Neon White Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Neon White

Neon White Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Neon White is a first-person shooter and platforming game developed by Angel Matrix. The game was released in 2022 and received universal acclaim from fans and critics alike. Players loved the story, characters, level design, and incentive to speedrun levels. The game received multiple nominations for industry awards, including Game of the Year. Although there have been no sequel talks, fans cannot get enough of the game and its replay value,   

Neon White Premise

The game follows White, a sinner chosen from Hell to rid Heaven of demons. He joins other sinners, known as Neons, in a competition to see who can kill the most demons. They give each member of the group a mask to wear. If the Neons disobey orders or break rules, the masks will explode as they are bombs.

As the competition begins, players will defeat demons and interact with NPCs, some claiming to have known White while he was alive. The game incentivizes replaying levels to improve score and time, which can earn you a gold medal.   

Neon White

Neon White Main Characters

Players will spend most of their time as Neon White, completing levels and killing demons. You can interact with NPCs in between levels, providing more depth and character to the story. The game features a group of Neons, Angels, and Believers.  


  • Neon White
  • Neon Green
  • Neon Red
  • NeonViolet
  • Neon Yellow 
  • Neon Orange
  • Neon Olive 
  • Neon Teal
  • Neon Pink
  • Neon Smoke


  • Mikey
  • Gabby
  • Raz


  • Presider of Punishments
  • Master of Mercies

Neon White Video Games in the Series

Surprisingly, Neon White is the first and only game from Angel Matrix. While this may disappoint some players, its popularity allows for future games to be created. The creator has spoken about how he created the game because he was tired of “wholesome” games. The intention of Neon White was to be fun, over-the-top, and stupid.

Neon White Cheat Codes

Unfortunately for players, Neon White does not feature any cheat codes. Any alterations to the game would be through mods, glitches, or exploits. As game development becomes more advanced and with modding communities bigger than ever, there is less reason to add cheat codes to video games today. 

Some developers also believe that it will take away from the experience and immersion of the game. Neon White focuses a lot on replayability and having the players better themselves at levels. With cheat codes, this challenge would be taken away and ruin the game’s intended experience. 

One great way to change your gameplay is by completing achievements. While they will not grant you alterations, they do provide fun, new ways to play that can give you a challenge to work towards.

Mission 1 CompleteComplete Mission 1
Mission 2 CompleteComplete Mission 2
Mission 3 CompleteComplete Mission 3
Mission 4 CompleteComplete Mission 4
Mission 5 CompleteComplete Mission 5
Mission 6 CompleteComplete Mission 6
Mission 7 CompleteComplete Mission 7
Mission 8 CompleteComplete Mission 8
Mission 9 CompleteComplete Mission 9
Mission 10 CompleteComplete Mission 10
Mission 11 CompleteComplete Mission 11
Mission 12 CompleteComplete Mission 12
CannonballStomp off of the edge of a level
Vending MachineCollect ten cards from vending machines
Whole againUnlock all of White’s memories
100%Complete 100% of the game
Sweet DreamsUnlock one of Red’s memories
RedComplete your relationship with Red
Solitary GraceComplete Red’s Sidequests
TrinityUnlock one of Yellow’s memories
YellowComplete your relationship with Yellow
Don’t ThinkComplete Yellow’s Sidequests
VaultUnlock one of Violet’s memories
VioletComplete your relationship with Violet
Rigged GameComplete Violet’s Sidequests
MikeyComplete your relationship with Mikey
RazComplete your relationship with Raz
SouvenirFind a Strange Coin
AceEarn your first Ace medal
Mikey’s PetEarn 50% of the total Ace medals
Straight A’sEarn an Ace medal on every level
TrippyGet killed by a Tripwire
Not very effective…Use the Fists card
How thoughtfulGive your first gift
Gift CollectorCollect 50% of the total gifts
Gift HunterCollect all gifts
MimicDie from a Mimic’s bullet
ParryKill an enemy by parrying a bullet at them using the Katana card
White’s Heaven Rush CompleteComplete White’s Heaven Rush
White’s Hell Rush CompleteComplete White’s Hell Rush
Red’s Heaven Rush CompleteComplete Red’s Heaven Rush
Red’s Hell Rush CompleteComplete Red’s Hell Rush
Violet’s Heaven Rush CompleteComplete Violet’s Heaven Rush
Violet’s Hell Rush CompleteComplete Violet’s Hell Rush
Yellow’s Heaven Rush CompleteComplete Yellow’s Heaven Rush
Yellow’s Hell Rush CompleteComplete Yellow’s Hell Rush

Neon White Cheat Code FAQ

Does Neon White have cheat codes?

No, Neon White does not have any cheat codes. However, players should experience the game as the developers intended, as it stands as one of the greatest titles in recent years.

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