Best Weapons in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Diego Mendez in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories artwork.

Best Weapons in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

In the adrenaline-pumping world of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the right weapon can make all the difference between owning the streets and becoming just another statistic in the turf war. With an array of guns, explosives, and melee options to choose from, players can customize their violent rampages in countless ways. Players can choose their firearm based on whether they are on a mission or spontaneously creating havoc.

The game offers a mix of classic and exotic weapons, each with its unique characteristics and tactical advantages. The Miami-inspired streets of Vice City feature everything from the one-shot kill potential of the Equalizer or the Sniper Rifle to the sweeping destruction of the Minigun. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the best weapons the game has to offer, their capabilities, and where you can get them.


The Equalizer is a powerful revolver that is excellent for precision shots. However, it limits the player to standing still while firing. Its magazine can hold 6 rounds and is lethal enough to kill enemies in a single shot. This handgun can’t be bought in stores, instead, it’s found in specific locations around the map. This is a great choice if money is tight and you simply want something effective against single targets. Mind you, it’s definitely not the best choice when you have to dispatch a horde of gangsters running at you.

Phil Cassidy holding a gun in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories for PSP.
Phil Cassidy is a gun lover and an arms dealer.

Spaz 12

The Spaz 12 shotgun is your go-to weapon for massive damage, be it Vice City or Vice City Stories. It is pretty much the opposite of the Equalizer in that it is most effective against multiple enemies. The Spaz 12 can mow down massive amounts of opposing gang members in just a matter of moments, and is powerful enough even to destroy vehicles, if that is needed. It’s one of the best weapons around, especially if you don’t have an automatic weapon in hand. Also considering that it’s not that hard to get your hands on, it’s a valuable choice. You can buy this weapon at the Ocean Beach Ammu-Nation for $4,000.


The M249 is a heavy weapon that can obliterate almost anything in its path with its rapid fire rate. It can unload over 100 rounds a minute and destroy vehicles in mere seconds. It is excellent for Rampage missions and is included in the missions Farewell to Arms. This gun is the favorite of many GTA fans and for a good reason. Like the Equalizer, the M249 isn’t available in stores but can be found in particular locations or acquired in specific missions. You can find it at the InterGlobal Films studio. In addition, you can make it spawn in each safehouse by shooting all the 99 red balloons.


The Minigun is unmatched in its firepower, featuring an almost endless belt of ammunition and an incredible rate of fire. This weapon is perfect for mowing down hordes of enemies and their vehicles. Once you’ve acquired this weapon, there’s no amount of enemies that you cannot dispatch in just a few seconds. After completing the mission Farewell to Arms, you can purchase the Minigun at the Vice Point Ammu-Nation for $15,000. Also, once the player conquers Phil’s Shooting Range challenge, the price drops to a more manageable $11,500. 

A character with a gun walking away from a car.
Both cars and weaponry are crucial to success in the game.

Rocket Launcher

If automatic weapons aren’t enough, the Rocket Launcher is the answer. This is the epitome of destructive power, capable of firing explosive rockets that annihilate targets in a heartbeat. This heavy weapon can be bought at the Ocean Beach Ammu-Nation for $9,000 after completing the mission Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out. Like with the Minigun, you can decrease Rocket Launcher’s price by completing the Phil’s Shooting Range challenge. After that, the weapon can be snagged for $6,750. If you are out of money, it can also be found on Starfish Island, in front of one of the houses.

Laser Sniper

The Laser Sniper is a specialized sniper rifle that offers immense precision thanks to its laser sight. It’s perfect for situations that require accurate long-range shots and can kill enemies in one shot. The gun is designed after the legendary Dragunov and is the optimal firearm for assassinations. You can buy this at the Vice Point Ammu-Nation for $8,000, and the price will decrease after completing the Phil’s Shooting Range challenge. The lowered price will be $6,000. If you don’t want to pay for weapons, one can also be found on the roof of the police station.

Sniper Rifle

The standard Sniper Rifle is ideal for taking out enemies from a distance, although it has a low fire rate and slow reload speed. So keep in mind that you don’t want to use this to fight a mob. Instead, it’s one of the weapons you’ll want for tasks that require stealth and precision. One is available for purchase at the Ocean Beach Ammu-Nation for $6,000 after completing the It’s mission From Zero To Hero, with the price dropping to $4,500 after Phil’s Shooting Range challenge completion. Those who want it without paying the price, at least a monetary one, can find one on the roof of the Washington Beach Police Station and in the northern part of Starfish Island after completing From Zero To Hero. Also popping 80 red balloons grants the Sniper Rifle in every safehouse.


Grenades are perfect for when you want to blow things up. Just pull the pin, throw it, and watch as it turns your enemies into dust. However, one needs to be more careful with these than ordinary weapons, as the blast can also easily harm you. Toss it too close, and you’ll be the one feeling the consequences. You can purchase grenades at the Vice Point and Downtown Ammu-Nation stores for $360 each. As with many previously mentioned arms, this one too drops in price after completing Phil’s Shooting Range challenge. The price decreases to $270 per grenade. There are also a few spots where you can find them without paying anything. Grenades spawn behind the hospital near the helipad in Ocean Beach, near the center of an apartment complex the the Island Bridge in Washington Beach, and on Little Haiti next to one of the shacks. 


The Chainsaw in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is a brutal melee weapon that is capable of dealing absolute devastation. It easily dispatches enemies that are brave enough to come close to a Vic equipped with the tree chopper. It is undoubtedly one of the most lethal melee weapons in the game. However, more importantly, in this case, it is all about style. Vice City Chainsaw Massacre, anyone? What makes it a great early-game option is the fact that it is very easy to acquire. Just head behind the Hardcore Pawn Store in the Ocean Beach district and grab yourself one. If you happen to be in the mission Leap and Bound, Chainsaw can also be grabbed from one of the Sharks.

Vice City anniversary trailer chainsaw
Chainsaw is found in many GTA games, including Vice City.


The Flamethrower in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories offers a unique and terrifying way to engage with enemies. Whether you’re aiming at a group of enemies or a single target, the Flamethrower burns them down in no time. This is a great option for close combat with multiple enemies. Even vehicles can be set on fire and left to explode. Like Chainsaw, it might not be the most effective weapon in the game, but it deals plenty of damage and does it in style. There’s no other weapon to substitute for the satisfaction of spitting flames. Players can equip the Flamthrower in one of the best missions in the game, Light My Pyre. One also spawns in an alley in Prawn Island, and you can get it in all your safehouses by popping 70 red balloons.


There are a ton of great weapons in the game, and there’s no objective way to rank the weapons. Much of it depends on the style of play, the mission, and the aims of the player. In addition to the above weapons, there are other great options that are perfectly good for dispatching enemies and having fun with. These include classic automatic weapons, found in many GTA titles, like the AK and the Assault Rifle.

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