Ralts Evolution Guide: Stats, Moves, Type, And Location

A screenshot of Ralts' Pokedex Entry from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Ralts Evolution Guide: Stats, Moves, Type, And Location

Ralts became an immediate fan-favorite Pokemon when it was released in Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire. It has all the makings of a popular Pokemon — it’s small, cute, and evolves into one of two powerful Pokemon. Ralts evolves into Kirlia at level 20, but depending on its evolution method can then evolve into Gardevoir at level 30 or Gallade when a male is exposed to a Dawn Stone. Both are powerful Psychic-type Pokemon, but each has a different secondary typing and stat distributions.

We’ll discuss where you can find Ralts in the wild, then about its stats, strengths, and weaknesses, and some of its best moves.

Ralts: Base Stats, Moves, and Where to Find

Ralts is a goofy little humanoid Pokemon with a white body, green “hair,” and a pair of pinkish horns that stick out from both sides of its head. Prior to Generation VI, Ralts was purely a Psychic-type Pokemon. However, Pokemon X&Y introduced the Fairy type, which Ralts and its evolutions Kirlia and Gardevoir also received.

Ralts Base Stats

Its base stats are about on par with most first-form Pokemon that have two evolutions at 198. It clearly favors its Special Attack in its early forms, but that might not always be the case for it depending on what form it evolves into later.

Base StatTotal
Special Attack45
Special Defense35

Ralts Best Moves

Ralts learns many powerful Psychic-type moves, which can help against Poison and Fighting-type Pokemon. As many Psychic-type moves are Special, this can also help against many early-game Pokemon that may struggle against Special attacks due to a low Special Defense stat.

Ralts learns Psychic, the most powerful Psychic-type move, around level 30 in most games. Patient trainers can wait for Ralts to learn Psychic, then evolve it into Kirlia, and then into either Gardevoir or Gallade to give their fully-evolved Pokemon a move it wouldn’t learn until much later. Ralts can also learn Fairy-type moves like Disarming Voice and Draining Kiss, which can hit Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type Pokemon for super effective damage.

Where to Find Ralts

Most games that include Ralts feature it in the introductory routes of the game. This allows players to grab one early and have it be part of their team throughout their entire playthrough. For example, in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, & Emerald, Ralts is found on Route 102, one of the first routes of the game. Likewise, it is found on Route 4 in Pokemon X & Y. In Pokemon Sword & Shield, it is found in the Rolling Fields, the first area of the Wild Area, under Foggy conditions.

Kirlia Base Stats

At level 20, Ralts evolves into Kirlia. Kirlia keeps Ralts’ general aesthetic but now sports a tutu-esque ruffle on its hips. Kirlia’s base stat total is 278, about on par with most second-form Pokemon who still have one more evolution to go. Kirlia is still strong in the Special Attack stat but has a much higher Special Defense stat when compared to Ralts.

Base StatTotal
Special Attack65
Special Defense55

Gardevoir Base Stats, Moves, Strengths, and Weaknesses

At Level 30, Kirlia evolves into Gardevoir, another powerful fan-favorite Pokemon. Gardevoir completes the dancer aesthetic by donning a long gown and standing “en pointe” like a ballet dancer. Despite its appearance, there can be male Gardevoir, and all Kirlia could only evolve into Gardevoir prior to Generation IV.

Prior to Gen VI, Gardevoir was a pure Psychic Pokemon but received Fairy as its secondary typing in Pokemon X & Y. Gardevoir also received a Mega Evolution, where it became more powerful and received the ability Pixilate, which turns all Normal-type attacks into Fairy-type. Gardevoir has a 518 base stat total that increases to 618 when it Mega Evolves.

Gardevoir and Mega Gardevoir Base Stats

Base StatTotal (Gardevoir)Total (Mega Gardevoir)
Special Attack125165
Special Defense115135

Gardevoir Best Moves

Gardevoir’s monstrous Special Attack stat makes it an ideal user of powerful Special attacks like Psychic, Psyshock, Moonblast, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, and more. Mega Gardevoir can utilize Hyper Voice due to its Pixilate ability to hit multiple Pokemon in combat.

Gardevoir Strengths and Weaknesses

As a Psychic and Fairy-type Pokemon, Gardevoir’s offensive types are strong against Fighting, Poison, Dragon, and Dark-type Pokemon. Defensively, however, Gardevoir is weak to Poison due to its Fairy typing. It is also weak to Ghost and Steel types, but it resists Fighting and Psychic-type attacks and is completely immune to Dragon-type attacks.

Gallade Base Stats, Moves, Strengths, and Weaknesses

The heroic Gallade debuted in Generation IV and gave male Ralts and Kirlia a more traditionally masculine Pokemon in which to evolve. Only male Kirlia can evolve into Gallade using a Dawn Stone. Gallade’s look elicits a knight or a gladiator with some hints of superheroes, especially when it Mega Evolves. It receives the ability Inner Focus upon Mega Evolving.

To further its status as a defender or fighter, Gallade received the Fighting secondary type. As such, Gallade focuses more on physical attacks. Its Attack and Special Attack stats match those of Gardevoir, but they are reversed. Like its cohort, Gallade has a 518 base stat total which increases to 618 when it Mega Evolves.

Gallade Base Stats

Base StatTotal (Gallade)Total (Mega Gallade)
Special Attack6565
Special Defense115115

Gallade Best Moves

It’s wise to take advantage of Gallade’s stellar Attack stat when selecting moves for it. Fighting-type attacks like Close Combat and Sacred Sword take advantage of the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) and hit for massive damage, while the best Psychic-type physical move in the game is Psycho Cut. Gallade can also utilize coverage moves like Knock Off, Leaf Blade, Shadow Sneak, X-Scissor, Earthquake, and Poison Jab. Again playing into the knight motif, Gallade can expertly use Swords Dance to increase its Attack even higher and decimate your opponent’s Pokemon.

Gallade Strengths and Weaknesses

Gallade is a Psychic/Fighting-type Pokemon, so its offensive strengths are against Poison, Fighting, Dark, Normal, Rock, Steel, and Ice-type Pokemon. It is weak to Flying, Ghost, and Fairy-type attacks, while it resists Fighting and Rock-type moves.

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