New Features Grand Theft Auto VI Should Have

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New Features Grand Theft Auto VI Should Have

The Grand Theft Auto series has consistently set the bar high for open-world action games, providing gamers with extensive environments, intense missions, and endless amounts of various activities. With rumors and anticipation surrounding the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto VI, fans are expecting a lot from Rockstar. Ideas for new features that could make the franchise even more dynamic and engaging are everywhere. From the possibilities of a larger, multi-city map to an overhauled combat system, here are some of the most exciting and innovative features we think should make their way into GTA VI.

This list aims to explore what could elevate GTA VI from a great game to a genre-defining experience. Whether it’s the incorporation of more realistic physics or expanded game modes, these suggestions could go a long way in enhancing the realism, gameplay, and overall fun factor of the next installment. The GTA franchise is already renowned for its rich storytelling and expansive open world. However, imagine what it could achieve with just some of these additional features.

It is worth noting, that some of these might not be very likely, some perhaps even not possible or in the interest of the developer and publisher. Also, some of these might be all but confirmed, thanks to leaked information about the game

A larger map with several cities

A larger map with multiple cities or locations is something fans have been clamoring for. It seems like Rockstar might be listening. While not officially confirmed, rumors and leaks suggest that Grand Theft Auto VI could potentially feature a more extensive map. This time it includes way more than just Vice City. This would mark a significant expansion compared to previous GTA titles. It offers players a more diverse range of settings to explore. The inclusion of multiple cities would provide not just geographical diversity but also cultural changes and perhaps, thus offering more possibilities in terms of storytelling. Perhaps the change in scenery could even encompass different decades to deliver a distinct atmosphere.

The expectation for a larger map also draws comparisons to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which featured three distinct cities. If Rockstar takes this route again but on a larger scale, it could set a new standard for open-world games. Imagine a map where you could go from the glamorous Vice City to the rugged terrains of Georgia and maybe even to the wetlands of Louisiana. All this while finding different missions unique to each location. Such an expansive map would not only elevate the gameplay but also provide the depth and realism that the GTA series is known for.

Better physics

A four-wheeler in Grand Theft Auto V.

Improved physics can make a massive difference in how immersive and realistic Grand Theft Auto VI feels. Rockstar has the opportunity to upgrade the game’s physics engine to provide better ragdoll mechanics for human characters. The Rage engine from the Grand Theft Auto V is great but there is definitely room for improvement. A new generation of game consoles certainly facilitates the change for GTA VI. So, hopefully, Rockstar will make significant strides in physics. These enhanced mechanics could make characters react to hits, falls, and other impacts in a way that’s more true to life. More realism is what a lot of people are requesting.

Car collision modeling also stands to gain from better physics. A more advanced system could simulate real-world damages like dents, shattered glass, and even mechanical failures in much more detail. These improvements would not only make high-speed chases and crashes more engaging but also introduce more dire consequences for reckless driving.

Other physics-related ideas include better movement mechanics. This could allow the protagonists to traverse the terrain more efficiently. This could allow Rockstar to use all the available space on roofs and other currently inaccessible locations. While climbing ladders is already available in GTA V, there’s no grabbing a ledge and climbing mechanic.

Improved combat


The combat system in Grand Theft Auto VI could use some changes to make gunfights more engaging and realistic. Better shooting mechanics can make each firefight more skill-based. A move away from simple point-and-shoot action is what many fans are looking for. More precise aim, bullet drop, and recoil could be incorporated to challenge the player and provide a rewarding and more modern experience.

Another aspect that can elevate the combat is the introduction of more realistic weapons. These could include a wider range of guns, each with its unique attributes like firing rate, range, and stopping power. Perhaps even take a page from FPS games like Call of Duty, where attachments make all the difference. There’s a lot to explore here for Rockstar if they have the desire.

Body stats 

CJ with a spray bottle in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas The Definitive Edition.

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One feature fans would love to see make a return is the ability to change the protagonist’s body composition, similar to what was offered in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In that game, eating too much junk food made your character gain weight, while spending time at the gym made you more fit. Bringing this back would add a new dimension to character customization. It would also allow players to create a character that truly reflects their style of play.

Additionally, integrating RPG-like stats for various skills and abilities could enrich the gameplay. For example, the more time spent running, the better your character’s stamina could become; practicing at a shooting range could increase accuracy with firearms. This would offer players an additional incentive to engage in various activities around the game world, beyond just progressing through the main storyline.

More Game Modes 

Franklin Clinton with a baseball bat in Grand Theft Auto V.

Expanding the gameplay options is essential for keeping players engaged, and what better way to do that than by adding new game modes? Grand Theft Auto VI is surely going to come with an online version. This extension of GTA Online is one thing, but perhaps there’s room for other game modes or minigames. A Battle Royale or a Survival mode, with its last-man-standing approach, would be a perfect fit for the chaotic universe of GTA

Another mode that has been suggested is a Zombie Mode. This type of mode where killing waves of zombies as quickly as possible, or for as long as possible, was popularized by Call of Duty. However, various shooters have adopted the game mode successfully. In the world of GTA, players would have to survive against hordes of zombies using whatever resources they can find. This could obviously include weapons but perhaps also vehicles. Can you imagine driving a Trashmaster through swarms of living dead?!

Vehicle Licensing

Integrating actual real names and models of vehicles into GTA would be a game-changer. Gone would be the days of driving around in what sort of sounds and seems like your favorite car. Instead, you’d be behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang, a Lamborghini Aventador, or a Tesla Model S. The immersion would reach new heights, as players engage with vehicles they recognize from the real world. 

Not only could the names be authentic, but the in-game models could also be meticulously designed based on their real-world counterparts. Undoubtedly fans would love it everything from the curves of the body to the placement of every knob and button in the interior would be recognizable. Licensing real vehicles would elevate the driving experience, making the game more engaging and authentic than ever before. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything needs to be as accurate as in Gran Turismo, but real-world cars would be an amazing upgrade.

Unfortunately, this seems like a pipedream for a franchise that has more than two decades of imaginary car manufacturers and models.

Improved Car Customization

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Speaking of cars, this one might be more realistic. Enhanced car customization options would allow players to truly make a vehicle their own. Swapping out parts in the car could range from aesthetic upgrades like rims and interiors to performance-enhancing modifications like new engines or exhaust systems.

Furthermore, the ability to toggle and change more of the car’s features would be greatly appreciated. Imagine being able to control interior lighting, retract convertible roofs, or even adjust your vehicle’s suspension on the fly. The greater the range of customization options, the more invested players would become in the cars they’ve worked so hard to acquire and modify.

More Indoor Activities

GTA Heists promo wearing a mask

Expanding the indoor world can offer players a chance to explore a range of new activities and spaces. Rockstar could expand to more public buildings like libraries, malls, and government offices and private apartments, condos, and houses. This would give the game a much more realistic feel of a living, breathing world.

In addition to exploring new indoor spaces, players could also have the option to customize their own homes. Choosing and decorating your living quarters, whether it’s a starter apartment or a luxury condo, would make it more appealing for parts of the demographics perhaps not interested in gun crime. Personalizing your home, choosing furniture, or even upgrading to a bigger place could become a completely new part of the experience.

Mod Browser

The inclusion of an in-game mod browser would revolutionize the way players interact with mods, providing better support and easy installation directly from the game interface. Players could simply search for mods by category, popularity, or even specific functionalities, removing the need to manually download and install them.

The mod browser could also feature a community section where players can discuss mods, share experiences, and even collaborate on new projects. Ratings and reviews would allow for quality control, helping players choose the mods that would best enhance their gameplay experience. The modding community has been for the longest time a beloved part of the GTA experience, but more support for it would be amazing.

Better AI

Shooting NPCs in Grand Theft Auto.

Improvement in artificial intelligence, especially when it comes to random NPCs, is something that could be massive for the immersion. From the start of the franchise, NPCs have played a big part in making the world of GTA seem realistic. Initially, they simply walked on the streets and ran around like headless chickens when faced with violence. However, those simple orders made them much more realistic than random NPCs in other games. Now, players require much more, though. 

Improvements to the AI of non-player characters could make them seem like actual citizens. They could carry out tasks, adhere to schedules, and have agendas, instead of aimlessly wandering around. NPCs could even go to work, shop, or engage in various activities, even criminal ones. This would also be a perfect introduction to random NPC interaction, where the player could carry out simple missions by talking to strangers.

The ability to talk to random NPCs for useful information would also be a groundbreaking addition. Instead of having generic conversations, players could gain valuable tips, directions, or even quest hooks by engaging with the person. Making NPCs more interesting is definitely something that would improve both the gameplay and make the world more vivid.

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