The 10 Best Pokémon In X & Y: Hands Down

Pokemon X

The 10 Best Pokémon In X & Y: Hands Down

Today, we’re breaking down our list of the ten best Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y. Some Pokemon are on this list are due to the sheer power and strength of the Pokemon, while others are fan favorites. Having the best Pokemon means different things to players, as everyone has their own playstyle. Here’s our list so you can know who can help you the most on your way to becoming the Pokemon Champion.


Pokemon X Greninja
As one of the most searched Pokemon on the internet, Greninja is a fan-favorite Pokemon.

Greninja quickly became a fan favorite after his appearances in the Pokemon anime. His unique design and debut in Super Smash Bros. helped solidify him as one of the most popular Pokemon of all time. The best part about Greninja is that players can obtain him immediately when the game starts, technically. Froakie can be chosen as the Water-Type starting Pokemon and evolve over two generations to Greninja.

As a Water/Dark-Type Pokemon, Greninja is weak to Grass, Dragon, Fighting, and Fairy-Types. While he may not be the strongest Pokemon in the game, far from it, he is more than viable in the campaign. Having a wide range of abilities and being an offensive Water-Type ranks Greninja as one of the best.

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Pokemon X Aegislash
Aegislash is based on a possessed sword or suit of armor from folklore.

Despite not having a Mega Evolution, Aegislash provides one of the most enjoyable experiences in Pokemon X and Y. Their ability to change forms from shield to sword is an engaging and overpowered move. With 150 base defense and special defense, Shield Form can tank any attack, making it look like nothing. However, if they do get attacked while in Sword Form, there can be a big issue as all of the defense is lost in place of attack power. While they may not be the most popular Pokemon ever, they are definitely one of the greatest in X and Y.


Luchador wrestlers inspire Hawlucha’s design.

Speed is the name of the game in Pokemon X and Y, and Hawlucha is fast and hits hard. As a Flying/Fighting-Type, they are weak to Poison, Psychic, Ghost, Fairy, Steel, and Electric-Types. However, their stats make up for the fact that they have many weaknesses. Opponents will often be K.O.’d before even touching Hawlucha. They also have one of the most unique types in-game and moves that you won’t find anywhere else.


Pokemon X Gengar
Gengar is Ken Sugimori’s favorite Pokemon.

You don’t have to be a Pokemon fan to recognize the round, purple beast Gengar. His design and characterization appeals to almost any fan. He has a dark, sinister appearance yet a goofy and lighthearted personality. But looks aren’t everything, and fortunately, Gengar is one of the strongest Pokemon in X and Y.

His Mega Evolution turns him into a formidable foe with boosts to his speed, special defense, and special attack, making him the best Ghost in the game. As a Ghost/Poison-Type, Gengar is weak to Fighting, Grass, Fairy, Normal, and Bug-Types.


Ash’s Charizard knows the most moves of any Pokemon in the cartoon.

It’s no secret that Charizard is one of the franchise’s most iconic and recognizable Pokemon. Dating back to the original Pokemon games in Red and Blue, his popularity has only grown since his inception. While having one of the rarest playing cards in history, Charizard also has one of the strongest Mega evolutions in Pokemon X and Y.

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Mega Charizard X significantly boosts its attack, defense, and special attack, gaining as much as a 40% increase in attack damage. Also, the evolution finally makes Charizard a Dragon-Type and adds Tough Claws as an ability. Tough Claws increases contact move powers by almost 30%, making his Flare Blitz and Dragon Rush a force to be reckoned with.


The Pokemon is seen as a symbol of ancient power in the Pokémon world.

Aerodactyl is the best Fossil Pokemon players can get in Pokemon X and Y. While he doesn’t have any evolutions that change in other Pokemon, he can Mega Evolve, greatly increasing his attack and speed. Throughout the campaign, there is hardly a foe that Aerodactyl cannot beat. As a Flying/Rock-Type, he is weak to Steel, Electric, Fighting, and Ground-Types. After obtaining Old Amber, Areodactly can quickly be Mega Evolved, putting an edge over Tyrantrum and easily helping you to your way to the top.


Pokemon X Alakazam
Alakazam’s spoons are created using its psychic powers and given to someone it trusts.

Appearing in Pokemon since generation one, Alakazam is most well-known for holding spoons. His Mega Evolution goes the extra step, giving him five spoons instead of two. Jokes aside, Alakazam has one of the strongest, if not the strongest, special attacks in Pokemon X and Y. With a whooping 175 base special attack in Mega Form with 150 speed, battles are over before they even begin. As a Psychic-Type, represented by the spoons, of course, he is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-Types.


Gyarados was the first shiny Pokemon to be featured as a plot point.

Magikarp may be the most useless and made-fun-of Pokemon in history. His abilities in battles amount to splashing around in the water in hopes that maybe he can extinguish a fire somewhere. However, once he evolves, Gyarados is one of the most brutal Pokemon ever. Their Mega Evolution boosts their defenses and attack, allowing for hard hits and absorbing damage.

They are also limited in their weaknesses as Gyarados are only weak against Rock and Electric-Types. While there are stronger and faster Pokemon, there’s something to be said about going from one of the worst to one of the best. Magikarp is the underdog we are all rooting for.


Anubis from ancient Egyptian lore inspired Lucario’s design.

Like Greninja, Lucario is a fan-favorite Pokemon that became a favorite from the anime and was added to Super Smash Bros. What makes him so memorable, in X and Y at least, is that he’s the first Mega Evolution players encounter. He gets a unique Mega Evolution design, and his stats are greatly increased. Also, by using Adaptability, players can expect a significant boost to their attack, special attack, and speed.

As a Fighting/Steel-Type, Lucario is weak to Fire, Water, Electric, Poison, Psychic, Bug, Ghost, and Fairy-Types. While he may have more disadvantages in battles, his abilities and stats allow him to crush opponents before they are a problem.


Heracross is known for its strength and endurance.

Last but not least, Heracross is a Bug/Fighting-Type that packs a punch. While having significant weaknesses to Fire, Psychic, Flying, and Fairy-Types, its Mega Evolution crushes even the strongest of foes. Heracross receives a staggering 48% increase in its base attack, from 125 to 185, making him the second-highest attack power in the game.

Along with boosts to its defenses, Heracross can take on any battle without worry. However, it does lack speed, affecting its usefulness as it drops during Mega Evolution. But when it does hit, it hits hard, making up for the almost laughable 75 base speed.


That’s it for our list today. While we had to leave out some big entries and fan favorites, showing a wide range of Pokemon types is important. This Top 10 list doesn’t come close to showing the potential each Pokemon has in X and Y, and you should experiment with your playstyle. As long as you level up your Pokemon and use necessary items, any Pokemon is viable to beat the campaign. Some players prefer not having the strongest Pokemon, as the game can lack challenge and engagement. So next time you catch that Weedle in the tall grass, consider its potential and evolution.

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