The 8 Worst Pokémon In X & Y: Hands Down

The 8 Worst Pokémon In X & Y: Hands Down

Pokémon X and Y represented a brand new step in the Pokémon franchise. These were the first Pokémon games on the 3DS, which updated the franchise from the iconic 2D art. Every Pokémon now had fully animated 3D models when in battle. While this was an exciting new feature, there are some Pokémon you’d never want to bring into battle.

With 72 brand new Pokémon added in X and Y, sadly, some of those Pokémon have to be worse than others. Today, we’re going to be figuring out exactly which 8 Pokémon were the absolute worst in the Kalos

8. Furfrou


Let’s start this list off with a Pokémon that isn’t necessarily terrible but sadly underwhelming. Furfrou has fairly decent stats that make it viable in battle. It has a base stat total of 472 with Speed and Sp. Def being its stand-out stats. With the right strategy, Furfrou could become a powerful member of your Pokémon team.

The problem with Furfrou is that there’s nothing that makes it stand out. The moves that Furfrou can learn are mediocre at best, and it doesn’t have a very high Attack or Sp. Atk stat. This means that although Furfrou is impressively fast, it doesn’t hit nearly as hard as it should.

Another aspect of Furfrou that makes this Pokémon disappointing is that despite Furfrou having ten different forms, these forms don’t affect gameplay. Furfrou’s many different looks are only for aesthetic purposes. With no evolutions or meaningful forms, Furfrou is stuck as a painfully average Pokémon.

7. Goomy

Goomy is a Pokémon that starts off really bad before it gets really good. It is the first form of a three-stage evolution line. It’s final evolution, Goodra is actually one of the strongest Pokémon in the game, but getting to that evolution is a hard and challenging road.

Goomy has really poor base stats that only total 300. This Pokémon is slow, doesn’t hit hard, and has a very small HP pool. It has a decent list of moves that it can learn, but the best choices don’t come in until the later levels. The worst part about Goomy is that it doesn’t evolve into its first evolution until level 40. In order to get one of the best Pokémon in the game, you’ll be training one of the worse for a long time.

6. Pumpkaboo

Pumpkaboo is another Pokémon who is being held back by it’s stats. It’s base stat total is 335, and none of it’s stats allow it to excel in any one area. It’s only after Pumpkaboo evolves into Gourgeist does it start to specialize in Attack and Defense. The reason that Pumpkaboo is on this list is because its different forms don’t make up for its shortcomings.

Pumpkaboo has four different forms that it can come in. These forms change Pumpkaboo’s size and affect its HP and Speed stats. The bigger that Pumpkaboo gets, the more HP it has, but the lower it’s Speed stat is. This is an interesting gimmick for a Pokémon, but there’s only a 15-point difference between the smallest and largest sizes. It’s not nearly enough of an impact to make a huge difference in battle. Regardless of which form of Pumpkaboo you catch, you’re still getting a Pokémon with poor stats and no specialization.

5. Spritzee

Spritzee is probably one of the weakest Fairy-type Pokémon in the game. Its base state total of 341 prevents it from being a powerhouse in any meaningful way. The thing that holds Spritzee back the most is its horrible Speed stat. With a Speed of 23, Spritzee is one of the slowest Pokémon in the game.

Evolving Spritzee into Aromatisse doesn’t do much to make this Pokémon any better. Although the base stat total increases to 462, the Speed stat only goes up to 29, still making it a very slow Pokémon. The only real advantage that Spritzee has is it’s Healer Ability. The chance of curing your Pokémon’s status conditions might be enough to earn Spritzee a place on the team.

4. Helioptile

Helioptile’s abysmal stats are more than enough to put it on this list. With a base stat total of 289, Helioptile won’t do well in many Pokémon battles. This Pokémon’s highest stats are Sp. Atk and Speed, making it a glass cannon with weak impact.

Helioptile has been put so low on this list because of it’s Ability, Dry Skin. This ability makes it so when Helioptile is hit with a Water-type move, it actually restores HP instead of reducing it. This would actually be a useful Ability if Helioptile had a different typing. Because Helioptile is an Electric/Normal-type Pokemon, it’s very unlikely that opponents would ever use Water-type moves against it. This prevents Heliptile from being used to its full potential.

3. Noibat

Just like Goomy, Noibat is a Pokémon that becomes a top-tier fighter when it evolves. Noibat has a base stat total of 245, which is significantly worse than Goomy’s 300. In addition to it’s poor stats, Noibat has a 4x weakness to Ice-type moves, which is a major weakness for such an underpowered Pokémon.

Noibat has only one evolution, but it’s a long journey to get there. Noibat has to be level 48 before it evolves into Noivern. Noivern’s base stat total is an impressive 535, so it’s definitely worth the immense effort it takes to train Noibat.

2. Bunnelby

Bunnelby is one of the first Pokémon that players will encounter in Pokémon X and Y. Because it appears so early, it makes sense that it would also be one of the weakest Pokémon. Bunnelby has a truly pathetic base stat total of 237. It’s Speed of 57 is it’s highest stats. Bunnelby will always struggle to be effective in battle.

Bunnelby can evolve into Diggersby at level 20. This does little to improve it’s effectiveness in battle. Diggersby’s base stat of 423 is far from impressive, and none of it’s individual stats manage to stand out. Bunnelby is a terrible Pokemon that can only become an average one through evolution.

1. Scatterbug

Scatterbug Pokemon

We’ve finally reached the bottom of the barrel. It’ll probably be unsurprising for most players to learn that the worst Pokémon is a Bug-type. The Bug typing has often been considered the weakest type in the game.

Scatterbug is without a doubt the weakest of the new Pokémon in Pokemon X and Y. Scatterbug’s base stat total of 200 is the lowest of the new Pokemon. A Bug-type Pokemon with that bad of stats is likely to lose almost every battle.

The awful stats would normally be enough to put Scatterbug at the bottom of this list, but the problems don’t stop there. In most cases, evolution represents a major jump in that Pokémon’s power, but that’s not the case with Scatterbug. When Scatterbug evolves into Spewpa, it’s base stat total only goes up by 13 points. A pitiful upgrade for a pitiful Pokémon.

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