The Council Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

The Council

The Council Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

The Council is an interactive mystery graphic adventure game developed by Big Bad Wolf. The game was released in 2018, with its five episodes released every two months starting in March. Overall, the game was well received by fans who praised its story, choices, and art direction. However, there was criticism for the lack of polish for the character animations and graphics, which were less than ideal.  

The Council Premise

The story follows Louis de Richet, a French man who is a part of a secret society known as the Golden Order. Louis is searching for his mission mother, who was lost after the two were captured due to stealing a book. The Golden Order consists of many well-regarded and powerful individuals interested in historical and occult artifacts. Players will find many real-life paintings, books, and historical figures, such as Napoleon, in the game. 

The Council

The Council Main Characters

As players follow Louis’s journey to find his mother, they will meet various NPCs, some of whom are real people. At the beginning of the game, players will choose one of three skill trees, which they can rank up during the story. Depending on how players spend their skill points determines how talented they are in specific areas and affects later choices and interactions. 

  • Louis de Richet
  • Elizabeth Adams
  • Emily Hillsborrow
  • George Washington
  • Gerard von Borchert
  • Giuseppe Piaggi
  • Jaques Peru
  • Manuel Godoy
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Sarah De Richet
  • Servants
  • Sir Gregory Holm
  • William Mortimer

The Council Video Games in the Series

The Council is a standalone title with five episodes. While there isn’t a sequel yet, the developers have other titles under their belt. While they may not have the same interactive story elements, they are sure to be a fun time.

  • Pro Cycling Manager 2015 (2015)
  • Blood Bowl 2 (2017)
  • Pro Basketball Manager 2017 (2017)
  • Necromunda: Underhive Wars (2020)

The Council Cheat Codes

There are no cheat codes in The Council. The title is an interactive mystery, heavily relying on scripted events and decisions to progress its story. Cheat codes would ruin the developers’ intended path and take away from the story. While it may be disappointing, the game has a great premise and character interactions that shouldn’t be missed.   

The Council Cheat Code FAQ

Does The Council have cheat codes?

No, The Council has no cheat codes, given that the game is an interactive title with scripted events and dialogue. 

What are the achievements in The Council?

Base Game Achievements

Novice detectiveBecome a detective
Novice occultistBecome an occultist
Apprentice diplomatBecome a diplomat
Hazards of the tradeBe disfigured by Gerard von Borchert
Fantastic pairGet rid of Von Borchet with your mother
The new orderChoose to stay with George Washington and Emily Hillsborrow
Ancien RégimeChoose to follow sir Gregory and Cardinal Piaggi
Son of LafayetteAssist George Washington
Seeker of truthConduct the investigation about your vision
Knight in shining armorAccept to follow Elizabeth Adams
Forbidden fruitJoin Emily Hillsborrow in your room
QuickIn the same game, choose 20 answers before the time is up
SoberComplete a quest without using consumables
Out of breathDrop to 0 effort points during a quest
Starter, main dish and coffeeUse exactly one consumable of each type during a quest
Missi DominiciPersuade Cardinal Piaggi to give you the letter
Close callAvoid being used as a punchbag by Jacques Péru
Eyes don’t lieConvince Emily Hillsborrow of the purity of your intentions when she surprises you in her room
Motherly embraceManage to get Elizabeth Adams to talk about her past
Imperial nobilityPersuade Napoleon that he can trust you
Your suspiscious mindDraw Emily Hillsborrow’s secret out of her
Sweet dreamsComplete the first quest
Rough nightComplete the second quest
Influential peopleComplete the third quest
Once upon a time…Complete episode 1
SpecialistRaise a skill to level 3
Jack of all tradesAcquire ten skills of level 1 in the same game
Battle-hardenedReach level 5
FearlessOpen Pandora’s box
CiceroOvercome 5 confrontations

Episode 2: Hide and Seek

A Tragic FateComplete the fifth quest
The NightmareComplete the sixth quest
Into the lion’s denComplete episode 2

Episode 3: Ripples

Dangerous stakesComplete the eighth quest
Double gameComplete the ninth quest
The hand of TýrComplete episode 3

Episode 4: Burning Bridges

Leap of FaithComplete the eleventh quest
New BloodComplete the twelfth quest
Welcome to the familyComplete episode 4

Episode 5: Checkmate

Final VoteComplete the fourteenth quest
Mind MazeComplete the fifteenth quest
Carrion ComfortComplete the story


VeteranReach level 15
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