How to Make Money in Grand Theft Auto V

How to Make Money in Grand Theft Auto V

They say “Money makes the world go round.” While that belief is debated in the real world, it’s certainly true in Grand Theft Auto V. The in-game currency can be used to buy expulsive weapons, fast supercars, and snazzy customizable apparel. If you want to make the world of GTA V your very own playground, you’ll need cold hard cash to make it happen. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t just make it rain thousands of dollars on you. Luckily, there’s a way to get rich quickly in GTA V. Here’s how.

How Does Money Work?

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In GTA V, money works almost like it does in the real world. It can be used to live out a life of luxury and deck your avatar out in the finest gear. A variety of tattoos, haircuts, and clothes can be bought with your hard-earned money. The in-game currency can also be used to make your criminal life even easier. Use your money to buy top-of-the-line vehicles and vehicle mods to out-race the cops. Weapons and weapon mods are also purchasable, making your violent rampages through the city even more lethal.

Although GTA encourages you to make as much money as possible, there is a hard limit to how rich you can get in the game. Characters in both online and offline mode can hold a maximum of $2,147,483,647 on their person. This is due to the computing limit of the game’s programming language. Fun fact: 2,147,483,647 is the maximum high score for many different games. So GTA V Players will have to settle with being billionaires.

How to Make Fast Cash?


When you first start GTA V, it can be difficult to get the ball rolling on your criminal empire. The quickest way to make money is by doing street crimes. Players can perform robberies at general stores and corner markets for quick payouts. Sticking up the cashier with your gun and shooting around them can make them hand over the cash much faster. Some stores also have a second register that can be shot open for even more money. Robbing multiple stores back to back will raise your wanted level quickly. Additionally, hitting the same store multiple times will prompt the cashier to get a gun and fight back the next time you try to rob them.

Random NPCs out on the street can also be a source of income who can be held up for the cash on them, just like the store clerks. NPCs that have recently visited an ATM tend to have more cash on them than the average person. It might be worth it to stake out a nearby ATM for that extra bonus.

Another way to get a quick payout on the mean streets of Los Santos is by robbing armored trucks. These vehicles can appear randomly on the map at any time. The armored trucks can often carry well over $5,000 dollars, making them worth targeting. Players have to take out the truck’s drivers and blow open the back doors. All it takes is some quick violence, and you’re rolling in the big bucks.

Missions Give Big Payouts

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GTA V’s missions and heists are the best ways to make money. Lester offers assassination missions on powerful CEOs for substantial rewards. Completing GTA V’s main and side missions is a great way of earning money at a natural pace. Players can also perform side activities to make some extra cash while progressing through the campaign. Players can scuba dive and explore underwater shipwrecks for lost treasure. Street races also give out a hefty payout. Franklin’s special driving talent and vehicle customizations make winning races a lot easier.

GTA V heists tend to give the biggest payouts out of any of the game’s activities. Although preparing for heists does require you to spend money on equipment, vehicles, and crews, the payout more than covers the initial costs. Pulling off the perfect heist can be one of the most financially rewarding things you do in GTA V.

Make Your Money Work For You

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At a certain point in the game, your money can start to earn income for you on its own. This is mostly done through two different methods in GTA V. The first method is investing in the stock market. GTA V has two stock exchanges, BAWSAQ and Liberty City National Exchange. Both of these stock exchanges react to the game’s events and change as time passes. Players can buy stocks at low prices and then sell high for a nice profit. The best part about the stock market is that it can be manipulated to your advantage. The assassination missions for Lester can drastically affect a stock’s value. Buying and selling stocks at just the right time can be an easy way of getting rich.

The second method to earning passive income is purchasing businesses throughout Los Santos. After buying a business, players receive weekly payouts depending on how well the business performed that week. Owning certain businesses gives additional perks to players, like free taxi services, free car customizations, or mission unlocks. Using these methods, players don’t even have to work to fill their bank accounts.

Money in GTA Online

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When it comes to GTA Online, money works like it does in the campaign. Players can do street crimes, missions, heists, and various game modes to make money. While you’re stacking money, it’s important to remember that in Free Mode, other players can mug or kill you for a portion of the money on you. The best practice is to transfer the majority of your money to your bank account and only keep a small amount on your person for ammo and armor purchases. Your bank account in GTA Online can hold a maximum of $9,223,372,036,854,775,807. Far more than enough to purchase anything you could want in the game.

The online version of the game has one more option to make money, but it requires you to spend real-world cash. GTA Online offers microtransactions where players can purchase Cash Cardso that are converted into the in-game currency. The largest value Cash Card you can purchase is the Megalodon Shark Cash Card for $99.99, worth $10,000,000 in-game.

Certain players might be tempted to find an infinite money glitch or cheat code to avoid spending real money or taking the time to complete missions. Unfortunately, neither GTA V nor GTA Online has a built-in cheat code for infinite money. Players are also highly discouraged from hacking the game for more money. The game’s publisher, Rockstar Games, deals out pretty severe punishments for players caught cheating. Players can end up isolated on a server exclusively for hackers or get permanently banned. Money never comes easy.

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