Greed is Good: The Best Businesses to Invest in Grand Theft Auto Online

Greed is Good: The Best Businesses to Invest in Grand Theft Auto Online

It isn’t all high-speed chases and sudden sprees of violence. There’s an underlying economic layer to Grand Theft Auto Online. The game can offer a unique blend of strategy, investment, and potential for huge returns. As the city of Los Santos buzzes with opportunities, players can immerse themselves in a variety of businesses, from illicit trade to high-stakes heists, ensuring that their criminal empire thrives.

Understanding which businesses to invest in can be the difference between a burgeoning bank account and wasted in-game hours. As Rockstar Games continually updates and evolves the world of Grand Theft Online, some ventures stand out more than others. It can offer players both consistent passive income and peak excitement. But what is the best route towards maximizing profits in Los Santos’ dynamic economy?

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The world of Arcades in Grand Theft Auto Online isn’t just about nostalgia or leisurely gaming sessions. While on the surface, players enjoy various arcade games and generate a modest passive income from them, the real value of these establishments lies in their connection to the Diamond Casino Heist. Purchasing an arcade allows players access to the “Master Control Terminal.” It serves as a hub for planning and executing this intricate and potentially highly profitable heist.

Owning an arcade in a strategically favorable location can significantly reduce travel time during heist prep missions, making the entire process more efficient. As for the heist itself, it offers a variety of approaches and potential outcomes. It ensures that no two heists are the same. Investing in an arcade serves dual purposes. It serves as a steady stream of passive income from game machines and the potential for massive payouts from the Diamond Casino Heist.


Venturing into the world of Bunkers, players find themselves deep within the underbelly of arms trading. These subterranean facilities are instrumental for researching and manufacturing high-end weaponry and military vehicles. The dual purpose of bunkers is immediately evident. They serve as both a passive income source and a hub for weapon and vehicle upgrades. By keeping the supply chains active, these bunkers produce stock over time that make for a considerable profit.

These benefits, however, come with the caveat of regular maintenance. Bunkers require consistent resupplying, either through direct purchases or daring supply runs. They can also be targeted by enemies, necessitating a keen defensive strategy. But for those who thrive in the world of armaments, bunkers are a goldmine.

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Organization VIP / CEO Work

Delving into CEO / VIP Work offers players a taste of white-collar crime. After purchasing an office, players can embark on a series of lucrative missions. These missions range from transporting high-value goods across the city to protecting assets from rival players. Beyond these immediate tasks, owning an office is also a gateway to even more profitable ventures. It allows players to invest in warehouses where they can store and later sell stolen goods, ranging from narcotics to luxury vehicles.

The import / export business model provides substantial profits, with the potential to earn millions from a single sale. However, the high-reward nature of these tasks also means higher risks. Rival players are always on the prowl, looking to intercept and hijack shipments. Thus, while CEO / VIP work promises vast riches, it also demands astute strategy and sometimes even collaboration with other players for protection.


Hangars introduce players to the exhilarating domain of smuggling operations. Located within major airports and military bases, hangars allow players to store and customize aircraft. Their primary function is to facilitate the air-freight business. Players source and steal contraband ranging from narcotics to animal products and store them in their hangars. One of the highlights of this venture is the diversity of missions, often requiring players to pilot a range of aircraft, engage in aerial dogfights, or stealthily infiltrate guarded zones. However, the airborne nature of these missions implies inherent risks, such as anti-aircraft defenses and rival players looking to shoot down cargo planes. Despite the challenges, mastering the skies can result in significant financial gains for those willing to take the plunge.

Motorcycle Club

The Motorcycle Club – MC – Businesses transport players into the rough-and-tumble world of biker gangs. With the promise of lucrative rewards, these operations primarily revolve around the production and distribution of illegal goods. Operations range from narcotics like methamphetamine and cocaine to counterfeit cash operations. Starting up is straightforward. After purchasing a clubhouse, players can buy various factories and production facilities.

However, this venture is not without risks. Rival players and NPC enemies can raid these establishments, potentially leading to significant losses. Furthermore, the need to continually resupply these businesses, either by purchasing or stealing supplies, ensures players stay engaged and attentive. For those willing to dive deep into the world of organized crime, MC Businesses offer robust earning potential, but they also demand strategic planning and a bit of grit.


Nightclubs serve as dual entities in Grand Theft Auto Online. On the one hand, they’re buzzing hubs for entertainment, allowing players to enjoy the immersive experience of owning and operating a thriving nocturnal venue. They offer various customization options, from picking DJs to choreographing light shows. This gives players a unique opportunity to shape their business’s atmosphere, directly impacting the club’s popularity and income.

Beneath this vibrant facade lies a more clandestine operation. Nightclubs also function as a facade for illicit trading. Using the basement of the nightclub, players can consolidate goods from their other less-than-legal businesses and then sell them off in bulk. This passive income generation, paired with the legitimate earnings from entrance fees, makes nightclubs a valuable investment for diversifying revenue streams.

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