Best Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Vice City

GTA: Vice City

Best Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Navigating the streets of Vice City is a critical part of the Grand Theft Auto experience. As it is with each GTA title, choosing the right vehicle can make all the difference. Whether you’re running from the cops, executing a daring mission, or just cruising through the Miami-inspired city, your choice of transportation matters. In a game that offers everything from sports cars and motorcycles to boats and helicopters, picking the best vehicle can be a daunting task.

To make that choice easier, here’s a very subjective list of some of the best vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Stallion in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Stallion in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a vehicle that pays homage to classic American cars. It is a solid option for those who enjoy a car with a sturdy build and moderate speed. While it might not win any races against the sports cars in the game, the Stallion offers a unique charm. A car that’s just as suitable for a high-speed getaway as it is for leisurely cruises through the streets of Vice City. In terms of availability, the Stallion can be found in various locations around the city, making it an accessible choice for players who enjoy its retro vibe.

  • Speed: 99 mph
  • Purpose: General cruising
  • Where to get: Multi-story car park in Ocean Beach, Little Haiti


Stinger in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

For those who value agility in their vehicles, the Stinger provides exactly that. Its strong suit is its rapid acceleration and great handling, making it ideal for tight turns and maneuvering through the streets. While other cars may overshadow it in raw speed, the Stinger holds its own with a fun and responsive car to drive. Given its performance capabilities, it’s no surprise that the Stinger is often featured in various missions throughout the game, making it a familiar sight and a good pickup.

  • Speed: 124 mph
  • Purpose: Quick maneuvering and stylish cruising
  • Where to get: Starfish Island, around Leaf Links Golf Club, and northside Downtown


Banshee in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Banshee is all about speed and style, capturing the essence of high-end sports cars. It’s one of the absolute classics of the series ever since GTA III. Known for its quick acceleration and high top speed, this car is perfect for outrunning law enforcement or just exploring Vice City. If it’s high-performance and eye-catching aesthetics you’re after, the Banshee rarely disappoints. It’s also a car that’s easy to spot due to its unique design, making it a popular choice for players.

  • Speed: 124 mph
  • Purpose: High-speed driving and racing
  • Where to get: Mansion on Starfish Island, Under a blue building in Washington Beach, Starfish Island


Comet in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Comet is another sports car, reminiscent of Porsches, that finds a good balance between speed and handling. It’s nimble enough to weave through traffic and has enough horsepower to keep up with some of the fastest cars in the game. The Comet is equally useful for missions requiring speed or precision driving and is a great choice for someone looking for a small and fast vehicle. In Vice City, the Comet is often associated with the wealthier areas, usually found in places like Cortez’s yacht or the mansions on Starfish Island.

  • Speed: 124 mph
  • Purpose: High-speed driving and luxury driving
  • Where to get: At Leaf Links Golf Club, at Ocean Beach, Downtown, and on Starfish Island


Phoenix in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Phoenix screams American muscle car with its classic aesthetics and powerful engine. It has a high top speed but suffers a bit in the handling department compared to other sportier cars, as one would imagine. It’s not the car you’d necessarily choose for a tight race course, but for straight-line speed, it’s one of the more solid performers in Vice City. This vehicle is relatively rare adding a bit of exclusivity to its character. One might want to but seek one in the Downtown area.

  • Speed: 124 mph
  • Purpose: High-speed cruising and racing
  • Where to get: Rarely found on the streets of Vice Beach and Starfish Island


Cheetah in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Cheetah is one of the apex predators of Vice City’s automotive world. It features a blend of superb top speed and quick acceleration, making it one of the fastest cars available in the game. For anyone who loves dominating the road and outrunning the competition, the Cheetah is the car to have in your garage. Like the Comet, the Cheetah is more commonly found in the upscale areas of Vice City. As a stylish and fast sports car, it is one of the cars to get.

  • Speed: 143 mph
  • Purpose: High-speed races and chases
  • Where to get: Colonel Cortez’s yacht in Ocean Beach, Starfish Island, Vice City Beach, Sunshine Auto races


Infernus in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Infernus is a luxury sports car that represents the top-tier performance in GTA: Vice City. It is a car found in many GTA games. With its sleek design and blazing speed, it’s also a car many players aspire to own within the game.

Beyond just the eye-catching aesthetics and exclusive availability, the Infernus also delivers when it comes to performance. Its powerful engine and impressive speed make it one of the best choices for any high-stakes mission where time is of the essence. For those who love raw power, the Infernus is usually at the top of their wish list.

  • Speed: 149 mph
  • Purpose: Extreme speed in style
  • Where to get: In front of Ricardo Diaz’s mansion, Car Park next to North Point Mall, driven mainly in Vice City Beach


Patriot in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Patriot is an SUV built for off-road adventures. Its bulky design and large wheels are perfect for tackling rugged terrains in the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Its rough-around-the-edges design is also to some people’s preferences.

What the Patriot lacks in speed, it compensates for in durability and ruggedness. The vehicle is ideal for missions that require a sturdy and reliable ride, and it offers a change of pace from the usual sports cars and sedans that dominate the game.

  • Speed: 106 mph
  • Purpose: Off-road and rugged terrains
  • Where to get: Phil Cassidy’s place in Little Haiti, Inside the Fort Baxter base, film studio in Prawn Island

Police Car

Police Car in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Police Car is an essential part of the Vice City landscape, usually appearing when the player is up to no good. However, getting access to one can be quite the treat. These vehicles are well-rounded, offering decent speed and handling.

In-game, the Police Car is not typically a first choice for players, given its association with law enforcement. Nevertheless, it offers a reliable and surprisingly speedy mode of transportation that’s useful for evading the very authorities it represents. And there’s no questioning that it is stylish to roll in a cop car as a criminal.

  • Speed: 124 mph
  • Purpose: Law enforcement vehicle
  • Where to get: Police stations around the city

Cuban Hermes

Cuban Hermes in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Cuban Hermes is a unique variant of the standard Hermes car and features an eye-catching flame design on its body. This vehicle is specifically associated with the Cuban gang in the game.

The Cuban Hermes offers moderate performance and handling compared to other cars in its class. However, you want this car purely for its design and aesthetics. Its distinctive look makes it stand out on the streets.

  • Speed: 99 mph
  • Purpose: Stylish cruising
  • Where to get: In Little Havana


Sanchez in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Sanchez is the go-to dirt bike in GTA: Vice City. It’s agile, fast, and perfect for cutting through narrow paths and alleyways. The Sanchez may not be the most luxurious vehicle in Vice City, but it offers unparalleled agility. For missions that require quick moves and tight navigation, this dirt bike can be the perfect vehicle.

  • Speed: 118 mph
  • Purpose: Off-road and tight maneuvering
  • Where to get: Dirt track in northern Downtown and Vice City Biker’s area

PCJ 600

PCJ 600 in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The PCJ 600 is a sports bike that combines speed and agility, making it a popular choice among GTA: Vice City players who prefer two-wheelers. While it has the same top speed as the Sanchez, it does offer a prettier exterior and it is easy to find. The PCJ 600 is ideal for quick missions and high-speed chases through the city streets. Find yourself one if you love to quickly dart through Vice City’s traffic.

  • Speed: 118 mph
  • Purpose: High-speed chases and quick navigation
  • Where to get: Various street locations, Howlin’ Petes Biker Emporium


Hunter helicopter in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Hunter is a military attack helicopter equipped with machine guns and missiles. It’s one of the most formidable vehicles in the game, often used in higher-level missions. This is not a vehicle for those who want to be subtle. 

Though it is more challenging to control than the average vehicle in the game, the Hunter offers unmatched firepower and can make short work of almost any target. It’s not easily obtained but is worth the effort for the sheer firepower it provides.

  • Speed: 124 mph
  • Purpose: Aerial combat
  • Where to get: Fort Baxter Air Base and Ocean Beach Helipad after collecting all hidden packages or completing the mission Keep Your Friends Close


Squalo boat in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Squalo is a high-speed boat, perfect for water-based missions or simply cruising the waterways of Vice City. Many locations are easier accessed via waterways, which makes a fast boat valuable.

While Vice City offers a limited number of naval vehicles, the Squalo stands out for its speed and design. For players needing to make a quick escape via water or just wanting to explore, it’s one of the best options available.

  • Speed: 118 mph
  • Purpose: High-speed boat for water missions
  • Where to get: Boatyard once purchased


Marquis boat in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Marquis is a sailing yacht. Although it technically has the same top speed as Squalo, it doesn’t live for speed. Instead, it offers its own unique appeal. In contrast to the speed boat Squalo, the Marquis invites players to take their time and enjoy the virtual seascape. This one is not meant for quick transportation. Instead, it serves as a stylish alternative for enjoying the coastline.

  • Speed: 118 mph
  • Purpose: Enjoyable water travel
  • Where to get: Ocean Bay Marina, Ocean Beach


Rhino tank in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The Rhino is a tank armed with a powerful cannon. It’s one of the most destructive vehicles in GTA: Vice City, capable of causing mayhem on a massive scale. It is also one of the classic vehicles of the franchise, found in other GTA titles as well. Not only can it wreak havoc, it can withstand immense amounts of incoming fire. 

Owning a Rhino in-game is the ultimate key to delivering destruction in Vice City. Its speed is a drawback, so don’t expect to outrun anyone. The only way to get rid of opposition is to outgun them.

  • Speed: 50 mph
  • Purpose: Heavy artillery and destruction
  • Where to get: Fort Baxter base once 90 hidden packages are collected

Final Words

There are a ton of great vehicles to choose from in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In fact, there are around a hundred different vehicles in the game. Undoubtedly you’ll be able to find one fitting your style and needs. This list is highly subjective and there are many vehicles that people find near and dear to their heart that did not make it to the list. With that in mind, we wanted to add a few honorable mentions at the end.

  • Trashmaster: Who doesn’t love a garbage truck?
  • Taxi: Have a taxi mission? Choose an actual cab.
  • Freeway: If you are a chopper fan
  • Securicar: For ultimate toughness
  • Rancher: If you want to relive that Bronco chase
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