Among Us Cheats & Cheat Codes

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Among Us Cheats & Cheat Codes

Among Us is the multiplayer mega-hit that has captivated casual and hardcore gamers alike since 2020, even though it was released in 2018. You and other players assume the roles of miniature space people who are split into two teams — Crewmates and Imposters. The Crewmates try to complete all their tasks, while the Imposters try to stop the Crewmates from doing so with lethal force. The winning team is the last team standing. Innersloth developed and published the game.

Among Us Premise

Among Us is a social deduction game that features four to 15 players. You will assume the role of one of many colored astronauts, complete with many customization options. Players are then split into two teams: Crewmates, who are the good guys trying to complete tasks and survive, and the Imposters, the villainous backstabbers who want to throw the crew into chaos by any means necessary.

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Imposters have a few tricks at their disposal, including the ability to kill Crewmates, tamper with various systems, and traverse through vents. A new update to the game also lets Imposters shapeshift into another crew member. Imposters must be careful to not get caught doing evil or risk being reported by the crew and sent out of the ship.

The Crewmates win by completing all their tasks or by voting off Imposters during meetings. Imposters win by killing all the Crewmates, successfully disabling critical systems like oxygen tanks, or surviving meetings to the point where they outnumber the remaining Crewmates.

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Among Us Main Characters

The vibrantly-colored bean-shaped space people that populate the game are the main characters of Among Us. Players will refer to their comrades as these colors, such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, etc.

Among Us Titles of Video Games in the Series

  • Among Us (2018)
  • Among Us VR (2022)

Among Us Cheat Codes

Since Among Us is a multiplayer game, there are no traditional cheat codes available. Cheating goes against the game’s anti-cheat system. Cheating can result in a ban. Anyone offering hacks, and cheats in Among Us is likely a scammer and downloading these can damage your computer or mobile device.

Among Us Cheat FAQs

What are the Among Us colors?

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Black
  • White
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Cyan
  • Lime
  • Maroon
  • Rose
  • Banana
  • Gray
  • Coral
  • Tan

What is the secret code to become an Imposter?

There is no code to become an Imposter. The game randomly chooses Imposters at the start of a round.

Do certain colors get Imposter more?

No. The game randomly selects the Imposter at the beginning of each round. Color, customization options, names, or any other options have zero impact on your role.

What are the roles in Among Us?

A new update added specialized roles to the game that allow Crewmates and Imposters alike a new gameplay experience, such as:

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NameRoleExclusive Mechanic
CrewmatesCrewmatesCan be killed by Imposters.
ImpostersImpostersCan kill Crewmates, sabotage systems, and use vents.
GhostCrewmates/ImpostersCan chat, move through walls and other collision items, can move quickly, can see more than living players, cannot save Crewmates from sabotages, and cannot interact with items.
EngineerCrewmatesCan use vents but only for a short time and with a long cooldown.
Guardian AngelCrewmateCast a protective shield around another living player that prevents them from being killed.
ScientistCrewmateHas a portable Vitals monitor that can see which players are alive.
ShapeshifterImposterCan transform into another player for a limited time.
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