Far Cry 6 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PS4/5 and Xbox

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Far Cry 6 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PS4/5 and Xbox

Far Cry 6 came at a historic time in video games, and especially for the series, smack dab in the middle of console gaming transitions to the next generation. That doesn’t mean that if you’re still rocking last gen you can’t enjoy the liberation of a Cuban look-alike in the latest installment of Far Cry. Released in 2021 by publishing powerhouse Ubisoft on all major platforms, this Far Cry game actually has a speaking protagonist, unlike its previous entry. Much like most games today, Far Cry 6 doesn’t have any direct cheat codes but that hasn’t stopped players from discovering amazing tactics to help them in their missions.

Far Cry 6 Premise

A city battlefield in Far Cry 6
Yara’s capital city will be your first and last stop

Welcome to the Island of Yara, a dystopian, fictional version of Cuba, ruled with an iron fist by Antón Castillo. However, most people will recognize him as the chicken man from a specific TV show. You step into the shoes of an unlikely revolutionary Dani. Initially, she refuses the call to save her country and opts for a speed boat to Miami as a refugee. Quickly, this plan falls apart and she is forced to take up arms to save both herself and her country. You will use guerrilla tactics, modern and ancient firearms, and some performance-enhancing injections to end the civil war and gain freedom for the island of Yara. 

Far Cry 6 Main Characters

While the story centers around Dani’s unplanned call to adventure, several key figures will aid you in your fight for the island. After all, a revolution by the people is made up of the people.

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Dani: Dani serves as the main character of Far Cry 6 and on the surface is unimposing. Of Latin descent, dressed in plain civilian clothes, and sporting far too many weapons. No one would guess that Dani is a guerrilla at first glance.

Antón Castillo: Antón is El Presidente also known as a brutal dictator forcing the citizens of Yara into slave labor to try and save the island’s isolated economy. Dani’s and, by proxy, your fight will be to loosen his hold on power over the island. He is dressed in very smart suits and carries himself with that of a true tyrant king.

Juan Cortez: As Juan frequently states in the game, once a guerrilla always a guerrilla. This statement perfectly tells the story of Juan. He is a classic revolutionary who helps Dani to become the intense fighter she turns into. He is dressed like he going on a boat cruise in a Hawaiian shirt, cut-off cargo shorts, and a Panama hat to match.

Diego Castillo: Diego is Antón’s son and heir to control of Yara. At only 13 years old, he isn’t exactly jazzed to be next in line for a dictatorship. He dresses like a small copy of his father and it looks as if his soul has left his eyes.

All Far Cry Titles in the Series

Ubisoft has been making Far Cry games for roughly 2 decades now. While the format has always been the same, the stories never are. Every title has a massive open world, an unlikely hero, and an all-powerful enemy to take down. Far Cry 3 gets an honorable mention for having one of the best stories in the series.

  • Far Cry – March 23, 2004
  • Far Cry 2 – Oct. 21, 2008
  • Far Cry 3 – Nov. 29, 2012
  • Far Cry 4 – Nov. 18, 2014
  • Far Cry Primal – Feb. 23, 2016
  • Far Cry 5 – March 27, 2018
  • Far Cry New Dawn – Feb. 15, 2019
  • Far Cry 6 – Oct. 7, 2021

Additionally, there are a few downloadable contents (DLCs) in the series:

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  1. Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon (DLC) April 30, 2013
  2. Far Cry 4 – Valley of the Yetis (DLC): March 10, 2015
  3. Far Cry 4 – Escape from Durgesh Prison (DLC) Jan. 13, 2015
  4. Far Cry 4 – Hurk Deluxe Pack (DLC): Jan. 28, 2015
  5. Far Cry 4 – Overrun (DLC): Jan. 28, 2015

Far Cry 6 Cheat Codes

Far Cry 6's Main Character Dani holding a rifle

To say any modern game has direct cheat codes would be a bit foolish. Long are gone of the days when you could enter a code into a text box and out pops god-like powers. This trend is no different when it comes to Far Cry 6. Instead here are some tactics and tricks you can use to make your run of the game easier.

Side Quest Until Your Fingers Hurt

Far Cry 6 is an open-world game with unlimited opportunities to level up and acquire new gear and equipment. Once you pass the prologue, you’re free to roam around the island. An easy strategy is to collect all crafting items, complete as many side quests, and gather as much money as possible to level up Dani to a truly OP level before the main game even starts. It may not be the most fun but it’s worth the effort. 

End the Game At the Start

Like almost every Far Cry, if you make certain actions early on you can end the whole game in a few hours or less. Far Cry 6 is no different. You will still need to play a few hours of the game to get there, however, you can end the game after the mission Libertad Rising. Throughout this mission, Dani makes it very clear that she simply wants a boat to leave Yara and nothing more. At the end of the mission, Dani will be sat next to a boat and offered the choice to join the revolution. Instead of joining up, have Dani take the boat and head into open water. After a bit of boating toward the open ocean, she’ll say, “This isn’t my fight.” The screen will fade to black, and next flash 3 months later. Dani will be sitting on a beach and you’ll hear a news report about Yara and how its revolution failed. The credits will roll and you will have finished Far Cry 6.

Get Your Photography On

In Far Cry 6 you can summon any vehicles to specific drop points on the map. You have a few options to get these vehicles on your list. The first way is to simply drive the vehicle to a friendly base and it’s saved. The next and far simpler option is to pull out your phone and snap a quick photo. This will automatically save the vehicle for the next time you need a car, truck, or helicopter summoned. Note this won’t work with military vehicles. You’ll have to drive those yourself.

Far Cry 6 FAQ

Unless you are playing on PC and have some reasonable knowledge of coding and modding games, you won’t be able to cheat at all in Far Cry 6 but that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying.

Does Far Cry 6 have anti-cheat?

This is mainly for the multiplayer games in Far Cry 6 but yes it does. The game uses BattlEye software to kick people out of servers if the software detects any altered code or software that give players an unfair advantage.

How do you get unlimited ammo in Far Cry 6?

If you are a console player then the short answer is you can’t. There is no way to easily mod a console game to add this hack. However, if you are a PC gamer and know how to use Cheatengine, then you should be easily able to run the right script but keep your modding to offline use only as education and testing.

How long does it take to beat Far Cry 6 100%?

The Far Cry 6 main story should take about 24 hours to finish assuming you do zero sidequests or other activities and missions. To finish the game to 100% completion you are looking at around 60 or so hours of grinding to collect all collectibles, side quests, and missions.

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