Evil Dead: the Game, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: the Game, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Evil Dead: The Game is an action, first-person shooter developed by Saber Interactive and released in 2022. The game received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Players praised the game’s faithfulness to the source material and fun character design. However, the janky progression system and lack of balance and updates were criticized.  

Evil Dead: The Game Premise

Evil Dead: The Game is an asymmetrical multiplayer game. Asymmetrical games have different roles for players while still sharing the same mechanics. These types of games can include titles like Dead by Daylight, Evolve, and Overwatch

Four players take on the role of survivors with four different classes. These classes are Leaders, Warriors, Hunters, and Supports. Four players will battle against one Demon controlled by another player in a 4v1 multiplayer battle. Survivors attempt to perform a ritual that will rid the world of all evil while the Demon tries to kill them. 

Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game Main Characters

Players can take control of classic characters from the Evil Dead series, along with fan-favorite Ash Williams, played by Bruce Campbell. Each character is designated to a specific class.

  • Hunters: Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2), Amanda Fisher, Ed Getley, Kelly Maxwell
  • Leaders: Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead TV Series), Annie Knowbury, Lord Arthur
  • Support: Ash Williams (Evil Dead), Cheryl Williams, Pablo Simon Bolivar
  • Warriors: Ash Williams (Army of Darkness), Henry the Red, Scotty
  • Necromancers: Evil Ash (Boss), Skeleton Elite, Skeleton
  • Puppeteers: Eligos (Boss), Deadite Berserker, Demi Eligos
  • Warlords: Henrietta (Boss), Deadite Elite, Deadite

Evil Dead: The Game Video Games in the Series

While no more games exist in the series created by Saber Interactive, the devs have a long history of tiles. While some of them are remasters and remakes of other games, there are some original titles as well.  

  • Snowrunner (2021)
  • WWE 2K Battlegrounds (2020)
  • Mudrunner (2020)
  • World War Z (2019)
  • God Mode (2013)
  • Crysis Remastered (2021)

Evil Dead: The Game Cheat Codes

Unfortunately for players, Evil Dead: The Game has no cheat codes. The game is multiplayer, first and foremost, meaning that any cheats a player uses would give them an unfair advantage.

In-game purchases are made available for players, and cheats would take away from the developers’ revenue, hurting future titles. Additionally, the game is no longer supported as of September 2023, meaning a feature will never be added by the developers.   

Evil Dead: The Game


The Deadite SlayerKill 500 demon basic units
Just warming upKill 50 demon elite units
Who’s laughing now?Kill 10 boss units
That’s gotta hurt!Perform 10 special attacks
Who’s next, huh?Perform 100 finishers
Never leave a friend behindRevive an incapacitated teammate 30 times
Back from the deadResurrect 10 teammate’s souls at an altar
Books From BeyondSuccessfully collect 20 Lost Pages
Light-BringerTurn on 50 light sources
Swallow this!Kill 10 Deadites with a headshot
Knuckle SandwichKill a Deadite with your bare hands
Guiding LightFind 300 items with the flashlight
Not today, demonFree 10 possessed teammates
Dark ThirtyWin 30 matches as a Survivor
Back to the DeadlandsDefeat the Dark Ones
Boss of BossesKill 20 boss units
Fully LoadedFully upgrade 5 survivor categories using Pink F points
Weapon of ChoiceKill 50 Deadites with a legendary weapon
Truly amazingUnlock all of a survivor’s unique skills
Hail to the king, babyReach the maximum level with a Survivor
PuppetmasterPossess 50 basic units
Control FreakPossess 25 elite units
Be the bossPossess 10 boss units
Join us!Possess 10 Survivors
ArmageddonWin 30 matches as a demon
Effortless EvilWin a match as a demon without possessing a boss unit
Make like a treePossess a tree and hit two Survivors at once
One by one we will take youKill a Survivor as a possessed survivor
Dead By DawnKill 10 Survivors as a boss unit
I may be bad, but I feel goodFully upgrade 4 categories using Infernal Upgrade Points
Out of the cellarUnlock all of a demon’s unique skills
We shall be againReach the maximum level with a demon
GroovyReach the maximum user level

Secret achievements

Hand ShakeHide Ash’s hand in a chest and scare a survivor who opens it
RoadkillRun over 50 Deadites with a car
Classic RideDrive the Delta 88 while playing as Ash
I’m driving here!Honk a car’s horn
Taxi!Drive a car with all your teammates in it
OG SurvivorsFinish a match with Ash (The Evil Dead), Cheryl and Scotty in your team
Second TeamFinish a match with Ash (Evil Dead 2), Annie Knowby and Ed Getley in your team
Medieval ModeFinish a match with Ash (Army of Darkness), Lord Arthur and Henry the Red in your team
Jacksonville, here we come!Finish a match with Ash (Ash vs Evil Dead), Kelly and Pablo on your team
The Four HorsemenFinish a match with four Ashes on your team
You can’t outrun EvilRun over a Survivor with a possessed car

Evil Dead: The Game Cheat Codes FAQ

Does Evil Dead: The Game have cheat codes?
No, unfortunately, for players, there are no cheat codes available to use. As the game is multiplayer only, cheat codes would give an unfair advantage to certain players. 

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