyufusagi Fort
Fusion ConjurorSuccessfully conjured a fusion karakuri 50 times
Memory RouserSuccessfully awakened 20 types of karakuri
Distance DevourerSuccessfully traveled a distanced of 10,000 m by karakuri
Master of the SkiesSuccessfully flew 150 m with a glider
Man-Machine MasterSuccessfully used a karakuri attack 100 times
Counter SpecialistSuccessfully deflected 20 kemono attacks using fusion karakuri
Subsistence SkillsSuccessfully completed your first food processing
Left Arm LeveragerSuccessfully activated your “hunter’s arm” 30 times
Kemono HunterSuccessfully finished 30 kemono
Relentless Kemono HunterSuccessfully finished 300 kemono
Single MindedSuccessfully finished 50 kemono with a single weapon type
Volatile VocationSuccessfully hunted your first deeply volatile kemono
Vanquisher of the VolatileSuccessfully hunted a deeply volatile kemono in all areas
Mighty MarmelizerSuccessfully finished a mighty kemono inside 5 minutes
Flawless CrystalSuccessfully finished a kemono before it could land a single attack on you
Fair Means or FoulSuccessfully inflicted a status aliment upon a kemono 20 times
Tender TouchSuccessfully petted a small kemono 30 times
Snare SpecialistSuccessfully caught 100 creatures in the wilderness
Style SeekerSuccessfully dyed armor for the first time
Human BelieverReach the limits of human-path affinity by modifying armor
Kemono at HeartREach the limits of kemono-path affinity by modifying armor
Unrivaled in ArmsSuccessfully obtained an extremely valuable weapons
Bewitched by BathingSuccessfully developed every different restorative bath
Hidden HistorySuccessfully obtained your first document
Superlative ViewSuccessfully completed all building extensions and restorations
Big SpenderSpent 30,000 on goods from the store
Jack of All TradesSuccessfully obtained 90 seals from Nobumitsu
Tsukumo WhispererSuccessfully befriended 200 tsukumo
Quintessence of FormSuccessfully enhanced one tsukumo form to the maximum
Team HunterSuccessfully completed 20 quests online
Artful AssisterSuccessfully provided assistance 5 times
Helpful HeartSuccessfully revived a fellow hunter online for the first time
Charmed by the HuntSuccessfully gathered your first talisman from the wilderness
Threaded HarmonySuccessfully enlarged a single dragon pit as much as possible
Haven HunterSuccessfully opened up all possible camps

Wild Hearts Cheat Codes FAQ

Does Wild Hearts have cheat codes?
No, cheat codes are unavailable for Wild Hearts, but a cheat trainer can be downloaded for the PC version of the game. This cheat trainer can grant unlimited health, extra stamina, weapon upgrades, and much more.

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