Sally Face Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Sally Face

Sally Face Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Sally Face Summary

Horror: the feeling of shock and repulsion at seeing something frightening.

Terror: the anticipation that a frightening thing is behind you.

The feeling of fear is well worn into the human psyche, it is part of our very being. Sometimes, it is useful, it can heighten our survival instincts and keep us away from dangerous situations. However, sometimes, however, fear can drive us away from those who need us most, and that might be the cruelest curse of them all.

Sally Face is a point-and-click horror game, released on the PC through Itch and Steam, it focuses on the life of Sally Face, a young boy with a prosthetic face. Developed by Portable Moose, which might be run by one person, Steve Gaby. Released on various dates in an episodic format, the fifth and final episode was released on December 13th, 2019.

Sally Face

Sally Face Premise

Dive into a world of mystery and shadow, where a boy who wears a mask on his face confronts unsettling truths in his apartment complex. Why does the boy wear a doll’s face? Why are there ghosts in the apartment? What drives the men and women who live there? And, above all else, can the boy with the fake face ever be happy?

Sally, the boy with the hidden face, has moved into a new home with his father. Why is his face covered? Why did he move? There are plenty of questions in this horror game, but the answers aren’t easy to find. Or, at least, answers that anyone would like. Join Sally in his new home, and try to discover the reasons for the strange happening around the apartment complex.

If you can stomach it, that is.

Sally Face Main Characters 

  • Sal Fisher/Sally Face. The player character. A young boy with a prosthetic face. What lies under it, only he knows…
  •  Larry Johnson. A boy who lives in the apartment complex’s basement. His mother works maintenance in the building, and he quickly becomes Sal’s best friend.
  •  Todd Morrison. Another boy who lives in the apartment complex. A scientist and paranormal investigator at heart.
  •  Ashley “Ash” Campbell. A girl whom Todd tutors, she seems nice enough.
  •  Chug Cohen. A big lad, probably braver than he gives himself credit for.
  •  Charley Mansfield. A geek, through and through, and darn proud of it.
  •  Henry Fisher. Sal’s father, who drowns his sorrows in the bottle.
  •  Diane Fisher. The mother, but died before the start of the game. And yet, her shadow still lingers in Sal and Henry’s life.
  •  Lisa Johnson. Larry’s mom doesn’t believe in the supernatural.
  •  Terrence Addison. The owner of the apartment complex. Aside from being a shut-in, there doesn’t appear to be anything unusual about her.
  •  Megan Holmes. A ghost, boo!

Sally Face Titles of Video Games in the Series 

While Sally Face, as a whole, is a stand-alone title, it was released in separate episodes, much like TellTales’ The Walking Dead. So, as such, let me list the episodes.

  • Episode 1: Strange Neighbors (2016)
  •  Episode 2: The Wretched (2017)
  •  Episode 3: The Bologna Incident (2018)
  •  Episode 4: The Trial (2018)
  •  Episode 5: Memories and Dreams (2019)

Sally Face Cheat Codes 

As expected of a smaller indie game, there aren’t any cheat codes to be found within the game. Let’s go over some achievements you can unlock on Steam.

Got Lisa to mention Larry’s secret. (Secret)A Dark Secret (12)
Finished episode one. (Secret)Charley’s Pony (10)
Used sleep aid with the tea. (Secret)Go to Sleep (10)
Completed the Gear Boy game. (Secret)House of the Wretched (12)
Used old laxative with tea. (Secret)Irritable Bowels (12)
Listened to Sanity’s Fall multiple times. (Secret)Metalhead (10)
Found the feet, the eye and the dark one. (Secret)The Unknown (12)

There are also door codes the player can find, but do those count? Well….Eh….you can find them pretty easily. But there are a few below!

Sally Face Cheat Code FAQs

  • What is the safe code in Sally Face? 1983. Also the same year Monty Python’s Meaning of Life was released.
  •  Can a 12-year-old play Sally Face? I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s rated M for a reason.
  •  Is Sal from Sally Face a girl? Despite the name, no. Sal is a boy.
  •  What is the code for Sally Face computer? That would be 49115.
  •  Is Sally Face disabled? Yep! They have a physical disability and wear a prosthetic mask.

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