Tony Hawk’s Underground Cheats & Cheat Codes for GameCube, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, & Xbox

Tony Hawk's Underground level select

Tony Hawk’s Underground Cheats & Cheat Codes for GameCube, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, & Xbox

Tony Hawk’s Underground Summary

Often considered one of the best games in the entire franchise, Tony Hawk’s Underground is the 5th game in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series and the follow-up to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4. Underground marks a dramatic shift in the Tony Hawk series by being the first game to put players inside of an open-world. Likely inspired by the success of the Grand Theft Auto series, Tony Hawk’s Underground allows players to skate around massively open-world levels, talk to NPCs, and even skitch on the back of cars to get around town.

Similar to previous games in the series, players can create and customize their own skater, albeit with significantly more options. Additionally, players have the option of slecting from any number of noteworthy professional skateboarders. Both Tony Hawk’s Underground and its direct sequel were massive successes. Reviewers praise the title for its soundtrack, customization, and revitalization of the Tony Hawk series formula. Still, some were critical of the game’s controls, citing that all non-skating movement is less mechanically sound.

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Tony Hawk's Underground gameplay

As one of the best-reveiwed games in the entire series, Tony Hawk’s Underground also has a continued cult following to this day. Fan and critical appreciation of the game led to it winning several awards the year of its release and selling over 2 million copies. Many consider Tony Hawk’s Underground and its sequel to be the last great Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series until the remakes of THPS 1 + 2.

Tony Hawk’s Underground Premise

Tony Hawk's Underground gameplay

Players begin Tony Hawk’s Underground as a young skateboarder who shares dreams with their friend Eric of going pro. The protagonist is completely customizable in terms of appearance and clothing, while Eric remains a preset character. During the early parts of the game, the protagonist catches the attention of professional skateboarders and gets their first sponsorship. As the protagonist sees their skateboarding career take off, their friend Eric grows apart and begins to resent the protagonist’s success. THUG is the first game in the series to feature an overarching plot and specific characters.

Similar to every other game in the series, THUG is a skateboarding game first and foremost despite the introduction of an open world. Skateboarding controls are similar to past entries as well, with momentum (pushing forward) occurring automatically and players pressing a button to jump. After jumping (known as an “Ollie”) on the board, different combinations of directional pad inputs and button presses facilitate various grabs and flips. Players can also grind on narrow surfaces by Ollying onto them and pressing the appropriate button. While grinding, players must maintain balance of their character otherwise they will bail.

The levels in THUG are significantly larger than any of the skating arenas from past Tony Hawk games. This facilitates the open-world sections of gameplay where players get off their board and travel on foot or drive a car. Like levels from previous games, players can skateboard on virtually any surface and can collect challenges littered around the map. Exploring levels on foot allows players to reach new, undiscovered locations that often house secrets or additional skateboarding challenges.

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Tony Hawk’s Underground Main Characters

Tony Hawk's Underground gameplay

In addition to the main character and his best friend Eric, Tony Hawk’s Underground features one of the largest rosters of characters out of any game in the series. Over a dozen professional skateboarders are available to use in-game, with some unlockable after completing challenges. Additionally, there are dozens of unlockable NPCs from various levels that players can unlock to skate with. The main characters in Tony Hawk’s Underground include:

Story Characters

  • The Protagonist: The default Custom Skater is the protagonist and player-created main character of THUG. Players have a massive variety of options available in terms of customizing their appearance. Regardless of the cosmetics used, the protagonist embarks on a journey to become a professional skateboarder after being discovered by pro skater Chad Muska.
  • Eric: The protagonist’s best friend and a fellow skateboarder. Eric is constantly getting himself into trouble and ventures down a path of misfortune as the protagonist advances in their career. Eventually Eric begins to resent the player character for their success and plots to turn against them.

Professional Skateboarders

  • Tony Hawk
  • Bam Margera
  • Bob Burnquist
  • Kareem Campbell
  • Rune Glifberg
  • Bucky Lasek
  • Chad Muska
  • Andrew Reynolds
  • Paul Rodriguez
  • Geoff Rowley
  • Eric Koston
  • Elissa Steamer
  • Jamie Thomas
  • Arto Saari
  • Steve Caballero
  • Rodney Mullen
  • Mike Vallely

Unlockable NPCs & Bonus Characters

  • Gene Simmons from KISS
  • Paul Stanley from KISS
  • Peter Criss from KISS
  • Ace Frehley from KISS
  • Iron Man
  • T.H.U.D.
  • Eric Sparrow
  • Stacy Peralta
  • Todd The Manager
  • Neversoft Chef
  • Jersey Bum
  • The Addict
  • The Dealer
  • Factory Worker
  • Security Guard
  • Street Warrior
  • Headstone Harry
  • Business Man
  • Manhattan Cop
  • Construction Worker
  • State Trooper
  • Hotel Desk Clerk
  • Hotel Doorman
  • DJ Qbert
  • Team Filmer
  • Leaf Blower
  • Gardener
  • KGB Member
  • Tank Guard

Games in the Tony Hawk Series

For nearly 25 years, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater continues to be the most recognizable and important skateboarding video game franchise. Even with a considerable dip in quality in later entries, the early games are some of the most critically lauded titles of all-time. It’s safe to say that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and its sequel redefined gaming in the early 2000s. Games in the Tony Hawk series include:

  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (1999)
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (2000)
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (2001)
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 (2002)
  • Tony Hawk’s Underground (2003)
  • Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 (2004)
  • Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (2005)
  • Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam (2006)
  • Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (2006)
  • Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (2007)
  • Tony Hawk Ride (2009)
  • Tony Hawk Shred (2010)
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD (2012)
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 (2015)
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 (2020)

Tony Hawk’s Underground Cheats

Codes are universal across all versions of Tony Hawk’s Underground. To enter cheats, simply select “Cheats” from the Options menu.

Cheat Codes

NOOO!!All Characters (Need to clear story mode first)
getitupMoon Gravity
keepitsteadyPerfect Manuals
letitslidePerfect Rail Balance
rearriderPerfect Skitch
digividUnlocks All THUG Movies

Hidden Pre-Made Skaters in Create-A-Skater

Simply enter any of the following names in the Create-A-Skater menu to generate a pre-made skater based on the team at Neversoft.

Skater NameEffect
THEDOCAdam Lippmann
Alan FloresAlan Flores
Alex GarciaAlex Garcia
Andy MarchelAndy Marchel
Big TexBig Tex
fatassBrad Bulkley
Akira2sC Surla
arrrCaptain Cody
Chauwa SteelChauwa Steel
ChrisPChris Peacock
Chris RauschChris Rausch
Johnny OwChum
Dan NelsonDan Nelson
Daddy MacDana MacKenzie
DDTDarren Thorne
TOPBLOKEDave Cowling
Dave StohlDave Stohl
cromEric Grosser
YawgurtGary Jesdanun
Henry JiHenry Ji
GEIGERJake Geiger
Jason UyedaJason Uyeda
NSJEFFJeff Morgan
Jeremy AndersonJeremy Anderson
Joel JewettJoel Jewett
Guilt LadleKevin Mulhall
Marcos XK8RMarcos XK8R
woodchuckMichelle Deyo
Mike WardMike Ward
moreuberthanedMikey Ortai
NolyNolan Nelson
POOPERPaul Robinson
buffoonPete Day
deadendroadRalph D’Amato
1337Rulon Raymond
Stacey DStacey D
tao zhengtao zheng
HammerTed Barber
The KrakenThe Kraken
The SwinkThe Swink
TSUEnami!Todd Sue
Todd WahoskeTodd Wahoske
ZigZac Drake


Complete Story Mode twiceAlternate Ending
Beat “Slamma Jamma” on Story ModeCreate-a-Deck Mode
Complete Story Mode on Normal difficultyGene Simmons
Beat story mode on any skill levelHotter Than Hell
Find old skool icon on Moscow mapLevel: THPS2 Hangar
Find 9 secret tapesMovie: Always Hard
Find 3 secret tapesMovie: Bails 1
Find 6 secret tapesMovie: Bails 2
Activate K-I-S-S letters on Hotter Than Hell levelMovie: KISS Concert
Find every GAP in the gamePedestrians
There’s a red icon in the back 1/4 pipe section of the train station in NJ, get it.School 2
Complete story mode on SICK difficulty levelTHUD
There is a small smoking Tiki god statue (from the beach) in the back left corner of Hawaii in front of a shop. Ollie into it and hit triangle.Venice Beach
Complete 129/129 GoalsAlways Special
Complete 129/129 GoalsCool Specials
Complete 129/129 GoalsFlame (While Grinding)
Complete 129/129 GoalsKid Mode
Complete 129/129 GoalsMoon Gravity
Complete 129/129 GoalsPerfect Manual
Complete 129/129 GoalsPerfect Rail
Complete 129/129 GoalsPerfect Skitch
Complete 129/129 GoalsRollerskates

Unlockable Cars

Complete the goal “Nobody likes a Dude Party”Gardener’s Cart
Complete either “Cart Racer” Goal in VancouverLeaf Blo Cart
Complete the “Smash the Pineapples” goal in HawaiiPickup Truck
Complete the goal “Lose the Cops” in TampaPolice Car
Complete the “Get the Russian Babes” goal in MoscowRussian Car
Complete the goal “Street Racer’s Challenge” in New JerseyStreet Racer Car

Tony Hawk’s Underground Cheat FAQs

How do you unlock all characters in Tony Hawk’s Underground?
There are several characters that are unlocked through completion of in-game challenges or by beating Story Mode. Alternately, players can go to the Options menu and select Cheats. Entering the code NOOO!! will unlock all characters.

How do you unlock levels in Tony Hawk’s Underground?
Many levels contain secret areas that, once unlocked, grant access to secret levels. One example of this is the Hawaii level, which features a small Tiki statue in front of a shop. Ollying onto the statue and pressing the grind button unlocks Venice Beach.

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