Adam Wolfe Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

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Adam Wolfe Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Adam Wolfe is a 2016 hidden object game developed by Mad Head Games. Centered around puzzle-solving, Adam Wolfe is designed for casual playthroughs and relies on narrative storytelling. Players follow the harrowing adventures of Adam Wolfe, an investigator of the paranormal. Solving puzzles, finding hidden objects, and conquering the paranormal are all par for the course in this gothic noir game. The game has continuously received very positive reviews on Steam from fans and critics with many praising it for its narrative and artwork. As of 2023, Adam Wolfe is available for PC on Windows and MacOS devices.

Adam Wolfe Premise

Adam Wolfe standing under a spotlight in the game Adam Wolfe

Players find themselves transported to San Francisco to play as Adam Wolfe himself. Soon, players realize that many secrets are hidden within the city. Hidden under the streets of San Francisco lies a world of paranormal horrors, secret orders, and even curses. Adam Wolfe investigates these secrets and wonders, searching for what happened to his sister. Throughout four episodes, players solve puzzles, find clues, and investigate strange occurrences across San Francisco to find answers. 

Adam Wolfe Main Characters

Screenshot from Adam Wolfe with a gothic scene
Players explore the horrors of the paranormal by solving puzzles and finding clues.

Adam Wolfe is the titular character of the game and the protagonist. He is an investigator of the paranormal, working on cases involving supernatural threats in the underground world under San Francisco. 

Adam Wolfe Cheats and Achievements

Unfortunately, there are no known cheats or cheat codes for Adam Wolfe. However, there are achievements within the game that can help players navigate and act as tips for completing it. Here is a list of achievements in Adam Wolfe that can be acquired on the Steam version of the game.

Complete Episode 3About Done
Complete a Hidden Object Puzzle in less than 2 minutesAgility
Solve case about San Francisco firesAnother night on the job
Finish any Hidden Object Puzzle in less than 4 mis-clicksDead-eye
Look at all of Lisa’s paintingsEthereal art
Open the mysterious boxEureka
Visit all of the Amanda’s statuesEveryone’s A Critic
Reunite with Allie WolfeFamily Is Everything
Finish any mini-game in less than 1 minuteFaster Than Light
Complete all episodesFinished but not beaten
Survive the infernoFireproof
Perform your first evidence deduction mini-gameFocused mind
Complete Episode 1Getting Started
Complete Episode 2Halfway There
Finish 4 mini-games without skippingHands-on detective
Hand someone a cureHelping Hand
Survive your own deathI see the light
Unlock all other achievementsMaster Detective
Shoot yourself in the chestOh sh**
Complete all Hidden Object Puzzles without using hintPersistence
Discover the true identity of a ghostPoltergeist
Find 3 items in 3 seconds in a Hidden Objects PuzzleQuickdraw
Dig yourself out of a graveRevenant
Complete Episode 4Season Finale
Visit a circusSideshow
Perform your first reenactmentTimejump
Fire a gun for the first timeTrigger-finger

Adam Wolfe Cheat Codes FAQ

Why are there not any cheat codes for Adam Wolfe?

Adam Wolfe is a puzzle and hidden object game with little first-person interactivity. The game is also heavily based on narrative storytelling that flows sequentially. Therefore, the game has little room for cheats or cheat codes that could improve the gameplay. 

How many episodes or levels are there in Adam Wolfe?
Adam Wolfe is an episodic game with four different episodes. They can be purchased individually. However, it would be more cost-effective to buy all four at once. Each episode ends on a cliffhanger that is answered at the beginning of the next episode.

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