The Complete List of Pokemon Characters From Generation 5

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The Complete List of Pokemon Characters From Generation 5

The fifth Generation of Pokemon introduced players to the Unova region. While the previous regions in Pokemon were all based on areas in Japan, Unova was inspired by the United States of America. Unova is a diverse region filled with sprawling metropolitan areas, vast deserts, and frigid mountains.

The Pokemon found in the Unova region are equally diverse. A whopping 156 Pokemon were added in Generation 5, and we’re going to be showcasing all of them in this article. To make things go more smoothly we’ll be grouping the Pokemon with their evolution lines. Hopefully, by the time you finish this article, you’ll learn some interesting new facts about your favorite Pokemon.



Victini is a unique Pokemon that has a special numbering in the Pokedex. It is the only Pokemon that has the number 000 in any Pokédex listing. This makes it the only Pokemon that appears before the starter Pokemon of its home region.

Snivy, Servine, & Serperior


Snivy and its entire evolution family were inspired by snakes that camouflage themselves as vines. Serperior specifically has an appearance that resembles French nobility with its folded arms and a fleur-de-lis symbol on its chest.

Tepig, Pignite, & Emboar

The very first Pokemon to be designed for Generation 5 was Tepig. Part of the reason why Tepig and its evolution family are Fire-type Pokemon is because pigs often have trouble regulating their body temperature. The designs of Pignite and Emboar were also inspired by a pig demon from the Chinese tale Journey to the West.

Oshawott, Dewott, & Samurott

Oshawott and its evolution line are a cross between a sea otter and a samurai. The evolution line mimics the life span of a samurai: from child to a young samurai, and finally military commander. To exemplify the diversity of Unova, each starter represents a different culture. Grass is Western, Fire is Chinese, and Water is Japanese.

Patrat & Watchog

Patrat will likely be the first Pokemon that players catch in the game. Because it appears so early, Patrat has the lowest base stats of any Pokemon in the game. Both Patrat and Watchog were designed after prairie dogs, which are known for their scouting behavior. This is why both Pokemon are known as the Scout and Lookout Pokemon.

Lillipup, Herdier, & Stoutland

The evolution line of Pokemon are inspired by various dog breeds, but they are most prominently based on Yorkshire Terriers and Scottish Terriers. The personalities of these dogs are also represented in the fierce loyalty and aggression of these Pokemon.

Purrloin & Liepard

Both Purrloin and Liepard have designs inspired by house cats and wild hunting cats. Their mischievous personalities are also references to cat burglars. Uniquely, Purrloin is the only Pokemon with a base stat total of 281.

Pansage, Simisage, Pansear, Simisear, Panpour, & Simipour

These Pokemon are known as the elemental monkeys. Pansage, Panpour, and Pansear are the first Pokemon that players will battle against in the first Gym Battle. The designs of the Pokemon are inspired by the three wise monkeys motif. Pansage and Simisage are “speak no evil”. Pansear and Simisear are “hear no evil”. Panpour and Simipour are “see no evil”.

Munna & Musharna

Both Munna and Musharana draw inspiration from the mythical Baku, a creature that eats dreams. In the original Generation I games, there is an NPC that wishes for a Pokemon that matches Munna’s design.

Pidove, Tranquill, & Unfezant

New York City was a major inspiration for the Unova region, so it makes sense that there would be a Pokemon based on New York’s most common animal. Pidove’s evolution line is based on both pigeons and pheasants. Pidove was also the very first Pokemon that Ash caught in the Unvova region, which he evolved all the way to Unfezant.

Blitzle & Zebstrika

Many Pokemon are based on mythical creatures, and Blitzle and Zebstrika are no different. These Eletric-type Pokemon seem to be based on the steeds of Helios named Bronte and Sterope. These are the Greek words for thunder and lightning.

Roggenrola, Boldore, & Gigalith

Roggenrola’s evolution line seems to be the Unova version of the Geoduge evolution line found in Kanto. Both Pokemon evolve at level 25 and then evolve again when traded. According to a television program in the game, Roggenrola is used for bowling and sometimes causes explosions.

Woobat & Swoobat

Both Woobat and Swoobat very clearly resemble the real-life heart-nosed bat. These two are some of the most common Pokemon to be found in the dark caves of Unova.

Drilbur & Excadrill

Both Drilbur & Excadrill are the perfect tunnel-digging Pokemon, thanks to their shovel-like appendages. Excadrill, in particular, is a powerhouse of a Pokemon. Through leveling alone, it’s the only Pokemon that can learn more than one one-hit knockout move.


Although Audino might not appear like much, it’s actually a very useful Pokemon. In Pokemon Black & White, Audino can appear in any patches of rustling grass. Audino also gives a high Exp. yield in battles, which makes them perfect for grinding.

Timburr, Gurdurr, & Conkeldurr

Every Pokemon in the Timburr evolution line is a construction worker at heart. They all carry some type of construction material everywhere they go. There is also a construction company in the game named after Timburr called the Timburr Builders.

Tympole, Palpitoad, & Seismitoad 

These Pokemon are the combinations of toads and loudspeakers. The Pokemon in the Tympole evolution line all have body parts that produce vibrations. Music is heavily associated with these three Pokemon.

Throh & Sawk

These two Fighting-type Pokemon do not evolve into each other, but they are connected. Each Pokemon is a specialist in a different type of martial arts. Throh is a judo master, and Sawk is a karate master.

Seawaddle, Swadloon, & Leavanny

Seawaddle and its evolution line were inspired by a special caterpillar called the silver-spotted skipper. These Pokemon are a kind of fashionista. Seawaddle and Swadloon create clothes for themselves with their silk and leaves. Leavanny takes care of smaller Pokemon by fashioning clothes for them.

Venipede, Whirlipede, & Scolipede

These Pokemon take clear inspiration from pill bugs and centipedes. Although Venipede’s evolution line might seem like simple Bug Pokemon, according to the Pokedex, these Pokemon have an intense rivalry with a Pokemon called Centiskorch in the Galar region.

Cottonee & Whimsicott

Cottonee and Whimsicott are Pokemon made of cotton and resemble sheep. The Unova region actually has its own horoscope that Whimsicott is a part of. Whimsicott represents the month of April and is the Aries zodiac symbol.

Petilil & Lilligant

During the early design stage of Generation 5, there was initially meant to be a third stage of the evolution line. As the name suggests, both Pokemon are based on lily flowers.


Basculin is a Pokemon that has multiple forms. In Generation 5, there are two different Basculin, Red and Blue-Striped Basculin. In the Pokedex, there is a comment about how Basculin tastes, meaning that they are some of the few Pokemon people use for food.

Sandile, Krokorok, & Krookodile

While the crocodile resemblance is obvious, the Sandile evolution line also shares similarities to cartoon criminals. All three Pokemon have markings around their eyes that look like masks and stripes associated with burglars. This also might be a reference to Sobek, a half-crocodile god connected to violence and robbery.

Darumaka & Darmanitan

Despite being found in the desert, neither Darumak & Darmanitan have any sort of protection against sandstorms. When encountered in the wild, these Pokemon will start taking damage from their natural environment. Both Pokemon are based on a special doll burned in a ceremony.


Just like Darumaka & Darmanitan, Maractus is susceptible to damage from sandstorms despite being found in the desert. This Pokemon is a cross between a prickly pear cactus and a musical instrument called a maraca.

Dwebble & Crustle

In the Unova horoscope, Crustle represents the month of July. Crustle is also the Cancer zodiac, which is fitting since it has a close resemblance to a crab. Both Dwebble and Crustle have a unique Egg Group combination that no other Pokemon has.

Scraggy & Scrafty

The sagging skin of these Pokemon mimics baggy clothing like pants and hoodies. These designs of Scraggy and Scrafty are based on stereotypes of urban subcultures like hip-hop and punk.


Sigilyph acts as the guardian of ancient civilizations. The protective role makes sense because the Pokemon is designed after totem poles, which are sometimes used for protection.

Yamask & Cofagrigus

Yamask might be one of the saddest Pokemon in the game. This Pokemon actually used to be a human a long time ago but has died. It now carries a mask of its human face everywhere it goes. Yamask becomes a lot more aggressive when it evolves on Cofagrigus. The evolved form traps people that get close and turns them into mummies.

 Tirtouga & Carracosta

Although it’s not uncommon for Fossil Pokemon to have the Rock-typing, it’s usually their primary type. Tirtouga and Carracosta are the only Fossil Pokemon with Rock as the secondary type.

Archen & Archeops

These Fossil Pokemon also have some unique characteristics. Both Archen and Archeops are the only Fossil Pokemon that don’t have Hidden Abilities. Archen is also the lightest Fossil Pokemon, which tends to be pretty heavy.

Trubbish & Garbodor

Trubbish and Garbodor are another set of Poison-type Pokemon that represent pollution. These Pokemon represent the trash and land pollution that New York City is infamous for.

Zorua & Zoroark 

The designs for Zorua and Zoroark were the first Generation 5 Pokemon to be shown to be public.

Minccino & Cinccino

Minccino and Cinccino were inspired by chinchillas, which are animals that will use their tails to clean their dens. This behavior is represented by Minccino and Cinccino having tails that look similar to feather dusters.

Gothita, Gothorita, & Gothitelle

All three of these Pokemon take clear inspiration from Gothic Lolita fashion. This is a fashion trend usually associated with witches. Perfect for Psychic Pokemon. Gothorita is a part of the Unova horoscope, representing the Virgo zodiac and the month of September.

Solosis, Duosion, & Reuniclus

Just like a cell, the Solosis evolution line divides and grows as it evolves. The floating shapes inside of these Pokemon strongly resemble organelles found in cells.

Ducklett & Swanna

Ducklett and Swanna follow the story of the Ugly Duckling that grew into a beautiful swan.

Vanillite, Vanillish, & Vanilluxe

The ice cream-based Pokemon are often considered some of the worst-designed Pokemon, but they have their unique qualities. Vanilluxe is the only Ice-type Pokemon that is made of multiple bodies. According to the designer of these Pokemon, they also draw inspiration from famous food mascots like Grimace and the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Deerling & Sawsbuck

Generation 5 introduced changing seasons in Pokemon Black & White. In order to promote this new feature, Deerling and Sawsbuck were created. Both Pokemon have four different forms that change depending on the season.


Emolga is a part of the long line of Pikachu clones that are added in each new Generation. Both Emolga and Pikachu are Electric-type Pokemon based on rodents.

Karrablast & Escavalier

Many Pokemon need to be traded in order to evolve, but Karrablast is the only Pokemon that needs to be traded with a specific other Pokemon to evolve. The only way to get Escavalier is by trading Karrablast with Shelmet.

Foongus & Amoonguss

Foongus and Amoonguss share some visual similarities to Voltorb and Electrode. All four Pokemon have designs that heavily resemble Pokeballs. In-game players will often mistake Foongus and Amoonguss for Item Balls found in the overworld.

Frillish & Jellicent

Before the release of the game, both Frillish and Jellicent were intended to be pure Water-type Pokemon. Due to balancing reasons, they were given the secondary Ghost-typing.


In the Unova horoscope, Alomomola represents the month of March and the Pisces zodiac. Alomomola’s name is also a palindrome.

Joltik & Galvantula

Joltik is the smallest Electic-type Pokemon in the game at only four inches tall. When it evolves, Joltik gets a pretty big growth spurt, but Galvantula is still pretty small at two feet tall.

Ferroseed & Ferrothorn

The designs of Ferroseed and Ferrothorn are based on special types of that stick to clothes. They also seem to take inspiration from spiked metal weapons like caltrops and flails.

Klink appears in the Unova horoscope, representing the month of June. This Pokemon also represents the Gemini zodiac. Klang has yet to make an appearance in the anime, making it the only non Mythical or Legendary Pokemon from Generation 5 to not show up.

Tynamo, Eelektrik, & Eelektross

All three of these Pokemon are unique in the Pokemon world. Because all of them have the Levitate ability and are pure Electric-types, they are the only Pokemon with no type weaknesses. Levitate makes Pokemon immune to Ground-type moves, and Electic Pokemon are only weak to Ground-type moves.

Elgyem & Beheeyem

Elgyem and Beheeyem are some of the few alien Pokemon in the game. These Pokemon are inspired by the UFO conspiracies that surround Area 51.

Litwick, Lampent, & Chandelure

In the Unova horoscope, Lampent represents the month of October and the Libra zodiac. Despite its relatively simple design, Chandelure is an incredibly popular Pokemon. In fact, Chandelure was voted the most popular Generation 5 Pokemon and the eighteen most popular Pokemon of all time in the Pokémon of the Year poll.

Axew, Fraxure, & Haxorus

Despite being the final evolution of the family, Haxorus was one of the earliest designs for Generation 5. Both Axew and Fraxure had to be reverse-engineered from Haxorus. Fraxure is the Sagittarius of the Unova horoscope and represents the month of December.

Cubchoo & Beartic

Both Cubchoo and Beartic are inspired by arctic polar bears. Cubchoo’s runny nose is also based on the real-world effect when in cold weather.


Cyrogonal is an incredibly powerful and unique Ice-type Pokemon. Of all the Pokemon that can learn the move Solar Beam through leveling, Cyrogonal is the only one that can’t also learn the move Sunny Day.

Shelmet & Accelgor

Just like how Karrablast needs to be traded with Shelmet in order to evolve into Escavalier, Shelmet needs to be traded with Karrablast to evolve into Accelgor.


Stunfisk was created with the intent to make the flattest Pokemon ever. Of all the Pokemon ever made, Stunfisk is the only one with a base stat total of 471.

Mienfoo & Mienshao

Both Mienfoo and Mienshao are Pokemon who double as material arts experts. Mienfoo and Mienshao both practice kung fu, but Mienshao specializes in Shaolin Kung Fu.


As a testament to Druddigon’s devastation power, this Pokemon is used by two different Generation 5 Champions. Druddigon is used by Alder in Pokémon Black and White and Iris in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.

Golett & Golurk

Golett and Golurk both follow the Jewish story The Golem of Prague, in which a clay golem is created to protect the defenseless.

Pawniard & Bisharp

Because in Generation 5, Steel is resistant to Ghost, Pawniard and Bisharp are the only Pokemon to have double resistance to Ghost. These Pokemon also draw inspiration from the pawn and bishop pieces in chess.


It should be no surprise that this bull-like Pokemon represents the Torus zodiac in the Unova horoscope. This also represents the month of May.

Rufflet, Braviary, Vullaby, & Mandibuzz

These four Flying-type Pokemon seem to be counterparts in Generation 5. Rufflet and Braviary can only be male, while Vullaby and Mandibuzz can only be female. Braviary is the Leo zodiac, representing the month of August in the Unova horoscope.


Heatmor is one of those Pokemon that remind players that many of these creatures are predators. This burning Pokemon naturally preys on the Pokemon Durant.


Because Heatmor is based on an anteater it makes sense that it would feed on the ant-like Pokemon Durant. Durant is a Bug/Steel-type Pokemon, making it extremely weak to Fire-type Pokemon like Heatmor.

Deino, Zweilous, & Hydreigon

As these Pokemon evolved, they grew more heads with each evolution. Each Pokemon in the evolution line has a reference to the number of heads it has. The “ein” in Deino is German for one. The “zwei” in Zweilous is German for two. The “drei” in Hydreigon is German for three.

Larvesta & Volcarona

It takes a whopping 59 levels to evolve Larvesta into Volcarona, which makes it the highest level requirement for an evolution. Both Larvest and Volcarona are the only Fire-type Pokemon with insect-like bodies.

Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, & Keldeo

These four legendary Pokemon belong to the Swords of Justice. All four of these Pokemon defended weaker Pokomen from humans. Each one has Sacred Sword as their signature move. The Swords of Justice also draw inspiration from The Three Musketeers.

Tornadus, Thundurus, & Landorus

All three of these legendary Pokemon belong to the Forces of Nature. These Pokemon have devastating powers that could destroy Unova. When Tornadus and Thundurs fought and caused havoc across the land, Landorus had to force them into submission.

Reshiram, Zekrom, & Kyurem

These Pokemon were the box legendaries of Generation 5. All three of these Pokemon are Dragon-type, and according to myths in-game, they all used to be one Pokemon. When a major war broke out, that Pokemon split itself into these three dragons.


Meloetta is a musical Pokemon with two different forms. The Aria Forme allows Meloetta to sing beautiful songs, while the Pirouette Forme is a dancer.


Genesect is the last Pokemon on our list and the last Pokemon in the Unova Pokedex. This Pokemon was an ancient Bug-type Pokemon that was an apex predator. The evil Team Plasma took this Pokemon and experimented on it, turning it into a fighting machine.

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