The 9 Worst Pokémon In Black 2 & White 2: Hands Down

Garbodor Pokemon

The 9 Worst Pokémon In Black 2 & White 2: Hands Down

Pokemon Black/White 2 are infamous for their Pokemon. Giving players an entirely new roster to capture and fight with, fans were hesitant at first. Everyone wants to have the best team possible and become the Pokemon Champion. But as fans started playing the game, they realized some Pokemon were just plain bad.

Today, we will examine nine of those Pokemon and see why they are the worst. From designs to stats, these Pokemon have nothing going for them. So, let’s jump right in and see which Pokemon you should avoid next time you play Pokemon Black/White 2. 


Litwick Pokemon
The flame on its head keeps its body slightly warm. This Pokemon takes lost children by the hand to guide them to the spirit world.

©Litwick Pokemon artwork – Original / License

Litwick has one of the cutest designs in the franchise. The Pokemon resembles a small candle, making it a Ghost/Fire-Type. It also has freaky lore, sucking away the life energy of Pokemon and Trainers, leading them to the Ghost World. 

But while cute and some fan’s favorite ghost, its stats are alarming. With a reasonably good Special Attack, every other stat lacks compared to other unevolved Pokemon. They are one of the slowest Pokemon in the game, with a base speed of 20. The evolved form Chandelure gets somewhat better but isn’t the most viable Pokemon. Looks will only get you so far in a fighting game.    


Garbodor Pokemon
It clenches opponents with its left arm and finishes them off with foul-smelling poison gas belched from its mouth.

Garbodor is trash. No, really, the Pokemon is literal trash. Its unevolved form, Trubbish, resembles a trash bag knotted at the top. When evolved, the trash spills out to form Garbodor. It’s often used as an example of the terrible Gen V Pokemon designs, for good reason. While other “gross” Pokemon exist, their designs can still have charm or appeal. 

Garbodor, on the other hand, lacks any interest or attention to detail. Couple this with having weak stats for a fully evolved form, and you have one of the worst Pokemon. Some fans like the character’s design, but it’s usually a bad sign when an idea for a Pokemon is designed based solely on trash.     


Vanillite Pokemon
The temperature of their breath is -58° F. They create snow crystals and make snow fall in the areas around them.

Similar to both Litwick and Garbodor, Vanillite gets criticized heavily by fans. For starters, while its design is cute, being a small ice cream cone, it’s also why people dislike the Pokemon. Fans often disregard it as a lazy design and going in the wrong direction. Pokemon Black/White 2 had a lot of Pokemon created after inanimate objects that did not sit well with players.

Vanillite and its evolved form, Vanilluxe, aren’t good regardless of the design. Their stats are mediocre at best, with Pokemon of the same type overshadowing them. The only thing good about capturing Vanillite is that you can add its entry into the Pokedex, but they probably won’t see play.       


Simisear Pokemon
A flame burns inside its body. It scatters embers from its head and tail to sear its opponents.

©Simisear Pokemon artwork – Original / License

Simisear isn’t just one of the worst Pokemon in Black/White 2; it is the worst ever created (technically). Usually criticized for its uninspired design, Simisear is universally hated by fans. In a Japanese poll, Simisear was ranked dead last out of 720 Pokemon. The poll was to vote for your favorite Pokemon, meaning that, at least in Japan, Simisear is despised. 

This can also be said for the other two elemental monkeys, as they all look relatively alike. Not only do they look ridiculous, even by Pokemon standards, but their stats are lacking. There is no reason to choose these three Pokemon, as other Pokemon of the same type have better stats and moves.       


When they see an enemy, their tails stand high, and they spit the seeds of berries stored in their cheek pouches.

Final evolutions are supposed to be two things: intimidating and strong. The final evolution for a Pokemon is the final form that shows the world who they truly are. Unfortunately for Watchdog, that final form is less than desirable.  

If we base the worst solely on stats, then Watchdog is at the bottom, having the lowest stats out of any final evolution. It’s so bad that there are some Pokemon in their base forms with comparable stats to Watchdog. Not only that, but the design of a meerkat is ugly and doesn’t look like a final evolution.  


Pokemon Magikarp
It is virtually worthless in terms of both power and speed. It is the most weak and pathetic Pokemon in the world.

©Pokemon Magikarp artwork – Original / License

Magikarp is the most well-known example of a bad Pokemon. Take these Pokedex entries from Gen IV: “A MAGIKARP living for many years can leap a mountain using Splash. The move remains useless, though”. and “It is said to be the world’s weakest Pokémon. No one knows why it has managed to survive”.

When using Magikarp’s Splash attack, players will be greeted with this: “The user just flops and splashes around to no effect at all…”. If that wasn’t enough, the attacks that can do damage are a coin toss to see if Magikarp can even hit the opposing Pokemon. If they are so lucky to do so, the damage will be laughable at best.

Now, Magikarp isn’t available during the game’s first playthrough; players will have to become the Pokemon Champion first. From there, Magikarp can be bought and used. But since they do appear in the game, they had to be added. No list would be complete without a Magikarp.  


Its skin has a rubbery elasticity, so it can reduce damage by defensively pulling its skin up to its neck.

It may not look like it initially, but Scraggy is a Fighting/Dark-Type Pokemon. However, what fans may notice first is that they are holding up their loose-leg skin like pants. This Pokemon is more for laughs but is a perfect example of a ridiculous design.

It would make sense that the loose skin goes away when fully evolved since they grow bigger, but you’d be wrong in thinking that. While it’s not making a Pokemon Champisons team anytime soon, Scraggy is great for laughs and humor in the anime.      

Interlocking two bodies and spinning around generates the energy they need to live.

The inanimate objects keep returning as Klink is designed after steel gears. This is not to say that inanimate objects as Pokemon are bad, only that Gen V has bad inanimate Pokemon. There are no good stats during its evolution line, and it would only make the game harder to keep them on your team.

Klink is reminiscent of Magnemite from Gen I but more cartoonish and goofy. It’s the kind of Poke you look at and scratch your head as to why they thought it would be a good idea.


Using their very hot, flame-covered tongues, they burn through Durant’s steel bodies and consume their insides.

©Heatmor artwork – Original / License

Heatmor, like Watchdog, is designed after an animal but lacks creative vision. Based on an anteater, Heatmor has a hilarious design that makes you chuckle every time. Most Fire-Types will combine red and yellow on their bodies, which Heatmor follows. However, its body being red and yellow, along with its head, arms, and legs being brown, is jarring. It looks like it is wearing a spandex suit. 

But, like every other Pokemon on the list, Heatmor has okay stats. Having a bad design but high stats will make people love that Pokemon. But an average design and average stats don’t amount to much.   

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