The Weakest Fire-Type Pokemon

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The Weakest Fire-Type Pokemon

Fire-type Pokemon have a reputation for being unstoppable powerhouses. Four other Pokemon types are weak to Fire. Most Fire-type Pokemon can inflict the Burn status condition on other Pokemon, which causes damage each turn and halves the damage from physical moves. These Pokemon burn bright and sometimes lose control of their power. Everyone remembers when Ash’s Charizard wouldn’t listen to him.

Despite the devastating power that Fire-type Pokemon have, not all of them are best suited for battle. There are some Fire-type Pokemon that you want to avoid adding to your team. That’s what we’re covering in this article. We’re going to give you a list of the weakest Fire-type Pokemon across the generations.


Scene from Pokemon Black: Victini and Reshiram

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It’s only fitting that we start off our list with the Pokemon that starts off the Unova Pokedex. On paper, Victini is a perfectly fine Pokemon to have as a part of your team. Victini has a pretty high base stat total, with a 100 in each slot. Victini also has a very usual signature move and Ability that helps your entire team in battle.

The only problem with Victini is its typing. Victini is a Psychic/Fire-type Pokemon, which means that it has a weakness to five different types: Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water, and Dark. That’s a wide pool of Pokemon that Victini has to avoid in battle.



Overall, Heatmor is a pretty average Fire-type Pokemon. As a pure Fire-type Pokemon, Heatmor has the standard strengths and weaknesses. It has decent enough stats, with Special Attack being its standout stat. Heatmor will do just fine as a member of anyone’s team, but it won’t be a star.

The biggest issue with Heatmor is that players will have to grind for a while before they learn any useful Fire-type moves. Because it is a single-stage Pokemon, it doesn’t even have the benefit of an evolution to take it from so-so to amazing. Sometimes being mediocre is worse than being terrible.


Image of Torkoal

©Image of Torkoal

Torkoal is an excellent Pokemon that is dragged down by a single weakness. This Pokemon has decent Abilities, good move options, and mostly suitable stats. Torkoal’s extremely high Defense stat allows it to tank most moves that aren’t one of its weaknesses.

Torkoal’s Speed stat is the one thing keeping this Pokemon from greatness. With a speed of 20, Torkaol has the lowest base Speed stat of all Fire-type Pokémon. Because of this, almost any other Pokemon will run circles around Torkoal, which makes its high Defense almost useless.


Image of Numel

©Image of Numel

This camel like Pokemon is another Fire-type with disappointing stats. With a base stat total of 305, Numel doesn’t specialize in anything and will get bulldozered by most other Pokemon. The four times weakness to Water-type moves doesn’t help things either.

Evolving into Camerupt doesn’t make this Pokemon all that much better. Camerupt’s Attack and Special Attack shoot up, but it’s Defense and Speed suffer. Camerupt has the same problem as Torkoal. A slow Pokemon just begging for a Watergun to take it out.


Simisear Pokemon

Simisear is a Pokmeon that just keeps getting the short end of the stick. Not only is it a weak Fire-type Pokemon, it’s also incredibly unpopular with fans. During a popularity contest held in Japan, Simisear ranked dead last out of 720 Pokemon.

Simisear’s moves definitely don’t redeem it. Through leveling alone, Simisear can only learn four moves, and only one of those moves is Fire-type. With poor defensive stats and an awful move pool, Simisear has certainly earned its spot on this list.



Vulpix is without a doubt an adorable Pokemon, but cuteness doesn’t win battles. This Pokemon has a base stat total of 299, which is the lowest of any Generation I Fire-type Pokemon. Vulpix has a tiny health pool and super low Attack and Defense stats.

In battle, Vulpix doesn’t hit hard, and most other Pokemon will walk right through them. Your best option, if you have a Vulpix on your team, is to find a Fire Stone as quickly as possible. Ninetales is a much better Pokemon that can actually do some serious damage in a fight.


Litwick Pokemon

When it comes to stats, Litwick is working with hope and a dream. Litwick has the same Speed stat as Torkoal and has one of the lowest Attack stats of any Fire-type Pokemon. This Pokemon’s Ghost-typing gives it immunity to Fighting and Normal-type moves, but that also means that it has five weaknesses. Litwick isn’t a glass cannon. It’s just glass.

Just like with Vulpix, players are going to want to evolve Litwick as soon as possible. As it evolves, Litwick becomes a powerhouse that’s also very popular. Litwick’s final form, Chandelure, was voted the most popular Pokemon of Generation V.


Image of Oricorio

©Image of Oricorio

This Flying-type Pokemon has the unique ability to change its typing depending on the kind of Nector it drinks. Regardless of which form you choose Oricorio’s stats are not desirable. With a relatively low HP and Defense stat Oricorio won’t last long in battle.

Of all the forms that Oricorio can take, its Fire/Flying type is certainly its worst. The Baile-Style gives Oricorio a four times weakness to Rock. It’s also impossible for Oricorio to learn any Fire-type moves, which means it can’t take advantage of the Fire-typing.


Image of Slugma

©Image of Slugma

Without a doubt, Slugma is the absolute worst Fire-type Pokemon. Starting off, Slugma has truly abysmal stats. Slugma’s lowest base stat total of all Fire-type Pokémon. HP, Speed, Attack, and Defense are all bottom of the barrel. Slugma’s Special Attack is the only stat that’s even semi-decent. In battle, Slugma is about as usual as a rock.

Evolving doesn’t even make Slugma all that better. In fact, you could argue that evolving Slugma makes it a worse Pokemon. Magcargo’s stats practically double, but that’s only because it’s a Defense shoot up to 120, All it’s other stats stay painfully low.

Magcargo gains the Rock-typing when it evolves, which only hurts it. Because of the Rock-typing, Magcargo has a four times weakness to Water and Ground moves. In battle, Magcargo is a rock that has a massive Achilles heel.

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