The Complete List of Pokemon Characters From Generation 8

Artwork showing the Galarian forms of Moltres, Articuno, and Zapados from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The Complete List of Pokemon Characters From Generation 8

The eighth Generation of Pokemon introduced players to the Galar region. This diverse new region was based in the United Kingdom and its history of knighthood. In the Galar region, both trainers and Pokemon aim for the glory of being the greatest or the strongest.

The Galar region added 96 new Pokemon to the already massive roster. In this article, we’re going to showcase each of these new Pokemon. For each Pokemon in this list, we’ll be explaining what makes these Pokemon unique and special. To make this massive list as concise as possible, we’ll be grouping the Pokemon together with their evolution lines. Let’s get this ball rolling with the Pokemon of Generation 8.

Grookey, Thwackey, & Rillaboom

These three grass starters get their designs from various monkeys and gorillas. The drumming gimmick that each of these Pokemon has seems to be a reference to how primates will beat on objects and their chests to assert dominance.

Scorbunny, Raboot, & Cinderace

Flamethrower is a classic move that’s heavily associated with the Fire starters. Surprisingly, Scorbunny is the only Fire starter that can’t learn Flamethrower through leveling. These three Pokemon are also the only pure Fire-type Pokemon added in Generation 8.

Sobble, Drizzile, & Inteleon

The Sobble evolution line draws inspiration from veiled chameleons and other lizards. This crybaby Pokemon grows into a skilled super spy.

Skwovet & Greedent

In the Galar region, Skwovet is actually quite a popular Pokemon. The No. 1 Pharmacy company uses Skwovet as the mascot of its logo. Once Skwovet evolves into Greedent, a Leppa Berry will fall from its tail when damaged.

Rookidee, Corvisquire, & Corviknight

Pure Flying-type Pokemon are a rarity in the world of Pokemon. Rookidee and Corvisquire are the only pure Flying-types that aren’t Legendary Pokemon. Once Corvisquire evolves into Corviknight, it becomes a black knight. A fitting Pokemon for a medieval setting.

Blipbug, Dottler, & Orbeetle

Just like how Rookidee and Corvisquire are the only pure Flying-types, Blipbug and Dottler are the only pure Bug-types of their respective Generation. Despite these three Pokemon having very different forms all of them are the exact same height, at 1’04”.

Nickit & Thievul

These fox-like Pokemon are sly thieves. Of all the Dark-type Pokemon, Nickit has the lowest Attack stat. Because of Thievul’s tendency to steal, the Pokemon Boltund is its archenemy.

Gossifleur & Eldegoss

Both Gossifleur and Eldegoss are based on cotton plants and windflowers. These types of plants are common in the British Isles.

Wooloo & Dubwool

Just like Skwovet, Wooloo is the mascot for an in-game company. The Daily Discovery company uses a lock of Wooloo’s hair in their logo. While the sheep resemblance in Wooloo and Dubwool is obvious, Dubwool specifically is based on a Jacob sheep.

Chewtle & Drednaw

Chewtle is based on the common shaping turtle which can be seen in its biting habits. When Chewtle evolves, it upgrades into an alligator snapping turtle in the form of Drednaw.

Yamper & Boltund

Yamper was one of the first Generation 8 Pokemon to be revealed to the public. It appeared in an E3 2019 demo. The grudge between Boltund and Thievul is likely a reference to fox-hunting hounds.

Rolycoly, Carkol, & Coalossal

Rolycoly has the lowest base stat total of any Rock-type Pokemon. Besides the Generation 3 Pokemon, Torkoal, Rolycoly’s evolution line are the only Pokemon with the Coal Pokemon category.

Applin, Appletun, Flapple, Dipplin, & Hydrapple

The Applin evolution lines are the only Pokemon in Generation 8 that have branching evolution lines. Applin can evolve into Flapple, Appletun, or Dipplin if it’s exposed to a Tart Apple, Sweet Apple, or Syrupy Apple. Only Dipplin can evolve into Hydrapple.

Silicobra & Sandaconda

Generation 8 introduced the Gigantamax form gimmick to Pokemon. Of the many Gigantamax forms, Sandaconda is the only one that is Ground type.


Cramorant has two different forms that it can change into during battle. Both of these forms are kind of terrifying. When Cramorant uses the move Surf with more than 50% of its health, it switches to its Gulping Form, which keeps an Arrokuda in its mouth. If it uses Surf with less than 50%, it switches to its Gorging Form, which keeps a Pikachu in its mouth.

Arrokuda & Barraskewda

As seen in its Gulping Form, Cramorant naturally preys on Arrokuda. Barraskewda has the highest Speed stat of any Water-type Pokemon.

Toxel & Toxtricity

Toxel is the only Baby Pokemon in this Generation. Both Toxel and Toxtricity are the only Pokemon that have Electric/Poison typing.

Sizzlipede & Centiskorch

 Sizzlipede and Centiskorch are another set of Pokemon that have bitter rivalries. Even though the two evolution lines live on different continents Sizzlipede and Centiskorch have an antagonistic relationship with Venipede and Scolipede.

Clobbopus & Grapploct

Of all the Fighting type Pokemon, Clobbopus is the lightest in the game. The police in the Galar region use Grapploct for their logo in the Galar Police Station.

Sinistea & Polteageist 

Despite both Pokemon have different forms, they don’t actually have any different effects in battle. The only difference between the Phony and Antique Forms of Sinistea and Polteageist is that the Antique Form has a stamp of authenticity.

Hatenna, Hattrem, & Hatterene 

All three of these Pokemon have a deep connection to emotions and have the ability to sense the feelings of others. The Hatenna evolution line resembles a witch slowly growing in power.

Impidimp, Morgrem, & Grimmsnarl

While the Hatenna evolution line is a witch, the Impidimp evolution line is an impish demon. This trio of Pokemon are the only ones that have the Dark/Fairy typing.


Obstagoon draws clear inspiration from the world-famous Glam-rock bands like KISS. This Pokemon even has a powerful voice that it can use to stun opponents.


In the Galar region, the calm and sleek Persian is replaced with the rowdy and powerful Perrserker. Perrserker is a bersker Viking ready to jump into a battle at any moment.


Cursola’s spirit is so powerful that it can no longer be contained inside its body. Despite being an evolution Cursola has the the largest decrease in a single base stat when evolving. It loses 50 points in its Defense stat.


The simple duck from Kanto has been knighted and become the honorable Sirfetch’d. Despite “sir” being a male honorific the females of this species are still called Sirfetch’d.

Mr. Rime

There are a number of moves from previous Generations that are unusable in Pokemon Sword & Shield. If you take a Mime Jr. from a previous game with these moves, you can evolve it into Mr. Rime in Sword & Shield. This makes Mr. Rime the only Generation 8 Pokemon that can know unusable moves.


Runerigus is the only Pokemon in Generation 8 that has a location-based evolution. By taking a Galarian Yamask under the large rock arch in Dusty Bowl, it can evolve into Runerigus. This Pokemon has the reversed Attack and Special Attack stats of Cofagrigus.

Milcery & Alcremie

These pastry Pokemon are adorable but also incredibly unique. Alcremie has 64 different forms, which makes it the Pokemon with the highest number of officially recognized forms.

This Pokemon is made of six identical bodies that follow each other in a line. Falinks is the only Fighting-type Pokemon that has multiple bodies.


This sea urchin Pokemon has the lowest Speed stat of any Electric type.

Snom & Frosmoth

Snom is arguably the cutest Pokemon in Generation 8. This adorable Pokemon is unfortunately very weak. It has some of the lowest stats of an Ice-type Pokemon. The lowest base stat total, HP, Speed, and Special Defense. Frosmoth is the only Generation 8 Pokemon to evolve from high friendship.


Stonjourner has one of the highest Special Defense stat of any Pokemon. This Pokemon also has a unique signature Ability called Power Shot.


Eiscue is the only Pokemon that has the Ability Ice Face.


Indeedee is a gendered Pokemon that has different stats depending on whether it’s male or female. These differences also extend to its Egg Moves. Indeedee is the only Pokemon with different Egg Moves depending on gender.


Morpeko is the Pikachu clone of this Generation. This Pokemon is also the only Electric/Dark type Pokemon in the game. Morpeko has a signature move called Aura Wheel that changes type depending on which form Morpeko is in.

Cufant & Copperajah

The Galar Mineral company uses Cufant’s head in its logo. With the ability Heavy Metal Copperajah has a weight of 2,866.0 lbs, which far exceeds the limit for a Pokemon’s weight in the Pokedex.

Dracozolt, Arctozolt, Dracovish, & Arctovish

Although these four Pokemon are not technically a part of the same evolution family, they are connected. All four of these Pokmeon are chimeras with mixed-up body parts. Dracozolt, Arctozolt, Dracovish, and Arctovish are the only Fossil Pokemon that don’t have the Rock typing.


Because Duraludon received an evolution in Generation 9, it is one of the few non-fully evolved Pokemon to have a Gigantamax form. This Pokemon also has the highest base stat total of any Pokemon that isn’t fully evolved.

Dreepy, Drakloak, & Dragapult

Have you ever wanted to combine a dragon with a fighter jet? Well, look no further than the Dreepy evolution line. Of the Generation 8 Pokemon these three are incredibly beloved. Dragapult was voted the most popular Generation 8 Pokemon in the Pokémon of the Year poll.

Zacian & Zamzenta

We’ve finally reached the box legendaries of Pokemon Sword & Shield. These two Pokemon are considered the Hero duo of Galar. Alongside two kings, these Pokemon saved the Galar region from a rampaging Eternatus during an event called the Darkest Day.


Despite Eternatus being the canonical source of the Dynamax power, it is one of the few Pokemon that are incapable of using Dynamax. Eternatus is also the tallest out of every Pokemon.

Kubfu & Urshifu

Kubfu are one of the few legendary Pokemon that can evolve. The uniqueness doesn’t stop with Kubfu. Urshifu is the only legendary Pokemon that has a Gigantamax form and can use a G-Max Move.


Zarude has the special privilege of being the only Mythical Pokemon of Generation 8.

Regieleki & Regidrago

Generation 8 added two new Pokemon to the legendary giant’s group, also known as the Regis. Regieleki has the highest Speed stat of any Pokemon, while Regidrago is the only pure-Dragon legnedary Pokemon.

Glastrier, Spectrier, & Calyrex

Although none of these Pokemon are able to evolve, they can be fused together to form new Pokemon. Fusing Glastier and Calyrex creates Ice Rider Calyrex, while fusing Spectrier with Calyrex creates Shadow Rider Calyrex.


Wyrdeer can only be naturally obtained in Pokemon: Arceus. The evolution requirement for Wyrdeer isn’t available in any of the other games.


Despite being an evolution of Scyther, Kleavor’s base stats don’t increase. Both Pokemon have a base stat total of 500. Kleavor does have a higher Attack and Defense stat than Scyther, who has a high Speed.


Just like Wyrdeer, the evolution method for Ursaluna isn’t available in any other game. There is a special form of Ursaluna called the “Bloodmoon Beast”. This Ursaluna can only be male.


This is another Pokemon with gendered forms that have different stats. The Male Basulegion has a higher Attack stat while the Female Basulegion has a higher Special Attack stat.


Sneasler’s long claws resemble hook-like weapons often used by ninjas for climbing and assassination. This plays into Sneasler’s Poison typing since ninjas are known to use poison in their assassinations.


Overqwil was first referenced in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl before its actual debut in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. There is a book in Canalave Library that talks about “a Qwilfish with huge spikes”.


Enamorus is the newest addition to the Forces of Nature legendary group and is the only female member of the group. This Pokemon is also the only legendary Pokemon to end a Generation’s National Pokedex listings instead of a Mythical Pokemon.

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