5 Of The Worst Pokémon In Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

5 Of The Worst Pokémon In Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Pokémon is a franchise that needs no introduction. Pokémon has been one of the most popular gaming franchises for nearly three decades. However, some games are worse than others. The Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl remakes released to poor reception. The 4th generation of Pokémon games were essential to many people’s childhood. My favorite Pokémon game of all time is Platinum. I was excited but the game we got was not the one I wanted. The Generation IV remakes were criticized for their ugly art style, lack of difficulty, and the continuation of the modern experience system. But it can always get worse. Here are 5 of the Worst Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Hands down.


Unown has always been a gimmick Pokémon. There is no real reason to ever collect this Pokémon outside of Pokédex completion. Its stats are very weak and it only has access to Hidden Power, easily one of the worst moves in Pokémon. It’s a Psychic type Pokémon causing it to be weak to Bug, Ghost, and Dark type moves and resistant to Fighting and Psychic Type moves. Its ability, Levitate, causes it to be raised like Flying-type Pokémon making most ground-type moves have no effect. Also, Unown is unaffected by the effects of Arena Trap, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Sticky Web, Rototiller, and terrain.

StatsBaseLvl. 50Lvl. 100
Special Attack72134267
Special Defense4890214
Unown is an E-tier Pokémon for those who play competitive Pokémon.


As cute as Bibarel is, it is underwhelming even when compared to other rodent Pokémon. Oddly enough Bibarel has a pretty unique Normal / Water typing and access to great Pokémon abilities. One of these abilities is even banned in competitive Pokémon. So why is Bibarel bad? Its stats are terrible and it doesn’t have much access to recovery skills. It has the potential to become viable but with the work required to get it there just isn’t worth it. Bibarel is weak against Fighting, Grass, and Electric-type moves and is resistant to Steel, Fire, Water, Ice, and Ghost-type moves.

StatsBaseLvl. 50Lvl. 100
Special Attack55103229
Special Defense60112240
Bibarel is a D-tier Pokémon for those who play competitive Pokémon.


Surprisingly, Chimecho is a decent Pokémon stat-wise. So why is it on a list of the worst Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl? Simple, it is because it’s unbelievably bland. Its only use in this game is being a counter to Fantina the Ghost-type gym leader. It also isn’t even good at that, comparing Chimecho to Fantina’s team while they may be at a type disadvantage they are all better stat-wise. Chimecho is similar to Unown as it is also a Psychic type and shares the same type advantages and disadvantages.

StatsBaseLvl. 50Lvl. 100
Special Attack95175317
Special Defense90166306
Chimecho is a C-tier Pokémon for those who play competitive Pokémon.


While varying form types are an interesting Pokémon gimmick, Wormadam is still a terrible Pokémon overall. Even though the Pokémon has three forms they are arguably all terrible. Wormadam is a Bug-type Pokémon. Bug-type Pokémon are seen as the worst type in all of Pokémon. Each of the three Pokémon forms has their own unique secondary typing. The Plant Cloak Wormadam is Bug and Grass. The Sandy Cloak is Bug and Ground. The trash cloak is Bug and Steel. Secondary typing usually saves Bug Pokémon in team compositions but unfortunately, Wormadam’s stats are horrible across the board.

StatsBaseLvl. 50Lvl. 100
Special Attack79146282
Special Defense105193339
Wormadam is a D-tier Pokémon for those who play competitive Pokémon.


Probably the only Pokémon on this list that is just as bad as Unown. Kricketune is a Bug-type Pokémon that not only has all the weaknesses of its typing but also a horrible base stat total. Kricketune’s is weaker than other weak Pokémon of it’s typing making it a straight-up waste to add it to your team composition. The only good thing about Kricketune is its cry. There’s nothing quite like it and it’s become something of a meme in the Pokémon franchise. Kricketune is weak to Flying, Rock, and Fire-type moves and resistant to Fighting, Ground, and Grass-type moves.

StatsBaseLvl. 50Lvl. 100
Special Attack55103229
Special Defense5196221
Kricketune is an E-tier Pokémon for those who play competitive Pokémon.
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