Grand Theft Auto Online Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC

Grand Theft Auto Online Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC

Grand Theft Auto Online is the online gameplay mode of Grand Theft Auto V, the fifth iteration of the classic game series that has been popular for decades. Historically, GTA has been known for its powerful and, sometimes hilarious, cheat codes that have allowed players to push the boundaries of gameplay while playing single-player campaign mode. Classic cheats like Invincibility, flaming bullets, anti-gravity jumping, and more have entertained players in the past. However, GTA Online does not have cheat codes available to enhance gameplay. 

The reason? GTA Online players are playing on the same map simultaneously, so using cheat codes would create an uneven playing field and an unsatisfactory user experience. However, Rockstar, GTA’s parent company, does sell “Shark Cards,” allowing players to spend real currency for in-game currency. This is another reason why the cheat codes are off the table in online play because it would devalue “Shark Cards” to a large extent.

When trying to enter the classic GTA V cheat codes, simply nothing will happen. Some developers have hacked the GTA Online platform before and have sold “mod menus” to players that would allow you to hack gameplay in GTA Online, but Rockstar has been handing out permanent account bans to those who try the move now. So, essentially, the only way to make big money for your player in GTA Online is to either grind it out in gameplay or purchase a Shark Card. However, there are smarter ways than others to make money, let’s go through them.


Heists are the best way to progress your character in GTA Online, but they are the most difficult to complete. This is because heists require teamwork with other online players, and if you’re working with random players, especially those without mics, it can be very difficult to coordinate a plan of attack well. Heists are the best way for a new player to advance their GTA Online career and a quick way to lock down some high-end items. 

The heists themselves are broken down into set-up missions and then a finale. The set-ups are less difficult, and don’t carry as much weight in terms of rewards. But, they must be done to reach the finale. The finale often entails a sum of money, expensive items, or a rare opportunity.

It’s best for a new player to mess around on the map a bit and become familiar with the gameplay mechanics before going straight into a Heist as the difficulty level is relatively high. Also, players on a Heist team are required to distribute their earnings after the finale, which can of course go sideways with random players.

The next level of Heists

Reaching Rank 12 online will open a slew of new opportunities for GTA Online players like inhabiting a luxury apartment, and unlocking four-player co-op Heists. A character named “Lester” will call you upon reaching Rank 12, and you’ll need to go meet him on the map to advance to this level of gameplay. After this moment, Lester will periodically call you with Heist offerings, or you can choose to call him and see what heists are available. 

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GTA Online requires players to wait about 15 minutes between Heists, and Heists can be played on either Easy, Normal, or Hard. Normal earns a player double the total of Easy mode, and Hard earns the player 25% more than Normal mode.

Once you request or accept a Heist from Lester, you will become the Heist Leader, and you can then invite any player who has played the GTA Online tutorial and finished the first LTS job from Gerald. Being a Heist Leader will also allow you to divy up the payment after a Heist. Communicating amongst your Heist Team about roles and payouts before playing will always work out for a better gameplay experience.

Heist Mission Payouts

Heist #1 – The Fleeca Job

Cost to play – $11,500

Total Payout – $100,625 (Easy), $251,562 (Normal), $251,562 (Hard)

Items unlockable – Kuruma and armored Kuruma vehicles

Elite finish credentials – Finish in under 5:20, take no more than six percent car damage, have no team members deaths.

Mission element #1 – Drive Lester to scout the bank for a heist, then drive to warehouse. 

Mission element #2 – Steal the Kuruma vehicle guard by gangsters and take it to warehouse. 

Best strategy – Have one player act as security while a different team member drives the stolen vehicle to the bank. Once security is handled, the players should both be at the bank, with one handling intimidation and the other robbing. 

Heist #2 – The Prison Break

Cost to play – $25,000

Total Payout – $350,000 (Easy), $700,000 (Normal), $875,000 (Hard)

Items unlockable – Lampadati Casco vehicle, and Principe Lectro motorbike

Elite finish credentials – Finish in less than 4:40 minutes, Rashkovsky takes less than 1 percent damage, and no player deaths. 

Mission element #1 – Fight the Vagos at the airport so a member of your team can steal a Velum plane and fly it to Los Santos International Airport. 

Mission element #2 – Steal a prison bus and evade police. 

Mission element #3 – Steal a police car, enter the precinct, steal the prison transfer schedule and take it back to the apartment. Team members must then drive Rashkovsky’s Casco vehicle and drop it off for him. 

Mission element #4 – Have one group of team members take care of the associate, then have the others kill the lawyer and steal the deposition. 

Heist #3 – Human Labs Raid

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Cost to play – $25.000

Total payout – $472,500 (Easy), $945,000 (Normal), $1,181,250 (Hard)

Unlockable items – Buckingham Valkyrie helicopter, Mammoth Hydra military jet, Nagasaki Dinghy boat, HVY Insurgent military vehicle, and armored HVY Insurgent, night vision mask, and Rebreather mask. 

Elite finish credentials – Finish is less than 11 minutes, take less than two percent vehicle damage, and have no teammate deaths. 

Mission element #1 – Two players must work together to steal a keycard from a target. It would be optimal two have two additional team members to stand guard. 

Mission element #2  – Steal two Insurgents from Merryweather. You can have a gunner in each stolen vehicle as they are armed vehicles. 

Mission element #3 – Steal an EMP from a Hydra jet on the naval carrier and get it back to the rendezvous point. If you could have team members pilot jets to help the Hydra thief get it back for you, that would be optimal. 

Mission element #4 – Steal the Valkyrie helicopter from Merryweather’s base. There are a plethora of ways to accomplish this element. 

Mission element #5 – Steal an LAPV with the EMP inside, drive it to Humane Labs and park it there. Pro tip, if you have a silencer for your weapon, use to to stay stealthy. 

From there, have team members equip night vision goggles and steal the files from the lab. The remaining team members will transport the files when retrieved and fight off any challengers while the robbery occurs. 

Additional info: To access element three, the Heist host must have also hosted The Fleeca Job and The Prison Break. 

Heist #4 – Series A Funding

Cost to play – $25,000

Total payout – $353,500 (Easy), $707,000 (Normal), $883,750 (Hard)

Unlockable items: Karin Technical armored pickup truck, Discounted Mule moving truck

Elite finish credentials: Finish in less than 6:30, kill 75+ enemies, and have no team members die. 

Mission element #1 – Steal drugs from a yacht. The best strategy would be to have a group go by air and a group go by water. The air team can provide cover for the robbery or fly over the yacht by air to drop off a player. Then, grab all the items and make it back to land. 

Mission element #2 – Steal a garbage truck and collect garbage bags from four separate spots. 

Mission element #3 – Take out enemies in the trailer park. Do this best by approaching via boat with silenced weapons. Steal the van from the trailer park and escape. 

Mission element #4 – Defeat the enemies and steal the trucks, all while looking out for attackers and the train. 

Mission element #5 – Kill the enemies located at the farm, steal the tanker and protect the tanker from bullets and damage. 

Semi-truck in Grand Theft Auto 5

Heist #5 – The Pacific Standard Job

Cost to play – $25,000

Total Payout – $750,000 (Easy), $1,500,000 (Normal), $1,875,000 (Hard)

Unlockable items: Savage helicopter, Principe Lectro motorbike, Gang Burrito van 

Elite finish credentials: Finish in under 10:15 minutes, avoid NOOSE being called, and no player dies

Mission element #1 – Take pictures of the van’s license plates, then listen to Lester, he will tell you which one to steal. Then, drive it back to him. 

Mission element #2 – Take the transponder from the stolen van to an island where Avi is hiding. You need to engage in a battle with police on the island, optimally from a team member inside the helicopter. Then, get to Ari within the time limit. 

Mission element #3 – Find the white can and take it Vinewood Blvd. There will be a group of enemies waiting there for you, defeat them, grab the needed equipment, and place it in the van. Then, deliver the equipment and trash the van. 

Mission element #4 – Ambush the convoy and steal the military truck. It would help to block the road as best as you can. Also, be sure to keep the stolen truck in good condition amongst the heist. Get the truck to the goal area with cover from teammates. 

Mission element #5 – Head to the Lost’s clubhouse and rob them of their Lectro motorbikes. You will have to fight them while keeping the bikes intact before the getting them to their drop-off point. 

Extra Payouts

First Person – Complete all Heist setups and finales in first person mode for $100,000

First Time – Finish each Heist for the first time for $100,000

Loyalty – Play all of the Heists and their setup missions chronologically for $1,000,000. 

All in Order – Play all the Heists and setups in chronological order for a $1,000,000 bonus.

Criminal Mastermind – Play all Heists and setups on Hard, chronologically, with the same team, with no deaths for a $10,000,000 bonus

Additional tips

If you are the Heist host, make sure to check the settings for the Heist. You should save a player outfit that involves a combat vest for extra protection. This will cut the damage you take on in half. It does slightly slow down your character, but the benefits far outweigh that. 

Don’t forget to load up on ammo before a Heaist. Also, load up on snacks to keep your team’s evergy and stamina up. 

Do dry runs of mission routes on the map before starting a Heist. If you are aware of the map and any potential dangers on the road, you can complete the mission much faster. 

Use the armored Kuruma vehicle to essentially have a mobile bunker. It’s protection is quite impressive. 

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Use a mask to lower police wanted levels.

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