All the Leaks for Grand Theft Auto VI

Beach in Grand Theft Auto V.

All the Leaks for Grand Theft Auto VI

The buzz surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI, or what is supposedly called that, continues to be strong ever since the game was announced by Rockstar in early 2022. Since then, various leaks and rumors reveal what to expect with the next Grand Theft Auto game. Some of them are less likely to be implemented, although we don’t include ones that are completely out of the picture. Others seem all but confirmed by the developer, due to leaked footage clearly showing the features. 

We’re taking a look at all the Grand Theft Auto VI leaks we’ve seen around. These leaks feature everything from multiple playable characters, game locations, and AI improvements to announcement details and the wanted system. As always, take leaks and rumors with a grain of salt. Even when they might be legit when released, the developer can always change the game in development. 

Male and Female

According to various sources, including internal documents and leaked footage, there will be two main characters. First time ever in the series, one of these characters is also a female. According to the information we have available at this point, the player controls the two characters similarly to Grand Theft Auto V. Players can switch between the two protagonists during the campaign and act in different capacities. The leaks suggest that this is sort of a Bonnie and Clyde story with GTA VI‘s Jason and Lucia.

A Steam promotional image for Grand Theft Auto V.
Instead of the male-only cast of GTA V, there’s also a female available in GTA VI.

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Other Characters

Leaks have also mentioned other characters in Grand Theft Auto VI. A Developer Menu listed two unshown characters named Billy and Kai, raising the possibility of four playable protagonists, although Rockstar may have later trimmed it to just two. Names like Boobie, Chester, Dale, Danny, Dre, Iris, RB Shaw, Sam, Shanese, Tit, Wyman, Vicky, YJ, and Zach are also found in the leaks, suggesting a variety of NPCs in the game world. Perhaps more importantly, the mention of Jay Norris from GTA V seems to confirm that this installment will exist in the same universe as GTA IV and GTA V.

Character Customization

If customization is important to you, then Grand Theft Auto VI might be a great upgrade. According to leaks and rumors, the game is going to feature a more extensive character customization system. However, there’s not a lot of live footage of the options, but we have seen Lucia wear different clothes and hairstyles.

Announcement Soon?

The announcement date for Grand Theft Auto VI is high on the list of anticipated news. So far, Rockstar has not provided any official information about its release and announcement schedule. However, leaks from Chris Marxx suggest that an announcement could occur on October 26, 2023. Given the leaker’s track record on games like Payday 3, this information could be credible, and we might expect Rockstar to kick off its marketing campaign soon.

RDR Elements

In a nod to Rockstar’s earlier title, Red Dead Redemption 2, certain gameplay elements appear to be integrated into Grand Theft Auto VI. One of these is the dialogue system, where characters engage with NPCs through similar prompts. Responses like “Threaten” and “Rob” have been seen in leaked footage. Another feature borrowed from RDR 2 is the way characters carry rifles on their backs, indicating a limited weapon-carrying system. Players can also pick up and discard weapons in the game world. Additionally, a new weapon wheel has been showcased, resembling the one in Red Dead Redemption 2. This new wheel includes not only weapons but also consumables.

Some features from another Rockstar title, Red Dead Redemption 2, are expected.

Leaks also suggest the possibility of horse riding, although actual gameplay showcasing this hasn’t been revealed yet. In another new mechanic, players can restrain NPCs using zip ties, as opposed to the lasso used in Red Dead Redemption 2. Additionally, elements such as hunger, leveling up, and taming animals have been referenced, indicating a deeper layer of RPG-like gameplay mechanics.

Movement Options

The game’s leaked footage also suggests there are additional movement options available to the players. The characters can now reach out of the car window while shooting. This allows players to do a drive-by shooting with 360-degree access to the surroundings. There are also other options and features, like being able to drag or carry victims around and move while prone. This suggests a stealth gameplay aspect, where players need to avoid being noticed. 

More Interiors

The open-world experience in the Grand Theft Auto series is already comprehensive, yet there’s room for growth, especially inside buildings. Leaked documents suggest that Grand Theft Auto VI might feature interiors for up to 157 buildings, a significant rise compared to the 110 in Grand Theft Auto V. Unlike the previous game where most interiors were mission-specific, these buildings might offer more free-form activities like shoplifting, though this has yet to be confirmed.

GTA IV Late Checkout
Players are supposedly able to explore many more buildings than in previous titles.

Random Encounters

Leaks indicate that Rockstar aims to create a more lifelike experience by incorporating events such as break-ins at the player’s safehouse or stalking incidents. These new mechanics could dramatically change gameplay, making it necessary for players to protect their assets from criminal activities. Specifics about how these events are triggered or how players can respond remain in the dark, though.

Release Date

Information about the release date for Grand Theft Auto VI is among the more important factors in the whole development process. People are eager to know when they can start playing the game. At this stage, accurate details about the release date are not guaranteed. Sometimes leaks that specify a date far in the future are questionable. Yet, rough internal timelines have surfaced, hinting at a 2024 release from Rockstar. Naturally, these early company documents do not commit to a specific date and are open to revisions. Chris Marxx, a known leaker in the industry, has suggested the possibility of a delay to early or mid-2025. One can expect a simultaneous release on next-gen consoles and the PC.

Five-Star Wanted

The Wanted system is available in the new GTA, as expected. It has also been revealed that the system follows in the footsteps of Grand Theft Auto V. This means that the system on GTA VI features the same maximum of five stars as in the predecessor. This isn’t necessarily a surprise, although some have wondered whether Rockstar would go back to a six-star system, featured in previous titles.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Don’t expect the six-star system from Vice City.

The Police

The cops are getting an upgrade in Grand Theft Auto VI. The police are supposedly much smarter in this new iteration of the game. This means evading them is not as simple as it once was. If you are traveling in a stolen vehicle, the cops won’t just stop looking for you once you initially escape them. Instead, they have a registry that keeps track of stolen cars’ number plates, like in real life. So expect the cops to pursue you if you’ve stolen a vehicle, unless you’ve done something meaningful to fool them.

The Map Size

Anticipation about the game’s map size has also been fueled by leaks. While some fans expected a map multiple times larger than that of Grand Theft Auto V, insider Tom Henderson suggests this might not be the case. Although it’s possible the map may be larger, the specific scale is still unknown. Other leaks hint that the game may feature additional locations, possibly updated over time in a live service model.

Return to Vice City

This seems to be perhaps one of the most reliable leaks. The new iteration of Grand Theft Auto takes the players back to the fictional Floridian city of Vice City. While early rumors suggested a return to Liberty City, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, the players are going to experience Vice City in its new form. Notably, this seems to not be the only location, however.

Multi-State Solution?

Rumors have circulated that Grand Theft Auto VI will include more than just Vice City and other Florida locations. Leaked footage seems to show a site resembling a medical prison in Georgia, suggesting that the game may extend beyond Florida. This speculation is bolstered by visible mountain ranges, not characteristic of Florida’s landscape.

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