The Best Flying-Type Pokemon, Ranked

The Best Flying-Type Pokemon, Ranked

It’s often said that the person who controls the skies controls the battle. Flying-type Pokemon prove that saying is true. These typically winged Pokemon dominate the air and attack their opponents from high above. Flying-type Pokemon are super effective against against Bug-, Fighting-, and Grass-type Pokémon. They also have an immunity to Ground-type moves, which makes them particularly dangerous in battle.

With 10.93% of the Pokemon population being Flying-type, there are a lot of options for who you want to add to your team. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you narrow down that list and help you decide who is going to be the aerial fighter on your team. We’ve organized a list of the strongest Flying-type Pokemon that will let you master the sky.


©Image of Noivern

If you want a Pokemon that flies at supersonic speeds, then you want Noivern. Of all the Pokemon on this list, Noivern is the fastest by far. With a Speed of 123, it’s almost guaranteed that Noivern will go first in battle. With its diverse pool of moves, Noivern is the perfect hit-and-run Pokemon to bring into battle. Its Dragon-typing doesn’t hurt things either.

Noivern does pay a relatively steep cost for its high Speed. This Pokemon doesn’t hit as hard physically as other Pokemon on this list. Noivern’s Abilities aren’t anything game-changing either. Despite not excelling in all stats, Noivern is still a top contender for the strongest Flying-type.


A gifted Charizard in Pokémon Violet

©JayShockblast / The Pokémon Company

It’s no surprise that one of the most beloved Pokemon to ever exist made its way onto this list. Charizard has always been a champion of a Pokemon, and that’s especially true when it comes to Flying-type Pokemon. Not only does Charizard have high stats in Speed and Special Attack, but it also has multiple forms to choose from.

Charizard has two Mega Evolutions and a Gigantamax Form. Mega Charizard Y gets a 100-point boost to its base stat total and a major upgrade to its Attack and Special Defense stats. With so many options, Charizard can do pretty much a little of everything with some tweaking. Charizard has absolutely earned its reputation as a powerhouse Pokemon.


Togekiss Flying Pokemon show screenshot

Togekiss reminds players that big things come in small packages. Who would have guessed that the little egg Pokemon, Togepi, would evolve into a terror of the skies? Togekiss is one of the bulkier Flying-type Pokemon, with a high HP, Defense, and Special Defense stat. The Fairy-typing also helps Togekiss handle those Dragon-type Pokemon that typically dominate battles.

The only thing really holding Togekiss back is its lack of attack power. Togekiss can do some serious damage with the right moves, but it doesn’t have the same destructive power as the other Pokemon on this list. Togekiss is much better at tanking hits and using supportive moves to set up your other Pokemon for victory.


©Image of Dragonite

It’s now time for the pseudo-legendary Pokemon to shine. These Pokemon have always been considered top tiers, and for good reason. Dragonite is tied for the highest base stat total of any non-legendary Flying-type, at 600. While Togekiss is bulky, Dragonite is a true iron wall. With an impressively high HP, Defense, and Special Defense stat, there’s not much that can take Dragonite down.

Dragonite’s Abilities also help with its durability. Multiscale reduces damage when at full HP, and Inner Focus prevents flinching so Dragonite doesn’t get stun locked. Dragonite also has the killer Attack power that Togekiss lacked. The relatively low Speed is honestly what keeps Dragonite from being a perfect Pokemon.


Mega Salamence

Although Salamence has the same base stat total as Dragonite, there are a few things that put it over the top. While it doesn’t have as high defensive stats, it more than makes up for it with better HP, offensive stats, and Speed. If Dragonite is an iron wall, then Salamence is a fighter jet with heat-seeking missiles.

If that wasn’t good enough for you, Salamence also has a mega-evolution that takes it to even further heights. Its base stat total jumps up to 700, and its Attack becomes an insane 145. Salamence has truly earned the title of the strongest Flying-type Pokemon. You’ll have a difficult time finding a Pokemon that can beat Mega Salamence that isn’t a legendary Pokemon.

Legendary Pokemon

Artwork showing the Galarian forms of Moltres, Articuno, and Zapados from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Legendary Pokemon are the closest things to gods in the world of Pokemon. These creatures can cause cataclysmic natural disasters, create alternate realities, and grant wishes. Not only are the legendary Pokemon powerful in the lore, but they’re also powerful in battle too. Legendary Pokemon tend to have better stats, moves, and Abilities. It wouldn’t be fair to have these gods competing against the normal Pokemon, so we’ve put them on their own list.


©Image of Zapdos

Generation I introduced players to the iconic legendary birds of Kanto. Each of these three birds are Flying-types, and they all have a base stat total of 580, so it can be hard to figure out which one is best. The thing that makes Zapdos superior is its typing. Both Artiuno and Moltres are vulnerable to Electric-type moves.

Zapdos also has impressive Speed and Special Attack stats, which is perfect for Electric types. The other stats aren’t anything to sneeze at either. Zapdos is a great all-around Pokemon that will blast other Flying-type Pokemon out of the sky.


©Image of Lugia

Legendary Pokemon are already considered, pretty hardy in battle, but Lugia takes this to a whole new level. Lugia has a Defense and Special Defense stat so high that fighting against it will be like chipping away at a mountain. This Pokemon also has the Speed to fly laps around most opponents.

The Psychic-typing does leave Lugia with a number of vulnerabilities and not that many resistances. Even though Lugia is the most solid of walls, a high enough attack power will bust through. The remaining legendaries on this list have that attack power in spades.


©Image of Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh is Lugia’s counterpart in Generation II. The two Pokemon have the same 680 base stat total and 154 Special Defense stat. Although Ho-Oh doesn’t have Lugia’s Speed or Defense, it has more than enough Attack and Special Attack to overwhelm opponents.

Ho-Oh’s Hidden Ability means that it doesn’t even need a high Defense. The Regenerator Ability allows Ho-Oh to heal damage when it’s switched out of battle. Like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, Ho-Oh just doesn’t say stay down.


Pokemon X/Y

Just like Ho-Oh, Yvetal is an aggressive Pokemon that’s all about dealing as much damage as possible. Yvetal has an Attack and Special Attack stat of 131, which is enough to make the other Pokemon on this list sweat. With an HP of 126, Yveltal can take damage as well as dish it out.

Believe it or not, Yveltal can cause even more damage with the right moves. Yveltal’s signature Ability, Dark Aura, applies its Dark type, increasing its damage output. It’ll be a Dark and painful day for any Pokemon that encounters Yveltal in the skies.


Mega Rayquaza

Rayquaza is the legendary Pokemon that other legendary Pokemon fear. This ancient Pokemon keeps both Kyogre and Groudon in check when they threaten to destroy the world. Rayquaza definitely has the stats to back up its legend. A 150 Attack and Special Attack will utterly destroy almost any Pokemon that gets hit by Rayquaza.

As if that wasn’t enough, Rayquaza has a mega evolution. Mega Rayquaza has an absurd base stat total of 780 and an Attack/Special Attack of 180. Salamence may be king of the Flying-type Pokemon, but Rayquaza is the undisputed lord of the heavens.

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