Top 10 Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Shiny Mimiku Mimikins Pokemon

Top 10 Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO brought Pokemon into the real world with its augmented reality. Fans couldn’t get enough of becoming Trainers themselves and catching em’ all. However, part of collecting every Pokemon means their Shiny forms as well.

Shiny forms are extremely rare Pokemon that alter the Pokemons’ colors and make them shine. The chance of running into these Pokemon is 1 in 500, with some players never running into them at all. So, today, we will list the best Pokemon Trainers can capture in Pokemon GO and what makes them so unique and special.   

Mega Gengar

Mega Gengar
Under a full moon, this Pokemon likes to mimic the shadows of people and laugh at their fright.

Somehow, Gengar keeps showing up time and time again as a fan-favorite Pokemon. Players cannot get enough of this ghost, and its Shiny form takes it to another level. While a Shiny Gengar will appear as a light shade of purple, its Mega form pops out with a bright white.

Everyone knows that Ghost-Type Pokemon love to have dark colors, hiding in the shadows. But this palette change from a deep purple to a pure white is nothing short of amazing and just one more reason why Gengar is loved.     


The curled hair on Politoed’s head is proof of its status as a king. It is said that the longer and more curled the hair, the more respect this Pokemon earns from its peers.

Politoed has one of the most drastic Shiny form changes out of any other Pokemon. Its base form resembles a standard toad with green skin and a yellow belly, chin, and hands. Shiny Politoed reminds players of tropical frogs with bright neon colors, standing out from the crowd.

Politoed changes colors to blue skin and a pink belly, chin, and hands in what’s comically referred to as cotton candy skin. This is one of the best Shinys and makes Politoed one of the cutest Pokemon.   

Mega Charizard 

The overwhelming power that fills its entire body causes it to turn black and creates intense blue flames.

Is there anything Charizard can do wrong? This Pokemon has everything from having the rarest Pokemon card to being the most popular starting Pokemon with Charmander. Apparently, its achievements weren’t enough, as it had to have one of the best Shiny skins. Depending on your Mega form, Charizard will take on a purplish-grey with red wings or a green with red wings. 

However, the most popular form with fans is the Mega Charizard Y, which has a darker palette. Making any Pokemon’s skin black and red will get fans to notice and love them. Of course, giving this skin to the most popular Pokemon in the franchise made fans go wild.  


It is said to be the world’s weakest Pokemon. No one knows why it has managed to survive.

It’s clear to anyone who’s played Pokemon that Magikarp is less than useless. Not only does it not do any damage, opting to splash around instead, but adding it to your team only weakens you. However, there’s no denying that Magikarp is here to impress fans with its Shiny form. Magikarp’s evolved form, Gyarados, has a beautiful red hue but cannot beat out the golden scales of a Shiny Magikarp. 

Catching one of these feels like a cruel joke, with the Pokemon resembling a trophy but essentially doing nothing for you. The only upside would be being able to evolve it into Gyarados for fans who enjoy the red more.    


Rayquaza Pokemon
It has lived for hundreds of millions of years in the ozone layer. Its flying form looks like a meteor.

Similar to Charizard, Rayquaza takes the black-and-red formula and turns it up a notch. While nothing is more iconic than its green skin, the black, red, and yellow give a sense of power—the yellow coursing through its body like waves of energy and red outlines that feel dangerous.

It’s been said that Rayquaza resembles a missile, which gets further intensified with its black body. There may be no other Shiny form that appears more deadly and intimidating than Rayquaza.     


Its hooves are ten times harder than diamonds. It can trample anything completely flat in little time.

This Generation I Pokemon has always been a fan-favorite due to its design. Ponyta, and its evolved form Rapidash, has the striking design of a horse on fire. Its flames resemble its mane and tail and immediately catch the eye. Although the Shiny version of Ponyta only changes its flames from orange to blue while keeping its body the same, the results are stunning. 

As anyone can tell, blue flames are much hotter than orange, making Ponyta burn hotter than ever. However, at the same time, blue also resembles cold to some, meaning that Ponyta’s Shiny form can also take on the opposite meaning of an Ice-Type, radiating cold. Because of the change and interpretations, Ponyta is one of the most iconic Shiny Pokemon.     

Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales Pokemon
Very smart and very vengeful. Grabbing one of its many tails could result in a 1,000-year curse.

Nineales already has a mythical quality to its base form, being a majestic fox with luscious fur. Its Alolan form adds to this impressive design by turning the Pokemon from yellow to baby blue. This color swap alone is enough to make Alolan Ninetales one of the most sought-after Pokemon, but its Shiny form takes it a step further.

Shiny Alolan Ninetales takes on a light purple, turning up the fantasy vibe. While Shiny Pokemon are already hard to catch, Alolan Ninetales is easily one of the best Shiny Pokemon in the entire franchise.       


A comparison revealed that Bidoof’s front teeth grow at the same rate as Rattata’s.

Bidoof has a hilarious Shiny due to it barely changing his appearance. In contrast, other Pokemon on this list have a palette change or distinct features; Bidoof changes from a dark brown to a light brown. While the change is meant to look more golden like Magikarp, one could be mistaken for thinking a Shiny Bidoof and a normal Bidoof are the same.

It may not have the best look to it, but the change has been joked about in the community. Bidoof is not only seen as an HM slave to the community but its Shiny form has been joked about as being a “God.” 


Using psychic power, it generates a fiery vortex of 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit, incinerating foes swept into this whirl of flame.

The dark colors come back once again with Delphox. Their original red and yellow fur suit its Fire-Type status well. But as its Shiny form swaps the red for purple, Delphox resembles a Ghost-Type Pokemon. The purple makes their fur look more like dresses, with long, wavy curves. While Alolan Ninetales is majestic, Delphox becomes sophisticated and elegant. It’s an odd combination for such a deadly and brutal Pokemon in battle.  

Your Favorite Pokemon

Shiny Hisuian

Pokemon is not just a game about catching em’ all but building a team around your own playstyle. While not every Pokemon is going to be viable in high-level competitive play, you can beat any title with the Pokemon of your choice. Because of this versatility, Pokemon has become so beloved by fans.

So, the best Shiny Pokemon will be whichever one you enjoy playing with the most. It’s an achievement to catch just one Shiny Pokemon, but getting one of your favorite type or evolution is on another level. The perfect team is right around the corner, and getting a Shiny version of each of them will make them shine brighter than ever before.      

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