The 10 Best Pokémon In Black 2 & White 2: Hands Down

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The 10 Best Pokémon In Black 2 & White 2: Hands Down

Pokemon is awesome, but it can be overwhelming. With so many games and so many different Pokemon in each game. Remembering what Pokemon works best and where to find them isn’t easy. Currently, there are about 122 games in the franchise across multiple decades and consoles. While the universe is all connected, each game focuses on its own region and story. 

Pokemon Basics

Pokemon is a top-down role-playing game where you play as a trainer set on catching Pokemon and becoming a great, if not the greatest, Pokemon trainer. The gameplay consists of exploring the open world, finding Pokemon, battling and catching them. Along the way, you can battle other trainers looking for some competition or compete against well-known champions who will give you badges for your efforts. Woven into the games is the presence of an evil antagonist organization such as New Team Plasma, who you’ll have to stop from conquering the world and generally doing bad things for Pokemon.

Pokemon Black and White came out in 2010 as the beginning of Generation V of Pokemon. Two years later, in 2012, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 came out from developer Game Freak and publisher Nintendo. These first sequels for the franchise are available on Nintendo DS. The game is now harder to obtain as it’s expensive due to limited quantities. It’s worth a play, though, if you can get your hands on it, as it features the biggest regional Pokedex at the game’s start.

In the game, you play as a trainer, trying to become the champion of the Unova region. You’ll receive one of the three starters, Oshawott, Snivy, or Tepig, from the first female Professor in the series, Professor Juniper. As you play the story, you’ll battle, learn from, and team up with your rival, Hugh. You’ll eventually face off against Neo Team Plasma and its manipulative leader Ghetsis. 

Two Separate Games

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There are only two significant differences between Black 2 and White 2: a few locations and the exclusive Pokemon. About four places in each game look different from the other game, but all of these are available using the Keys at the end of the game. Each game has its own set of unique Pokemon as well.

Pokemon Exclusive to Black 2

Vullaby Pokedex entry
  • Sudowoodo
  • Heracross
  • Plusle
  • Volbeat
  • Spoink, Grumpig
  • Registeel (Available to White 2 through Steel Head Key)
  • Latios
  • Buneary, Lopunny
  • Stunky, Skuntank (Available to White 2 through FunFest Mission)
  • Bonsly
  • Cottonee, Whimsicott (Available to White 2 through in-game Trade)
  • Gothita, Gothorita, Gothitelle
  • Vullaby, Mandibuzz
  • Zekrom
  • Black Kyurem (Forme can be switched)
  • Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill
  • Magby, Magmar, Magmortar

Pokemon Exclusive to White 2

Rufflet Pokedex entry
  • Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree
  • Mime Jr., Mr. Mime
  • Elekid, Electabuzz, Electivire
  • Pinsir
  • Skitty, Delcatty
  • Minun
  • Illumise
  • Numel, Camerupt
  • Regice (Available to Black 2 through Iceberg Key)
  • Latias
  • Glameow, Purugly (Available to Black 2 through FunFest Mission)
  • Petilil, Lilligant (Available to Black 2 through in-game trade)
  • Solosis, Duosion, Reuniclus
  • Rufflet, Braviary
  • Reshiram
  • White Kyurem (Forme can be switched)

New Modes

Forces of Nature promo Black 2 and White 2

The game introduces a few notable modes for the franchise. 

  • Pokestar Studios is a side mission where you help make a movie starring Pokemon and humans together. 
  • The Key system is unlocked after you complete the game and allows you to access more areas and new difficulty levels.
  • Memory Link unlocks flashbacks from NPCs showing what happened between Pokemon Black and White and Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.

The packed 300 Pokemon Pokedex is the real shining star, though. It’s the most Pokemon ever appearing in a Pokedex right from the start of the game. With all those Pokemon, there are lots of options to choose from. Since there are so many ways to go, getting hints or ideas on who to work for can’t hurt. Below, in no particular order, is a list of 10 of the best Pokemon in Black 2 and White 2 based on stats, accessibility, usefulness, and all-around coolness. 

10 best Pokemon in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2


Samurott Pokedex entry

The best place to start is the beginning, and that’s where you will obtain Oshawott. Oshawott is the Water-type starter you can choose at the beginning of the game. Oshawott evolves first into Dewott at level 17 and then Samurott at level 36. Samurott takes the otter monster to another level, looking like a walking suit of armor. 

Samurott’s top stats are its 108 Speed and 100 Attack, making it fast and dangerous when it strikes. Samurott is good to load up with various moves such as Surf, Waterfall, Blizzard, and Megahorn to optimize its capability as a neutral and versatile fighter. It’s a balanced Pokemon but especially effective against Ice, Fire, and Rock types.

Oshawott will be with you the entire game, so there’s plenty of time to develop it and ensure it is balanced the way you need. The otter warrior is also one of the strongest Water-only types in the game. 


Flygon Pokedex entry

Flygon is not new to Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, but it’s still one of the best Pokemon in the game. It evolves from Trapinch to Vibrava at level 35, then into Flygon at level 45. You can obtain a Trapinch at either The Desert Resort or Reversal Mountain. 

Flygon’s top stats are its 100 Attack and 100 Speed, which make it a fast, heavy hitter. Flygon is a Ground/Dragon type, which isn’t super rare, but it’s rare enough in this game. Flygon can use moves like Earth Power, Dragon Claw, Rock Slide, and Giga Drain. While it’ll take some time to get to these power moves, they make Flygon one of the best in the game and a compelling choice against most of the major trainers in the game. Don’t forget about Levititate, which is Flygon’s Ability that allows it to avoid damage-dealing ground moves. 

Flygon is resistant to Fire, Poiosn, and Rock and is Immune to Electric. Aside from being a Dragon and useful fighter, Flygon can also learn Fly and Strength to help you get to certain areas of the game. 


Magnezone Pokedex entry

Magnezone falls into the category of previously released Pokemon that are available and dominate in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. It evolves from Magnemite, who turns into Magneton at level 30. Then you can use a Thunder Stone to evolve Magneton into Magnezone. Magnemite is located in Virbank Complex early on in the game. This earl access gives you a useful Pokemon you can develop for most of your journey.  

Magnezone is an Electric/Steel type, and while it’s common, it’s powerful. Its outstanding stats include a 130 Sp. Attack and very decent 115 Defense. It can learn powerful moves like Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, and Flash Cannon. Magnezon’s Ability: Magnet Pull, is another reason it makes the list. Magnet Pull keeps Steel types from switching out during battles.

Magnezone is a unique-looking Pokemon that can do some heavy damage, especially to Steel types, who are dangerous if you’re unprepared. Remember the option to learn Metal Sound, which lowers the enemy’s defense stat by two stages. Magnezone is your team’s Steel-crushing secret weapon.


Arcanine Pokedex entry

Arcanaine is from the original Pokemon games but shines here as a pure Fire-type. Arcanine evolves from Growlithe using the Fire Stone. You can first find Growlithes in Virbank Complex. Wait to evolve Growlithe, though, until it learns the super strong Fire move Flamethrower at level 39. 

Arcanine’s top stats are a 110 Attack and 10 Sp. Attack and 95 Speed, making it a powerhouse. To create a well-rounded and dangerous fire dog, Arcanine can learn other random but useful surprises such as Dragon Pulse, Bulldoze, and Thunder Fang. On top of good stats and move options, Arcanaine has two helpful Abilities Intimidate and Flash Fire. Intimidate lowers the opponent’s attack. Flash Fire makes your Fire moves deal 1.5 times the damage and is immune to Fire-type attacks once Arcanie gets hit by a fire move. 

Arcanine is a good choice for a Fire Pokemon with options. It will also go nicely on a team with the powerful, pure Water-type and likely starter choice, Oshawott. 


Scrafty first appeared in the Unova region in Pokemon Black and White. The world hasn’t been the same since we met the funny and rambunctious “Hoodlum Pokemon.” Scrafty is a Dark/Fighting-type Pokemon and the evolution of Scraggy. Scraggy is located around the The Desert Resort in Black 2 and White 2. It evolves into Scrafty at level 39.

The stats that make Scraggy stand out are the 115 Defense and 115 Sp. Defense, making Scragy a bit of a tough guy. Scraggy can learn moves like Brick Break early on, which is a very effective Fighting-type move. Later on, it can learn the powerful Dark move Crunch. Both of these moves are boosted by 50% for matching Scraggy’s type.

Scraggy also has two strong Abilities: Moxie and Shed Skin. Moxie increases the user’s attack by one stage after defeating an opponent Pokemon for up to 6 stages! Shed Skin allows Scraggy to heal it’s own status problems.

Scraggy’s resistant to Super Effective attacks from everyone except Fighting types. It’s good for battling usually troublesome types like Ghost, Dark, and Psychics. It’s also Super Effective against seven types of Pokemon, making it a valuable and deadly fighter. 


Chandelure is a new addition first found in the Unova region. It’s a Ghost/ Fire Pokemon, and you don’t need to say much more after seeing one. There are very few Pokemon with this type across all Pokemon games, making Chandelure a surprise for many who come up against it. It evolves from Litwick, who turns to Lampent at level 42, and then to Chandelure using the Dusk Stone. Litwicks are found at the Strange House or Celestial Tower. 

Chadelure has a base stat total of 520, with standouts being a whopping 145 Sp. Attack plus strong Defense and Speed numbers at 90 each. Add on to this crazy attack a few unique abilities to make Chandlure a unique wonder. Flash Fire boosts Fire attacks and makes Chadelure immune to Fire-type attacks, while Flame Body offers a 30% chance to burn an opponent when it attacks. 

Chandelure is Super effective against six types of Pokemon and is the only Pokemon with its type combo. It can learn several strong attacks that get boosted for matching its type, like Flamethrower and Shadowball. If all that isn’t enough, the Pokedex entry notes, “The spirits burned up in its ominous flames lose their way and wander this world forever.”


Finally, you can have your own Fire Mothra! Volcarona makes its first appearance in the Unova region but tops the list of Moth-like Pokemon in terms of coolness. It begins as Larvesta, which’s found as an egg from the Pokemon Ranger on Route 18. It will take a lot of work to raise Larvesta and evolve it to Volcarona at level 59. Don’t worry, though after you defeat the Elite Four, powerful Volcaronas will show up in Relic Castle. 

Volcarona is a Bug/Fire type, and although Bugs aren’t always favorable, this one is. It has impressive stats of a 135 Sp Attack, 105 Sp Defense, and 100 Speed, making it a strong and well-rounded Pokemon. It also has the Flame Body Ability, which can burn attacking opponents. Quiver Dance is one of two moves Volcarona learns that adds another reason this Pokemon needs to be on your team. Quiver Dance raises all three of its highest stats at once up to six times. The other complimentary move is Bug Buzz, which deals that extra matching Bug-type bonus damage and has a 10% chance to lower the opponent’s Sp Defense by one stage.

Volcarona may be the strongest Bug-type in the game and is readily available via Lavesta about halfway through the game. This Fire/Bug is Super Effective against 7 types. It belongs on this list for being very good at what it does and being unexpectedly strong for a Bug.


Genesect is a cool-looking Pokemon with an interesting backstory and is effective in battles. The “Paleozoic Pokemon” looks like an alien-designed bug robot decked out in purple with four alternate forms. It’s a millions of years old Pokemon resurrected by Team Plasma and outfitted with a cannon. This Mythic Pokemon first appears here in the Unova region. It’s not easy to obtain, though, as it was a giveaway from Nintendo during events. Now that the game is 11 years old, hacking is the only way to get one.  

Genesect gives Volcarona some stiff competition for the strongest bug-type Pokemon. Its stats speak for themselves with a 120 Attack, 120 Sp. Attack, 99 Speed, 95 Sp Defense. Gensect is also a utility weapon when it comes to Pokemon. It can learn three of the best moves in the game: Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam. Add to that its Ability: Download, which Raises Attack or Sp. Attack by one stage when it’s switched in based on the opponent’s defense stats.

Gensect is Super Effective against five types of Pokemon and is one of the oddest-looking monsters in the game. As a final surprise, it can hold different cassettes that change its odd appearance and the typing of its signature move: Techno Blast to Fire, Ice, Water, or Electric. 


Kyurem is essentially the star Pokemon of the game, so maybe it’s not entirely fair that it is on the best list. It is pretty hard to deny its power and usefulness, though. As a Legendary Pokemon, it will be hard to catch, plus you won’t be able to even try until after you complete the game. Once you’ve finished the game, head to the Giant Chasm and prepare for a battle before the black and gray Dragon/Ice type becomes yours. 

Its base stats are a staggering 660 with 125 HP, 130 Attack, 130 Sp. Attack, and a still impressive 95 Speed. On top of solid stats, it also has plenty of good move options like Draco Meteor and Ice Beam, which will be even stronger as they complement its type. The cherry on top is Kyurem’s Ability: Pressure, which makes wild Pokemon 50% more likely to be at higher levels and makes enemies in battle use 22 PP per attack instead of 1. 

Kyurem is a mighty and cool-looking dragon that will get the job done. If, for some reason, it’s not powerful enough, you can always fuse it with other Legendary’s Zekrom or Reshiram to create an even more powerful monster.


Landorus Pokedex entry

Landorus is another Legendary and isn’t easy to obtain. You won’t be disappointed if you do the work to get Landorus, though. Landorus is a fast and strong Ground/Flying type. To get a chance to catch one, you’ll have to beat all 8 gym leaders, then catch a Thunderus and Tornadus during a thunderstorm. Since Tornadus is in Black 2 and Thunderus is in White 2 you’ll have to eventually trade to get both in one game before heading to the Abundant Shrine. Ensure both are in your party and when you interact with the Shrine, Landorus will appear for battle.

Landorus touts a 600 base stat total with a 125 Attack, 151 Sp. Attack, and 101 Speed. Its Ability: Sheer Force is also useful, as it raises the base power of all damaging moves with additional effects by about 30% while dropping the secondary effect. Additionally, Sand Storm increases all Ground, Rock, and Steel moves by about 30%. 

Landorus is stacked with powerful move options like Rock Slide and Earth Power on top of its impressive stats. While it’s only weak to Water and Ice, if you need even more options, it has another form. Therian Forme Landorus looks like a cat and walks on four legs rather than floating in a cloud. While it also has Rock and Ground-type moves, it also adds Intimidate as its Ability. If you can’t decide between the two forms, that’s okay; just switch between them with the Reveal Glass to test them out. 

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