Guacamelee! 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

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Guacamelee! 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Guacamelee! 2 is a 2018 Metroidvania platform game and is the sequel to Guacamelee! Metroidvania refers to an action-adventure sub-genre that consists of guided nonlinear gameplay and “utility-gated” exploration. Essentially, the game will guide players through environments, but there are many places to explore and get lost in, so the story won’t necessarily be told in the “correct” order. The name “Metroidvania” comes from a mash-up of the games Metroid and Castlevania, which are some of the most famous examples of the style. This sub-genre is filled with platformer games like Bloodstained, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Hollow Knight.

Guacamelee! 2 was developed and published by Drinkbox Studios in August of 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and Windows. The game received a Nintendo Switch release the following December, and Xbox One got it in January 2019. Players can choose to play Guacamelee! 2 solo or team up in multiplayer with up to three other party members (four in total).

Upon release, Guacamelee! 2 received glowing reviews from critics and fans alike. Steam reviews rate the game a 9 out of 10 and IGN gives it a stellar 9.3 out of 10. IGN even went as far as to call Guacamelee! 2 “amazing” and said the game’s “clever humor, challenging platforming, and beautiful world make for a worthy follow-up.”

Guacamelee! 2 Premise

Guacamelee! 2 is a direct sequel to the original Guacamelee! It picks up right where the first game left off, with a quick refresher of the final battle with Calaca. During this confrontation, the main protagonist, luchador Juan Aguacate saves El Presidente’s daughter, Lupita. The game then jumps forward seven years, when Juan and Lupita are married with two kids. After settling down and having a family, Juan has let himself go, no longer in the amazing shape he once was during the height of his luchador career.

Despite Juan being out of shape, everything feels normal. This seems like the end of a game, where the hero is able to relax and celebrate his victory with his newfound peace. Unfortunately, as black clouds roll in, Juan is slapped in the face with a new danger unfolding. According to Uay Chivo, Juan’s mentor, the “Mexiverse” is at risk if they don’t fix a serious issue in “The Darkest Timeline”. In The Darkest Timeline, Juan fails to save Lupita, resulting in both their deaths at the hands of Calaca. After Juan’s death, another luchador, Salvador, steps up to defeat Calaca instead. While Juan has spent the last seven years with his wife and children, Salvador has grown more powerful and, of course, more corrupt.

Salvador’s lust for power sends him on a hunt for the Sacred Guacamole, which he believes will make him the most powerful creature in the Mexiverse. In order to achieve the Sacred Guacamole, Salvador needs to collect three relics. Unfortunately, taking the first relic starts the destruction of the Mexiverse. If he succeeds in his quest for the Sacred Guacamole, Salvador will unravel all the timelines as they know it.

Guacamelee! 2 Main Characters

Luchador Juan eating chips in Guacamelee 2

Guacamelee! 2 continues luchador Juan Aguacate’s story after the conclusion of the first game. Unlike linear action-adventure games and open-world games, Metroidvania games don’t tend to have a lot of characters or NPCs. That’s not to say that there are none, but this sort of platforming gameplay usually focuses more on exploring the environments. There are, however, several characters that make Guacamelee! 2’s story worth playing.

  • Juan Aguacate: Luchador Juan Aguacate is the main protagonist and playable character of the Guacamelee! series. After defeating Calaca in the original game, he marries El Presidente’s daughter, Lupita, and has two kids with her. Seven years pass after the events of the first game, where players are reintroduced to Juan as an out-of-shape dad who isn’t ready for the impending doom of the Mexiverse. Juan wasn’t always a luchador, though. Before obtaining the Mask that granted him the power to save Lupita, Juan was an agave farmer. He only became a luchador thanks to the Mask and his master, Uay Chivo, who set out on a quest to save his childhood friend from Calaca.
  • Salvador: Salvador is the main antagonist of Gaucamelee! 2 and, like Juan, he’s also a luchador. In The Darkest Timeline, Juan fails to save Lupita. Calaca kills Juan and Lupita, forcing another luchador to step up to the plate. That happens to be Luchador Salvador. After defeating Calaca, Salvador becomes obsessed with becoming the most powerful being in the Mexiverse. While Juan marries Lupita and has a family, Salvador rises to power, but having control over his own timeline isn’t enough. Salvador sets out in search of the Sacred Guacamole because he believes it will give him the power he seeks. His conquest sets off a chain reaction that nearly destroys the Mexiverse.
  • Lupita: Lupita is the daughter of El Presidente, Juan’s childhood friend, and in Guacamelee! 2, she’s also Juan’s wife. Together, Lupita and Juan have two children and have been married ever since Juan rescued her from Calaca. During their childhood, Lupita watched Juan attempt to fight someone larger and stronger than him. She admired his bravery and always supported his dream of becoming a luchador, even if it seemed impossible. Calaca planned to use Lupita as a sacrifice for power, but he also wanted to make her his bride.
  • Uay Chivo: Uay Chivo is an elderly hermit responsible for training powerful luchadors. He’s sort of like Philoctetes (Phil) from Disney’s Hercules. Phil trains Hercules to become a powerful hero, but Hercules isn’t the first. Phil is responsible for some of the greatest heroes (and their failures) to ever live. Uay Chivo fills this role in the Guacamelee! universe. He is also a member of the Council of Uay Chivos and he has the shape-shifting power to turn into a goat. Uay Chivos becomes Juan’s mentor and teaches him the Lucha Arts. At the beginning of Guacamelee! 2, Uay Chivos comes to fetch Juan when he realizes that The Darkest Timeline threatens the safety of the Mexiverse.
  • Tostada: Tostada is the secondary protagonist of the Guacamelee! series and if played in multiplayer, she’s actually a playable character. She is the Guardian of the Mask, meaning that she’s tied to the Mask that makes Juan a luchador. Throughout the first game, she acts as Juan’s companion. She can be an ally in combat or she’s just there for moral support. In Gaucamelee! 2, Juan needs to meet up with her again so she can help whip him into shape, so to speak. Juan isn’t prepared for the upcoming battle and Tostada helps make sure that he’s prepared for whatever comes next. Once again, she acts as Juan’s companion, helping him throughout the game.

Guacamelee! Titles in the Series

There are almost 10 official Guacamelee! titles in the series. Unfortunately, most of them are just re-releases and various versions of the original Guacamelee! While each version has different bonus content and even some added content here and there, the only title in the franchise that tells a new story is Guacamelee! 2.

  • Guacamelee! (April 2013)
  • Guacamelee! Gold Edition (August 2013)
  • Guacamelee!: Bundle Fantástico (2014) – This version of Guacamelee! includes the Costume Pack and El Diablo’s Domain DLC, which were additional add-ons for the base game. Instead of buying them separately, players can buy this bundle instead.
  • Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (2014) – This “definitive version” of Guacamelee! adds new content like new levels and powers. It’s essentially an upgrade of the Gold Edition.
  • Guacamelee!: Definite Collection (2015)
  • Guacamelee!: Super Turbo Championship Edition – Collector’s Edition (2016)
  • Guacamelee! 2 (2018)
  • Guacamelee! One-Two Punch Collection (2019) – This collection includes the Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition and Guacamelee! 2.

Currently, there is no confirmation that Guacamelee! 3 is happening, but after the success of the first two games, it’s always a possibility.

Guacamelee! 2 Cheats, Unlocks, & True Ending

Gaucamelee! 2 gameplay

Unfortunately, there aren’t many cheats, cheat codes, or exploits gamers can use for Guacamelee! 2. Most versions of this game are for console, which can be tricky to cheat on unless the developers include cheats to exploit on purpose. For gamers playing Guacamelee! 2 on PC, there are more options for modding or using cheat tables. SvT posted a Guacamelee! 2 cheat table on fearlessrevolution.com. This cheat table gives players access to things like unlimited health, stamina, jumps, gold, and in-air moves. It also unlocks cheats like easy kills, disable cooldowns, and freeze timers. In order to utilize this cheat table, the player will first need to have Cheat Engine installed.

Outside of mods and cheat tables, there isn’t much that can be done to alter the game or make it easier. That said, there are two different endings to the game, and one of them needs a certain set of requirements, so we’ll take a look at how to achieve the good ending. Drinkbox Studios also has fun with its projects, so while there may not be easy cheats for unlimited health, they do have a fun Easter egg that can be unlocked with a code input.

Shirtless Arachnid Person Costume Unlockable Cosmetic

The Shirtless Arachnid Person Costume is a clever little Easter egg that indirectly references everyone’s favorite superhero, Spider-Man. Drinkbox Studios announced the arrival of this cosmetic by redoing the announcement trailer with Juan wearing the Shirtless Arachnid Person Costume. The voiceover also changes so Juan introduces himself as “Shirtless Arachnid Man” in a voice surprisingly similar to a traditional Peter Parker voice.

Fortunately, Drinkbox Studios didn’t put this cosmetic behind a paywall. In fact, they told everyone how to unlock the cosmetic for free at the end of the Shirtless Arachnid Person Costume trailer. Players need to open the cosmetic shop in Guacamelee! 2 and then input the following code:

  • Shirtless Arachnid Person Costume Code: Down, down, up, up, right, left, right, left, up, left (↓↓↑↑→←→←↑←)

Achieving the Good Ending

Guacamelee! 2 has two endings. After saving the Mexiverse, Juan needs to try and get back to his family, but this proves nearly impossible. Juan returns to El Otromundo, a place where all the timelines connect, only to find an infinite number of portals all leading to different timelines. Juan must go through them one at a time to return to his family. In the Normal Ending, many years have passed. Juan finally finds his own timeline, where his family has been waiting for him for a very long time.

In the “Good” or “True” Ending, Juan is able to identify the portal leading to his timeline immediately and reunites with his family straight away. To achieve this, players need to clear the Chicken Illuminati’s crucible. After clearing the chicken challenges, Juan will meet the Holy Hen and she tells him that once he’s in El Otromundo, he needs to remove his Mask in order to find the correct portal home. This meeting allows him to identify the correct portal and return to his family immediately.

In order the get this ending, players will need to open a secret door in Prision ‘El Corazon’ that will take Juan to the Chicken Illuminati Headquarters. To open this door, players will need to collect five key pieces.

The 5 Key Pieces Locations:

  • Key #1: Infierno – Defeat the Cactuardo boss
  • Key #2: Templo de Jade – While in the Los Manglares zone, enter the temple through the entrance towards the south. Players need to use the chicken’s hover ability to reach the green river below the chicken passage.
  • Key #3: Isla Bonita – Go through Isla Bonita’s western door to find a skeleton chicken guarding Tule Tree Tops. Players can get to the platforming area by laying eggs, but they’ll need all the chicken abilities to navigate this place.
  • Key #4: Infierno – In the shaft towards the east, players will come across a lake of lava. Complete the platforming challenge to receive this key.
  • Key #5: Los Manglares – Exit the town through the lower left exit and drop down onto an enemy gauntlet. The enemy is hidden behind a yellow wall. Defeating it will reward players with the final key but this is one of the most challenging encounters in the game, so be prepared.

Guacamelee! 2 Cheats FAQs

Is Guacamelee! 2 hard?

The game’s difficulty is a matter of perspective. Each gamer will have their own skill set and will find different challenges easy or difficult depending on what they’re good at and what kind of games they routinely play. That said, Guacamelee! 2 is considered a hard game. Many fans of the series have warned new players about the immense challenge they’ll be taking on, so Guacamelee! 2 isn’t for the faint of heart.

Is Guacamelee 1 or 2 better?

This is another frequently asked question that relies more on personal opinion than fact. Both games have their merits and have been highly reviewed by critics and players. Which game is better really comes down to a matter of preference. That said, Guacamelee! 2 is a much newer game and improved on the original game’s design and mechanics, making it a much more fluid game to play. It feels like an update to the original’s base.

How long to beat Guacamelee! 2?

According to HowLongToBeat.com, if players solely focus on the main story, the game will take about eight and a half hours. If they do the main and side stories, it’ll be closer to 11 and a half hours, and a completionist runtime will bump that up to 15 and a half hours.

Which Guacamelee to play first?

For anyone who is just picking up the Guacamelee! series, they should start with the first game. Guacamelee! 2 is a direct sequel to the first game, so players may not understand the story if they haven’t played the original game. The sequel’s gameplay also builds upon the original’s, so knowing how to play the original game will hypothetically help players master Guacamelee! 2’s mechanics.

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