The 6 Worst Pokémon In Sword & Shield: Hands Down

A partial map of the Galar region from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The 6 Worst Pokémon In Sword & Shield: Hands Down

Hundreds of Pokémon with powerful abilities have been introduced over the years. Although every Pokémon is unique and has its appeal, not all of them are created equally. That’s especially true for Pokémon Sword & Shield. Generation VIII introduced a lot of amazing Pokémon in the Galar region, but some of them have to be worse than others.

Today we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel and ranking the six worst Pokémon in Sword & Shield. For this list we’ll only be focusing on the new Pokémon added in this generation, so Pokémon from past generations are out of the running. While every Pokémon can be viable with a bit of work and strategizing, these Pokémon just make the process a lot harder.

6. Galarian Stunfisk

We’re starting this list off with a Pokémon that, on the surface, seems like a pretty good pick. The Galarian regional form of Stunfisk actually has some decent stats. Stunfisk’s high HP, Defense, and Sp. Def mean it can take some heavy hits. In addition to this, Stunfisk is resistant or immune to over half of the typing in the game. The only types that Stunfisk is weak against are fighting, ground, fire, and water. When used effectively this Pokémon can be a protective wall in your party.

The issue with Galarian Stunfisk comes from its low-speed stat and ability. Stunfisk’s 32 Speed makes it rather slow. It’s not the slowest Pokémon in the game, but it’s certainly not blitzing anyone anytime soon. The Galarian version of Stunfisk comes with an ability called Mimicry. This ability changes Stunfisk’s typing to match the terrain it’s in. Although this ability seems interesting, it can be used against you, removing all of Stunfisk’s resistances from it’s Ground/Steel typing. Galarian Stunfisk is hardy, but it has too many glaring weaknesses to be a top contender.

5. Thievul

Thievul’s unique design may draw in players, but this Pokémon may disappoint with it’s mediocre stats and moves. Speed and Sp. Def are Thievul’s highest stats at 90 and 92, respectively. Thievul is pretty speedy and bulky when it comes to Special moves. All of Thievul’s other stats are rather mundane and unimpressive. While these stats aren’t the best, they’re still workable if a player is smart about it.

The real problem with Thievul is its lack of diversity. Without TMs, Thievul is only able to learn Dark and Normal-type moves. Worst of all, only one of those moves, Snarl, is a Special move. If you choose not to use TMs, Thievul can only really be effective against Ghost and Psychic type Pokémon. A match-up against almost anything else would go poorly for you.

4. Bounsweet

Bounsweet is the first form of a three-stage evolution line, so don’t hold it’s low ranking against it too much. Its final evolution, Tsareena, is actually kind of a powerhouse with a base stat total of 510. That said, Bounsweet is still rather weak compared to other first-stage Pokémon with a 210 base stat total with no stand-out individual stat to write home about.

Bounsweet’s available moves through leveling are also underwhelming. Of the nine moves that Bounsweet can learn, only three are really worth it. Outside of Magic Leaf, Razor Leaf, and Teeter Dance, none of Bounsweet’s other moves are effective in battle. Having a small list of type resistances puts Bounsweet on the do-not-use list. The best thing to do if you have Bounsweet on your team is to evolve it as soon as possible.

3. Snom

Snom is certainly in the running for the cutest Pokémon in Generation VIII, but it’s nowhere near a contender for the strongest Pokémon. All of Snom’s power seems to have been converted into adorableness. With a measly base stat total of 185, Snom has earned its place on our list of the worst Pokémon.

Snom’s Ice/Bug typing gives it only three resistances and zero type immunities. This means it’s pretty much open season for the little worm Pokémon. The available moves Snom learns through leveling can’t even help it. Before evolving, Snom can only learn two moves, Powder Snow and Struggle Bug, without TMs. Both of these moves are Special moves, which means fighting against a Pokémon with a high Sp. Def will be like chipping away at an iceberg. Just like with Bounsweet, the best advice for a player with a Snom is to evolve it into Frosmoth as fast as you can.

2. Blipbug

Our second worst Pokémon just so happens to be another Bug type. Bug is often considered the worst type in the game because of its few resistances and popular weakness. Blipbug is the first form of a three-stage evolution line, so things can only get better for it.

Unfortunately, it has a truly abysmal start as stats go. Blipbug has a miniscule base stat total of 180. Against almost every other Pokémon in the game, Blipbug gets crushed easily. Blipbug can only learn naturally lear just a single move, Struggle Bug. What makes Blipbug even worse is that it can’t even learn one TM move. This means that until Blipbug evolves, Struggle Bug is the only move it can learn. Hopefully, you don’t run into any Flying-type Pokémon. Blipbug’s only saving grace is that it evolves early at level 10.

1. Wishiwashi

©Screenshot of Wishiwashi – Original

Surprisingly, the worst Pokémon on our list is also one of the strongest Pokémon in the game. Wishiwashi has the lowest base stat total in the entire game. Sitting at a rather pathetic 175 base stat total, Wishiwashi would struggle to beat pretty much any other Pokémon. The awful stats of Wishiwashi are a good enough reason to up it as the number one worst Pokémon in Sword & Shield.

Despite the terrible stats, Wishiwashi does have a special ability that takes it from zero to hero. The ability, Schooling, is unique to Wishiwashi. When the Pokémon starts a battle with more than 25% HP, an entire school of Wishiwashi forms. This School Form increases its base stat total from 175 to an incredible 620. If Wishiwashi loses more than 25% of it’s HP it reverts back to it’s Solo Form with the terrible stats. This powerful ability only kicks in once Wishiwashi reaches level 20 but it goes to show that big things come in small packages.

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